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Just Had all of my Gold Farming Accounts Perm'ed Again...

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I recently got back into 07 Gold Farming. So  2 days ago I setup 4 accounts at chins, the accounts were all going well and I was making about 15m/day. Then I woke up this morning to find them all Perm Banned.




How can I avoid getting all of my accounts perm banned? I have changed my IP ect... and they get banned every time.


I have found that If I am only running one bot the account wont get banned. But as soon as I start running 2+ on the same IP/Comp the accounts seem to get banned very quickly.


Are there any methods/ways to avoid this? I was considering either proxy'ing the client's to different IP's or running the clients in virtual box's on different VPN's.


So what I was wondering is: Would this work? Is there an easier way to do it?

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It's hard for anyone to tell you, we don't know exactly what Jagex does, so we're pretty much pulling straws.

There are some places with high ban rates, and some with lower.

If you're using a public VPN/VPS/Proxy Jagex may have flagged that IP.

I always delete my Cache files after Jagex bans me, but that's just a superstition I have. Drive:\Users\Name\ and anything with Jagex in it. http://i.imgur.com/MoZKJnG.png

There's no 100% way to not get banned besides not botting.

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It's hard for anyone to tell you, we don't know exactly what Jagex does, so we're pretty much pulling straws.

There are some places with high ban rates, and some with lower.

If you're using a public VPN/VPS/Proxy Jagex may have flagged that IP.

I always delete my Cache files after Jagex bans me, but that's just a superstition I have. Drive:\Users\Name\ and anything with Jagex in it. http://i.imgur.com/MoZKJnG.png

There's no 100% way to not get banned besides not botting.


Yeah I do that aswell. If Jagex is smart they would store that kind of info in the cache when an account gets banned. Just like websites use cookies to keep you from making a new account after you're banned..

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Bans are in the nature of this business. You said you lost 4 accounts and they were earning 15m/day well that means each account has earned 3.75m each.


So then if you buy membership pin a 3.5m you could set up 2 accounts with referral.


So therefore you could afford to make another 4 accs each day AND still make 8m profit.


Sure it sucks they got banned, but look they made profit woop! time to go make more and deal with it, you are breaking their terms of service, they tell you that you will banned if you do it. Suck it up and dont bot such  high ban rate areas.

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well chinns are pinned down now with jmods and players reporting botters, good idea would be to babysit them as much as you can. After botting, cash out and start botting if you get banned you don't lose much.

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Lol. I havn't had a single goldfarming account last me less than 1 week of time. Each goldfarming account I have is currently averaging out at 2 weeks expectancy minimum. I believe I've found a rock solid way of avoiding general detection, and I am still botting something very common that generaly has a very high ban rate. I pull in 10M minimum everynight with 10-12 hours botting with breaks included. Every other or third night is the 15-19M one.

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Bans don't occur by IP alone. You'll be getting banned within 30 seconds of logging in due to your blacklisted HWID.


You're going to need to remove all tempr files, jagex cached files and also spoof your MAC Address (nothing to do with apple macs)


The above would be a start and as Jagex are by no means professional, you should be fine :)

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do what u want to these accounts, then trash them and never touch them again.


change ISP, start over.  only solution i found to work long term. once u get in the 15-30 banned range


(in addition to deleting the temps and everhing with a possible link.)


i just never go to there site without a proxy either.

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Can someone help me? I think a playermod did something to my laptop. Everytime I log in i instantly get muted, if i make a new account i also get instantly muted. When i wait the 3 days to get unmuted and then log back on, i instantly get muted again! I really need someones help, much appreciated :)



This is really strange. Sounds like you have your IP flagged probably for using the merch bot?

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