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[ABCL 10] ExRunecrafter - Fastest AIO Runecrafter [ABYSS, NORMAL] [ANTI PK] [Pouch Pickup] [ALL RUNES/METHODS] [DEATHWALK]

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Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $14.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/619

Lifetime (One account/auth) $29.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/620

RSGP: http://erickshop.com, (The system is fully automated.)




You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority.



Exrunecrafter is an advanced runecrafting script with unique features that makes it the fastest runecrafter on TRiBot and definitely any other competing websites. It is known for its speed, stability and many others features. These features include abyss crafting, and normal crafting! It has the potential to get up to 4K+ natures per hour, making it the fastest runecrafter  on the market. Please refer to the specifics down below hidden in the spoiler tags

Antiban [ABCL 10]


 This script has an anti-ban compliance level of 10. This means that it performs most, if not all, anti-ban methods in TRiBot. These ABC (anti-ban compliance) methods aren't your standard anti-ban. TRiBot generates unique characteristics for every different botter. These characteristics will hold data such as if the botter should hover the next object/npc, if the botter should go to the next anticipated object/npc location if waiting for an object/npc to spawn, wait times for switching objects/npcs, how often to check XP, and more! By assigning unique characteristics for every different botter, TRiBot will be able to make your character seem different from all of the other botters, thus making it more human-like. As well, it takes randomized paths everytime ensuring you do not take the same path everytime causing a pattern. This can be a form a detection and probably is already implemented

Abyss Crafting Features!



Supports all rifts

Nature Cosmic Fire Earth Body Mind Air Soul Water Death LawChaos

Teleportation methods:

House tab > Mounted Glory Dust runes > Mounted Glory Normal Runes > Mounted Glory Equipped Glory (EVEN 6 and 5 charges!)

All Obstacles:

Boil Chop Eyes Passage Rock Gap Stamina/Super Energy/Normal Energy potion supportMouse key pouch fillingEmergency teleport (very fast, almost instantly)Actual detection on if a pouch is full or notFastest rift & glory clickingPouch repair via dark mageup to 4k+ nats an hourFASTEST abyss crafter out in old school bottingDeathwalk (death point must be at lumbridge)Pick up pouches on death!Proper abyss obstacle detectionHas anti PK with world hopping (very fast, almost instantly)Stores previous pkers so it will world hop instantly once in the wilderness

What is the Pker blacklist?

Normal crafting Features!:


Law(Hot air )ballon, walking

Lava(Magic imbue solo),

Astrals (Walking, moonclan teleport)

Cosmic (best path auto detection (66 agility, 46 agility, 1 agility shortcuts)

Air (Walking)

 Body (Walking)


 Fire(ROD, Walking)



Nature (unsafe general store path, safe general store path)

(Now supports swapping essence to "aisles" with the new RS update!)

Pouch support Stamina/Super Energy/Normal Energy potion support

Pouch repair via Lunars

Pouch Retrieval Tool:


ExRunecrafter even includes a runecrafting pouch retrievel tool to save you time and headaches! Start the script with the runecrafting pouches you have in your inventory and then it will kill Abyssal leeches until you have gathered them all. This tool alone is a lifesaver, especially if you plan on managing a gold farm!



Why am I not receiving help?:You did not fill out the proper bug report, please always use the proper bug report. The proper bug reports help me solve and debug things faster then you may think. It is very crucial. What do I start the script with?If you running abyss, I suggest you start the script with the equipment you want to wear. The script will handle the rest and wear pickaxes, hatchets if needed.Where do I start the script?:You should start the script anywhere between when you crafting runes. This would be in the middle of the path, atbank, or at the altar or so on. Don't start the script at a random ass place for no reason, the reason for this should be obvious.If you didn't understand what I said above, Just start the script at the closest bank for the method, if you are using abyss use the edgeville bank.How many accounts can I run?If you bought the lifetime plan, you can only run one account per auth you bought AT THE SAME TIME.If you bought the monthly plan, you can run as many accounts at the SAME TIME.NONE of the scripts are linked to a certain runescape account. You can run it on any runescape account you want.What are some requirements for abyss?:I say you need 40+ HP and maybe some defence. The place to ask this question is not here, you can find your answer on google. PKERS are not really a problem with my script as my script will detect a pker once it appears on the minimap and get away. It has various methods of detecting a pker. Your main concern should be the obstacles of the abyss and surviving in the abyss.Take a look at here to see what you're going to be facing inside the abyss : http://www.global-rs.com/guides/misc/abyssalrunecrafting/The bot isn't opening the doors inside my house:Go to your house options (The place where you enable building mode) and render doors to OPEN.

