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African Hunter [Birds, Chinchompas] [400+ Chins/Hr] [24h+] [1-99] [Sexy Paint]

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mine just stand there i tried to redownload it did not work :L

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Constantly losing all of my traps, It will just start afking and then not pick them up. There is also this thing where all of my traps and chins will turn into this object "NULL" and the script will drop all of the traps

So you mean everything in your inventory turns into an object with the name "null"? That could explain the 'dropping' bug. It will drop everything except for the names you filled in, in the GUI. I could fix this using ID's, but I don't think that is the best solution. But if the issue is that it changes all the names in your inventory to null, I would recommend posting that in the Bug-section of TRiBot.


Also, I use my own script aswell, but I don't have any trouble hunting chins.

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Guest Veejay

Added from repository. Working great! Excellent speed, better then the 10$ one.

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the script wont start up for me...it says downloading african hunter and does nothing

Did you try to add another script also and is the result the same? Then I suggest you post your problem in the client-help section. Other than that, you can also put the files in your scripts folder. I think that would work.

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Can I use this for lvl my up my Hunting? im lvl 1 atm.. :P

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Did you try to add another script also and is the result the same? Then I suggest you post your problem in the client-help section. Other than that, you can also put the files in your scripts folder. I think that would work.

yeah it does the same thing with crab killer...and i tried putting files in folder. didnt work either.

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    • By ScriptsForMains
      https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3215  [Source]
      Autodetects which birdhouse based off your level at script start...
      Have the best birdhouse you can do + "Hammerstone seeds" in your bank/inventory.  
      Supports digsite pendant (not required but the script will turn off after 15 minutes... Don't start too far away if you don't have pendants). 
      Enjoy, please post if you use it! Suggestions, criticisms, or compliments are welcome.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Hello and thank you for clicking. I am here offering to hand train your hunter to any level you require. Feel free to message me on discord for more information
      mr shoobadooba#6877
    • By dax
      Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall!
      TIP: Easiest thing is to DISABLE the Tribot firewall in settings! Best and fastest solution

      Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores)
      Longest Proggy:
      From @dimidejong10

      Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options.
      Picture of GUI

      Click Here
    • By Assume
      Change Log:
      1.0 - Initial release
      1.0.1 - Increase speeds
      1.0.2 - Bug Fix/Increased grief detection
      1.0.3 - Fixed Penis debug issue
      2.0.0 - Bird/Falcon/Grey Chinchompa scripts added AIO avalible
      2.0.1 - Bug fixes, should have fixed mac error and cpu error fix. Some general trap detection fixes. Some users may get more catches/hr.
      2.1.0 - Dynamic trap placement added, increased antiban (much more human-like), general speed increases.
      2.2.0 - Red Salamander support added, variable mouse speed added, slow computer support added, falcons mini fix added.
      2.2.1 - Red sally fix. new method of clicking on chin boxes for increased speed and accuracy and randomness
      2.3.0 - Added crash protection (dynamic trap movement), added option to operate hunter capes
      2.3.1 - Anti-crash improvement, Anti-crash doesn't place traps off the map, Speed increase, Right-click lay trap added, Less likely to misplace traps
      2.3.2 - Sexy paint added, vastly decreased the chance to click on chinchompas and butterflies, removed lay traps*, "never misplace traps" should actually never misplace now
      2.3.3 - Less cpu usage, decreased change to misplace traps and attempts to pickup misplaced traps, Improved anti-crash, Speed improvement (420+ chins/hr max alone), Doesn't pick up random items anymore, Will run with a full inventory now (not reccomended), Logs out when a visible JMOD is onscreen, New drop method (super fast), New mouse cursor, Slight falconry rework
      *Falcon script has bugs, future release will contain a falcon rework vastly increasing xp/hr
      *Lay traps will be added again in the future, the feature caused bugs with some users.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Having a problem with Dax hunter premium script.
      When hunting if the hop settings are set to hop when another player is seen the bot will register itself as a person and get caught in an endless loop of logging in and out hoping worlds.
      When hunting black chins the bot will not Bank, once out of traps, the bot will stand there (level 32-33 wildy) and just come to a stop.
      Not sure how to fix this problem, I've looked into it with no luck with how to solve. I appreciate all the input.
    • By MuleTraveler
      Sup guys,
      Soooooooooooo, over the past month made five different accounts. I did the exact same tasks for pretty similar duration but three of them got in under a week. Two got 2-day ban. Of the two, I got one of them to 70+mining and 98 hunter almost hitting 99 (less than one mil exp).  No matter what i'm doing, I can't replicate the success I had with this account. It's like... a lucky account? O_O
      what do you guys think?
    • By hitthat22
      last night my bot was working completely fine. today runescape updated, after the update i tried to start up my bot and i noticed something wrong right away. it was clicking erratically 6-7 times just on the square to place box trap. and missclicking everywhere setting up traps out of position. another user whos a friend is having the same issue. will this be resolved? also on a side note i purchased vip and the premium scriptt and it says cannot use human mouse data because i dont have authorization. how can i get this as i thought this was what i was paying for? appreciate the help in advance guys.
    • By jibpann
      Anyone currently using Tri's Puro Puro?
      How is it? 
    • Guest
      By Guest
      So 2 of my accounts got banned today, I botted on them from 2 days in a row and their names we're not bot like, they had clothing on and not the regular bot outfit. They were also higher than combat 10 and had other skills trained than just hunter. 

