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[ABCL 10][Thieving][92 Hour Proggy]BrMasterThieverPro v4.00 [12 Different Options] [Stall Support]

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Like this script?  Like this post!   -Last Update: 10/02/2014 -Version: v4.00   Click here to add to your scripts!   Supports the Following   *Stalls -Silk Stall -Baker's stall -Silver stall  

Loving the script Brad, atm 1 acc over 20m exp, the other 2 are close to 98, and i'm running 3 accs on Knights without a problem, also I'm thinking of making a small guide of rates/amount of food/and

Thanks finally got 99 on one of my accounts best thieving script imo~! If you havn't bought it you should buy it!

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hey brad, can you add a failsafe to log out when out of food? i had 400 lobsters yesterday, didnt think it would go through them all so quickly but it did and stood at bank for 2-3hours staring at my bank >_<


All dones.


Update v3.058 - 02/25/2014

  • (-) Added total bank food area to GUI. You can use this to set the amount of food you have in the bank upon script start. If the value you set is > 0 it'll be assigned to a variable and your total food per trip will be deducted each bank cycle. Once the value reaches <= 0 the script will terminate. This is not saved when creating a settings file.
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All dones.


Update v3.058 - 02/25/2014

  • (-) Added total bank food area to GUI. You can use this to set the amount of food you have in the bank upon script start. If the value you set is > 0 it'll be assigned to a variable and your total food per trip will be deducted each bank cycle. Once the value reaches <= 0 the script will terminate. This is not saved when creating a settings file.



your great thanks.

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when i try to start my script it says: "waiting for setup" , and that status keeps standing there. I already tried resetting my internet, restarting my pc, downloading newest tribot version, and i made use of the new "food in bank" thing in the gui.

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i don't know how to post a picture, but i can tell what is filled in:

Adrougne mf lvl38

total bank food: 999

enter # of food per trip: 10

enter id of food: 361

enter hp to eat below: 10

drop junk seeds.


And when i start it at the right location it still says: Status: "waiting for setup"

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I'll say this quite plainly.  If you bot, you risk getting banned.  It's a matter of getting caught versus not being caught.  Most bans are targeted towards gold farmers, and most bans probably occur from master farmers as that's the most used location on the script due to the profit you can make from the seeds & the decent experience per hour you can achieve.

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Upcoming - No ETA currently 

  • No estimated time of release yet, but this will be the new GUI for the re-write.
    • 7dlyJ.png
  • Some extra settings will be added, I'll probably be adding the watchman someone suggested previously, and possibly H.A.M Members.
  • Stalls have been added in ardougne, currently silk & silver.  This is still in testing stages though.  I do plan to integrate world hopping possibly, unsure yet as it wouldn't probably be beneficial due to the amount of people who would be using it.
  • Custom NPC setup.  This will not support banking, but will pickpocket anything you tell it to, as long as you start it near the NPC.  Food eating will work perfectly fine though.  I'll probably code in Saradomin brew support, if that is something you guys might want.
  • Full cake support added.  All you have to do is enter the cake ID as the food type, it can detect the other IDs that correspond.  Currently only plain cakes at the moment, I still need to get IDs for the chocolate one.
  • Full saving & loading is already done excluding total bank food which will not be apart of the saving feature since this is going to change everytime you run the script.  Filling that portion out is sheerly optional though, that is just used to track food and once the value falls below 0 if you chose to use it, it will terminate the script.  If you don't choose to use it I recommend to have plenty of food, as I'm not going to use Banking.find() as a means of detecting food due to the unreliability.
Edited by Bradsta
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Grats!  Just an update on the re-write guys.


  • Watchman support fully done - Required 18 Agility & 65 Thieving.  Apparently these can be as good as ardy knights with no food loss to you as they give bread for each successful pickpocket.  I added banking support for yanille however incase banking is required.  Combat randoms are overriden while you're upstairs, and the script will go down the ladder before allowing the random solver to take over.
  • Safe cracking re-written.  More stable now, and found the source of the camera rotating problem and fixed that.
  • Baker's stall, Silk stall, Silver stall support added.  Probably am going to just leave Baker's & silk added as the respawn time on the others are very slow.  Worldhopping was a plan, but it's a waste of time if even 3-4 people were using it there wouldn't be enough respawns to go around.
  • Combat handler re-written.  Using message listening now.
  • Stun handler also using message listener, better operates when stunned if dropping junk seeds, and has a more quick return to thieving after the stun.
  • Might have mentioned this earlier, but custom npc support.  No banking supported, but with the right setup you can thieve whatever you want for a fairly long period of time.  I'm adding support for Saradomin brews.  Cake support is already added.
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v3.059 - 03/07/2014  BETA REWRITE Release (Deathwalk is temporarily removed)  If needed I have the full previous version backed up, so restoring it will be no problem.


  • (-) Re-write BETA released. Everything should work smoothly as I did a ton of testing myself, will need you guys to confirm this, and report back!
  • (-) Stall support added. I recommend only using bakers + silk, others respawn to slowly.
  • (-) Cake support added will eat all three forms of the cake! (Full, 2/3, 1/3)
  • (-) Watchman support added. This can be as good as Ardougne knights with no need to bank hardly ever, as you receive 1 piece of bread per successful pickpocket! Requirements are 18 agility & 65 thieving. Start in yanille. Set a default food to bring incase a bank trip is needed.
  • (-) Antiban is added for all users. Randomized target selection after random period of time. Randomized stat checking, camera movements.
  • (-) More efficient combat detection handler & stun detection.
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