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WarriorGuildDefender [$10][85K XP/HR][100HR proggie][UPDATED FOR DRAGON DEFENDERS]

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What does WarriorGuildDefender script do?

The script was designed to stockpile defenders of any type in the Warrior Guild, however, as a nice sidekick it has insane profits and ungodly xp/hr rates. You get free food (16hp potatoes 10gp) and basically free pots from the shop which is on the same minimap as bank. The basement(dragon) cyclopes have insanely profitable loot tables. I am getting ~59k exp with dragon long and 60-80-60 stats on rune cyclopes, people have had up to 85K/HR reports with super sets and max stats on rune cyclopes. I believe basement cyclopes could achieve 100K/HR, however, I have not tested basement cyclopes with maxed account.


Complete list of features:

  • Kills animated armours
  • Kills cyclopes in both locations basement(dragon defenders) and upstairs(up to rune defenders)
  • Uses special attacks, all weapons are supported
  • Progressive defender mode (starts from nothing all the way up to dragon)
  • Equips looted defender, if possible
  • Customizeable loot list; default loot includes:
    half keys, dragon items, dragonstone, shield left half, all defenders, all rune items, clue scroll (hard), Ecumenical key 
  • Eats to full HP in food shop or bank
  • Buys pots and food from the local store (16hp potato 10gp) or uses custom food
  • Use your own super sets or super combat potions
  • Bury bones?
  • Asynchronous camera movement
  • Handles breaks graciously
  • ABC10
  • Dragon defenders


Screenshot of the GUI:



GUI options explained:

Get defender - The defender you want the script to stockpile. You want.. say mith defenders? Run the script with this option set to mithril.

How many - The exact defender count of that type. Say you start from nothing and need 10 rune defenders. Then the script will terminate after it has 10 rune defenders. It does not count the bronze to addy.


Armor type - The type of armor you use for the animation minigame to get tokens. I recommend mithril, anything below tends to break.


Token count - The amount of tokens you have per trip to upstairs. I recommend about the amount it takes to clear whole inventory of food. To me 60-80-60 stats char it is about 700 tokens. The script will only go upstairs to kill cyclopes only if this amount is met.


Use pots - Buys pots from the shop. Definitely recommended option. They cost basically nothing and increase XP/hour massively.

Pot offset - The sum of bonus stats remaining from potion set before drinking new set. For example potion offset 7: att 52/50, def 52/50, str 53/30 = 7 bonus stats remaining -> drink new set.

Pot sets - how many pot sets to buy.

Use super pots - Tick this to use your own super sets from bank. You must have whole sets. If you run out of super sets the script will switch back to normal potions.


Use custom food - Check this if you want to use your own food like lobsters or something. Definitely not recommended. The food store has potatoes which heal 16 a pop for 10gp. + other rather good quality food. It automatically buys better food over worse.


Bury bones - Check this if you want to bury big bones. It prioritized cyclopes over bones tho. So basically it means that it only buries your bones. It doesn't run a mile to get bones, like it does for other loot.




Percent to heal at - Percentage of your HP below which it has to heal. Minimum 35%. It is percentage not flat hp because that way you can have the same option for all characters. I use 45.


Custom loot ids - custom loot ids seperated by commas. You can loot unidentified herbs or any other junk you may want like black knives. The default loot includes: half keys, dragon spear, dragon med, rune kite, dragonstone, shield left half, all defenders, rune square shield, rune 2h, rune battleaxe, rune spear, rune full, rune med, clue scrolls, ecumenical key.



Video of WarriorGuildDefender script doing a full run:



Progress reports:



There's a 100h one on page 11  :P




Q: I have ran this for 3h and still no defenders?!

A: Low lvl defenderes especially bronze defenders have lower drop rates. 3h is nothing.


Q: I am losing my armor WTF?!

A: Anything below mithril can break (a piece can disappear upon killing the armor) so it is not a bug. To avoid this use mithril or better armor instead. Your armor will also disappear if you get disconnected for whatever reason. If any of this happens the bot will look for another piece in the bank. 


Q: My bank scrolling fails?!

A: I have never had any issues with bank scrollings then again I don't bot on daily basis. To avoid this problem organize your bank so it has all required items on the same page, that way it never has to scroll. This is usually achieved by putting all the necessary items to the bottom of your bank. (all new items appear to the bottom of the bank)


Q: What is the difference between $10 and $20 versions?

A: $10 = can only run 1 account at the same time; $20 = run as many accounts as you want. No other difference.


Q: The script has 5 second delays trying to pick up items

A: Tribot API broke after RS update. Trilez will fix it in usually in matter of hours.


Q: It doesn't loot, click, walk, etc
A: Probably a RS update. It sounds like typical RS update. Tribot is a runescape hack and Jagex does everything to stop this hack. After every RS update there's a VERY HIGH change that something will break, for example looting method stops working. Trilez has automated tests to detect these changes and will fix them asap, usually in matter of hours.


Before contacting me with an issue or a bug please restart your bot client and make sure the issue doesn't persist. 90% of the reports I get can be fixed by restarting the Tribot client. 











ABC10! All ABC utilities put in place!