      I got banned and had:
      * Good unbot like name
      * Levels trained other than hunter
      * Botted 14-16 hours a day
      * Wore cloths and did not have default character.
      * Had a combat level higher than 10
      * Botted chins for 14 hours before I got banned. (Then 9am London time, I get banned)

      Ban reason:
      " Account banned for macroing in OldSchool. Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex. Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being 'totally undetectable' or 'no ban guaranteed' are inaccurate. As such your account has been permanently removed from game. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules should you wish to create another account. "

      I believe I was banned for using 3rd party software like "TriBot."
      Is it possible that I can hook TriBot up with some other client to not make it 3rd party? I heard someone say that you can add like OS Buddy in.
      Also, how would I over come this issue?

    • Guest
      By Guest

      I am currently looking for someone that can work on a project I am willing to pay for!
      I am looking for a hunter bot which levels the account from lvl 1 to 63 and starts doing red chins for profit until level 74 where it will do the hunting mini-game.

      * Possible logout when mod is near by and stay logged out for 5 minutes or so before logging into a new world. (When logging out in a safe area it will pick up the traps and say "Be right back, or Brb" with a random automated text system which is editable.
      * Auto chat, when someone mentions "botting" or "bots" it will say something, if someone mentions "Hey, Hi" etc, it'll say "Currently watching a video and afking, can't talk rn". Etc, so people won't report you.
      * From the start of the bot, it will go to varrock and buyout items that you will need to train fast for levels 1-74. For example, teleports for fast teleporting, hunting gear, it will also get boots of lightness and combat gear to level up.
      * Combat system, before starting hunter it will level up from a randomly generated combat level between, 7-16, usually with strength being higher than attack and defence.
      * Once it reaches it's desired combat level it will get 9 hunter by the mini-game and start training to 63. Once it hit's 63 it will start training and making money.
      * Logout/sleep periods. You are able to set times it will logout and log back in again, also when it does randomly logout it will auto login.
      * Random events, it complete certain random events, or decline the rest.
      * Once it hit's level 74 it will go do the hunter mini-game.
      * It will have cashout times where it will sell all the hunted items at the GE for GP.
      * There's an option on it that says "Re-new" bond, and will buy and use bonds when required. (For example 1 day before it runs out of membership)

      So yeah, that pretty sums up what I am looking for, I plan on running this script on many accounts.

  • Our picks

    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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    • Hi everyone,

      I'd like to thank everyone for their patience in this transition period. Since last week, we've worked out the remaining bugs with this integration.

      Some users have still been having issues with connecting their forums account to their Auth0 account. To resolve this, we've imported all forums accounts into Auth0.

      Unfortunately, the accounts which were imported today were using an unsupported password hashing algorithm. Hence, random passwords were set during the import.

      What does this mean for me?

      If you've previously linked your forums account to your Auth0 account, you don't have to do anything. Nothing changes for you.

      If you haven't logged in via our new login yet,

      Try logging in with your forums email address and the last password you used

      If you are unable to login, please use the "Forgot password" tool on the login page:
      Follow the instructions to reset your password
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    • Hello everyone,

      Last week we tried to roll out Auth0 Login, but we lost that battle. Now it's time to win the war!

      Important changes

      When logging into the client, you'll now have to enter your Auth0 account credentials instead of your forums credentials

      Note: 2FA is still handled through your forums account (for the time being)

      Changes for existing users

      You'll have to link your Auth0 account to your forums account here: https://tribot.org/forums/settings/login/?service=11

      Auth0 accounts have been created for most existing users. Please use your forums email address and password to login.

      Important notes

      Make sure to verify your email address upon creating a new Auth0 account

      When we mention your Auth0 account, we mean your account used for auth.tribot.org as displayed below
      • 81 replies
    • To better support the upcoming changes (TRiBot X, new repository), we're switching our login handler to Auth0. Instead of logging in with the standard form, you'll now be required to login through our Auth0 application.

      All existing accounts which have been used within approximately the past year have been imported into Auth0 using the same email and password combination which has been stored on the forums.

      What does this mean for users?

      Your account credentials are now even more securely stored

      You'll be able to login via Facebook, Google, and others in the future

      Is there anything users have to do differently now?

      Existing users: You'll have to login with the standard login, open your Account Settings, then link your Auth0 account

      New users: You'll be redirected to our Auth0 app (auth.tribot.org) where you'll be able to create an account

      Why was this change made?

      The new apps we are creating (such as the new repository) aren't able to use the forums to handle user logins

      To centralize all user accounts in one area

      To ensure that the client login doesn't go down when the forums are having problems

      To speed up our development

      Other considerations

      There's no documentation or official support for using Invision Community combined with Auth0, so there are still a few kinks we're working out

      We're in the works of creating an account management panel specifically for Auth0 accounts (ETA August)

      It's not possible to change email addresses for the time being (this will be resolved this August)

      Changing passwords is a weird process for the time being. To change your password, you'll have to use the "Don't remember your password" tool on the Auth0 login page
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    • Over the past month, we've been working hard on TRiBot's new repository - a much needed update. This change has been deemed necessary for TRiBot X, and will allow us to really speed up development of all aspects of TRiBot.

      Today we are going to share what we've been working on!

      Now you must be wondering what kind of features the new repository will have.... well, you'll have to be patient for a little while longer. We're still figuring out various technical aspects so we can't provide answers to all possible questions. We're also focusing on development rather than writing about it so that everyone can get access to our latest developments at lightning speed. I will however answer a few users' questions.

      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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