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Ankou Camper [Free] [Open Source]

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Theres already a premium script for ankous that supports everything that runs flawlessly, that's why it's not as "popular" as you may think.


Also Ankous are goldfarming bans now, they used to be 2 day but now they are instant goldfarm. Wouldnt suggest botting them. (coming from a guy who ran 20 accounts there)

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been responding to your posts. I'll try to address everything in this post.


Thanks for offering to donate, but it isn't necessary.


I have not added a bax feature yet. Very good idea. That will be my next planned feature, but I am not sure when I will make it. I might work on it tomorrow. I usually only script when I take amphetamine (lol) but it lasts too long and I don't really like it anymore. Maybe coffee will suffice. But I do plan on adding it eventually.


Grats on getting high str levels! I myself just hit 90 strength, I've never had this high of combat.


My bot has never gotten stuck behind the door, has yours? I don't think I will add door methods, since there haven't been any reports of bots getting stuck. The script never really left clicks, so it shouldn't misclick the door. If it does, please let me know, and I will see what I can do. Otherwise, I don't see any reason on adding that feature if it can easily be fixed by starting the script inside the Ankou location.


It does not pick up clue scrolls. I'm not entirely sure how I should do that -- if you have a list of all the IDs that clues have, I can add it, but it will take some tweaking of the looting method (considering it is built to only loot stackables). But I will need all the IDs, I think. If there is an easier way please let me know, I haven't scripted in quite a while and am not familiar with all of the methods quite yet.


Thank you for the feedback! If you can. please post pictures and progress.

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Great script I started using it right before 98strength about 3days ago and im over halfway till 99 now also made me abit of money and also the prices maybe you make the script get the prices offline? or even make it so we are able to edit the prices before we start the script.




That loot about 12hours down there. Always averaging 32k str exp p/h

Edited by tok1994

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Great script I started using it right before 98strength about 3days ago and im over halfway till 99 now also made me abit of money and also the prices maybe you make the script get the prices offline? or even make it so we are able to edit the prices before we start the script.

This, indeed an update on the prices would be great! If u get Db axe special, ill make a nice long proggy!

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Nice ~6 hour proggy! I'll put it on the first page. Man, I'm jealous, that's longer than I've gotten! I keep getting unsolved randoms...

The prices are hardcoded and offline, so it's just an estimate. I will update them by hand, maybe in the future I will have an option to load them from a text file.

I have just added a setting to the manifest allowing you to disable in-combat looting. I have in combat looting because it is faster to attack the ankou and 'claim' it so others dont attack it, and then loot. However, if you don't like that strategy, you now have the option to only loot when out of combat. I will test it and then upload a new version once I buy some b2p tabs..

Oh, and....


Edited by ItsCollin

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Updated to v0.033

-Added option to only loot when out of combat. By default, it loots while in combat. This option is still a little unreliable, but it works. It works best when Ankous are not aggressive. I recommend using default option until you are no longer aggressive.

can you make prayer pot support for pures?

Yes, I will do that in a future update, however it is not high priority for me right now. Next highest priority is adding spec weapons. After that I will look into adding prayer support. Edited by ItsCollin

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niceeeee collin! You da man.  I can't wait to test it out, this is gonna be a pimpin ass range script for me. thank you btw! If you want, I can test the new version for you.


I had a 4 hr proggy earlier which was pretty nice. Stuck behind the gate right now unfortunately, I think it got stuck and killed the script. Maybe a possibly check to see if its behind the gate would help? 


Also, earlier It was killed from a marudaut random... Which is weird, cause i was back in the room with the book in my inventory, it someehow failed clicking the book and doing the stat thing. Which isnt your bad , i know.  Just sayin though :)


Keep up the good work dude. This scripts workin pretty flawlessly other than those 2 problems.

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It does have a method in place that will stop the script if it is behind a door, perhaps it isn't working properly. I will have to test it. Right now I'm doing a clue scroll. I've decided to start recording clue scroll IDs, I'm sure there's a script somewhere that has them already, but I will be working on adding clue support ASAP.

I just tested range with the script using a r cbow and mith bolts, it worked okay, but I personally prefer looting in combat. I may have to tweak the combat detection to work better with range. We will see.

Edited by ItsCollin

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NIIIIIICEEEEEEEE!!! its working like a bawsss right now looting arrows. HUGE THANKS to collin for making this script you da fkin man bro.


edit: i think it can use a little bit of tweakin, but for the most part its workin pretty dang good for me. Maybe add a looting phase for just ranged items like once every minute or 2? just runs around, picks up arrows/bolts/knifes then continues the script. That way you could keep the whole looting while in combat to speed up the attacking, and just loot for arrows every so often


and as for the method of stopping the script behind the door, i think that method was working just fine. because thats where it was when i logged back in. 

Edited by 0mfg wtf man

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Good to hear.

Hey everyone, I need a favor! Can you write down any IDs that the Ava Accumulator generates? Weird items like steel med helms and darts, etc. I want to add them to the drop array since they clog up the inventory. This script doesn't entirely support range, but I want it to, and this step will help the range process.

Also, next update will stop the script when it hears "There is no ammo left in your quiver" in the message listener.

Currently I am working on weapon specs!

Edit: Good news! special attacks were incredibly easy to implement. Currently running v0.04 with dbax spec implemented and it is working great. Hitting 30s with whip! The only problem is equipping whatever item you were using previously. It is defaulted to whip, and I hope I will not have to require user input on their weapon ID. I like my scripts easy to run with as little setup as possible. So I will be doing some research on how to get ID of the weapon in item slot.

Next update: prayer / prayer pot support. You will start with prayer on and it will take potions when it gets low. If it gets low and you do not have food or b2p tabs, it will use a teleport tab. If you do not have a teleport tab it will exit via door and then log out. This will be included in v0.05.

I need a favor!!!!

Currently the script supports DBax spec. PLEASE suggest other spec weapons that you think should be used. Also include their ID and name.

Edited by ItsCollin

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Working decent so far.

Edited by Chaingang213

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hey would like to say thanks this is a great script and does work pretty great, only thing i could give feedback on is the attacking part, it seems my guy stands there and the red x just clicks a million times but never goes and attacks somtimes, usually a anku hits me first, now i don't know if this is because im lower level then them or what just wanted to inform you, just a delay/not alwyas attacking

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