Improved general navigation and performance. For instance it moves better between shops and handles doors faster.



Added most ABC utilities



Added world hopper. It saves your starting world and should you magically find yourself in any other world then it hops back to your original world. Also takes care of combat.

Found and fixed a bug that may have gotten you stuck during looting in armor room. Thanks to "leddan" for reporting this.


No longer can get stuck if accidentally clicking on empty bowl.

Added 5 tries to find super potions in bank before switching to normal pots.


Fixed Mithril platebody equipped bug.

Now re-equipping your original gear if accidentally equipping armorset items.



No longer terminates the script upon failed STRANGEBOX random

Double walk to safespot method (one upon failed random and other on overall end script method)
Login bot state is no longer set to false anywhere. Let's see if that sovles some mysterious issues



Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in animator room after losing armor

No longer opening the combat tab when using non special attack weapon

Changed back to my own clicking method at cyclopes



Fix to a bug from previous update causing you to clock with 1 food between cyclopes and stairs

Changed to dynamic clicking from custom clicking method for cyclopes. Let's see how it works.

Improved camera movement during combat, cyclopes health bar should now always be visible.



Increased mouse speed during randoms

Now leaving cyclopes more early to be safe

Changed some stuff around for the animation minigame



Added auto-retaliate check during combat because somehow it managed to toggle it off

More random logic improvements



Fixed possible case of getting stuck during eating in shop/bank

Improved random solver logic



Added option to toggle paint. Left click on paint/chatbox area.



Added super set option. It prioritizes 4 dose sets over 3 dose. If you run out of super sets it will switch to normal potions.

Properties file now gets deleted and re-populated if anything's wrong in there

Added nice red error message to GUI if anything's wrong, it used to be tiny black message

Increased banking failsafe to 15 seconds

Increased minimum "percent to heal at" to 40

Now eats the shittiest food if inventory is full and needs to pick-up loot

Changed random event solving logic i.e runs downstairs from cyclopes to solve some randoms 



Now using Java properties to save GUI settings, instead of Preferences -> Everyone should be able to save GUI options now be it Linux, Windows, Admin, Guest, etc.

Paint image is now downloaded only once -> re-run script button doesn't bug out anymore

Random improvements



No longer breaks target lock if loot has been found(not including bones or coins), instead will handle lootin inside the targetlock cycle.

Will no longer restock after combat random at animation minigame



Added eating failsafes before random, after random and failed random

Increased critical HP to 20 from 15



Added eating in shop



Start exp is now loaded after gui so when logged out it doesn't bug out



Now using Tribot's clicking for looting instead of my own, because it has become more accurate.

No longer waits for dead cyclops to disappear, will immediately attack next one if cyclops hp = 0. This only works if not burying bones. If loot drops and it already attacked next one then it'll turn back and pick up the loot.



Fixed a possible case of losing your armor when you get hit by combat random during looting

Fixed a very rare case of getting stuck at armor room doing nothing



Removed combat stance failsafe.



Fixed Linux GUI error



Now deposits coins if they're no longer needed.

Deposit and withdraw are now in their correct intended order.



Found and fixed the platebody not found bug. It was a TYPO!

Bank scrolling failsafe is now 10 seconds, instead of 20.



Improved potion set drinking, it should no longer skip a potion
Added custom loot list option
Fixed a combat bug when sometimes you attacked the wrong cyclops after eating
You can now stack on any defender



Fixed a possible case of getting stuck at the animators after combat ranodm

Fixed a possible case of confusing someone else's armor with yours in w1 conditions

The script will now run even if some errors occur during startup, like unable to detect equipped weapon name



$10   version

$20 version

Edited by Fluffee
Removed repo links, as the script is discontinued.
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Updated the script v1.1


Fixed a possible case of getting stuck at the animators after combat ranodm

Fixed a possible case of confusing someone else's armor with yours in w1 conditions.

The script will now run even if some errors occur during startup, like unable to detect equipped weapon name.

Edited by karlrais

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Guest lil anib

running flawless 40 rune defenders already in less than 24 hours (; thank you

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it sometimes just stops like an hour in and says "MIthril platebody not found in bank. terminating script" meanwhile there is a mith platebody in bank

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An update is coming tomorrow. I'm sorry but I can't make it today. Why you buy this on New Year's Eve lol :P


Tomorrow i'll do:

  • Look into the "item not found in bank terminating the script bug"
  • Stockpiling on any defender not just rune (already done, need to test more)
  • Found a nasty combat bug which sometimes after eating attacks wrong cyclops (already done, not yet pushed tho)
  • Add custom loot list for picking up any junk you want

EDIT: All done!

Edited by karlrais

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It stopped doing the item not found bug and seems to be running smooth now. It did it the first couple times I ran it, about an hour in.


Now its running smooth. Love the script so far.

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Updated the script v1.2!

Rather big-ish update. Let me know ASAP if anything's off the beat.

  • Improved potion set drinking, it should no longer skip a potion
  • Added custom loot list option
  • Fixed a combat bug when sometimes you attacked the wrong cyclops after eating
  • You can now stack on any defender

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      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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