 Setting up the script



Before starting the script, let's make sure your runescape options are set properly.

Set your attack opton priority to always right click so it doesn't misclick monsters:


If you are using mounted glory, render doors open so the script  doesn't get stuck trying to reach an unreachable object:



Type ::toggleroofs to disable roofs rendering. This will allow the script to be more stable and not get stuck clicking things.





So ever since I've released Exrunecrafter, I have had countless people asking me how to runecraft. I sell the SCRIPT that runecrafts for you, I'm not going to teach you how to runecraft, there are plenty of guides on there. I'm not going to tell you the requirements to runecraft, or any runescape related questions. I offer support for my script, not how to play runescape. I'm not trying to be rude, i'm actually quite nice but this is how it is. Here are some guides that could help you, or find some yourself on google like I did myself, it wasn't hard.

Abyss:http://www.skillersunited.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85http://www.global-rs.com/guides/misc/abyssalrunecrafting/ (ectophial not necessary)

Laws:http://supremeskillers.net/forum/guides/balloon-runecrafting/ (BALLOON RUNNING, its not 2007, but just about everything besides summoning is the same) http://forum.tip.it/topic/137865-guide-to-law-runecrafting-3-methods-times/ (NORMAL WALKING + BALLON RUNNING) Fire:http://forum.tip.it/topic/223112-369k-fire-runes-21k-runecrafting-exp-per-hour/ (RING OF DUELING)


(General Store path)


Any other altar? They are mostly just basic walking back and forth from a bank to an altar and then clicking it to runecraft. If you didn't understand what I just said, I highly suggest just looking up a general runecrafting guide.



It's simple! Your script argument is "Abyss:ProfileName" or "Normal:ProfileName"

You chose the prefix depending on whether you're abyss crafting or normal crafting.

So if my settings profile was "airs" and i wanted to do normal crafting, my script argument would be:



GET YOUR Dynamic Signature:


Simply click that link and replace TRIBOT_USERNAME with your tribot usernamehttp://erickscripting.com/exrunecrafter/signatures/users/TRIBOT_USERNAME.png

GUI/Progress pictures




87725975764d793e4368e67e262e98b6.png d35af36661cebe6c25a838dec678b6e3.png



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Top Posters In This Topic

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BUY IT NOW!   Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $14.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/619 Lifetime (One account/auth) $29.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script

The rewrite is still in progress. Things are looking great. Please keep in mind that this is a total rewrite of ExRunecrafter and my personal API. This means that everything will be BRAND new and fres

Best RC script on tribot hands down, iv been using another popular one recently and switched to this and immediately saw a huge diffrence will post a small proggie later, currently approaching 12 hour

Posted Images

Is there any possibility of a trial version or something? I own both USA's and Warfronts Rcer and i'd be really keen to buy this one if it can even pull 50-100 more nats/hr, just don't want to spend money on a third rcer if I won't end up using it lol.

There is a free verison in the runecrafting section. It will be removed tommorow night at latest, feel free to try it. It's been out for a while now, if you didn't know. (Click my signature to get directed to that thread). It is definitely more than 50-100 nats/hr (way more imo). Remember, the price won't stay the same once the presale is done with. I hope you enjoy the script!

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There is a free verison in the runecrafting section. It will be removed tommorow night at latest, feel free to try it. It's been out for a while now, if you didn't know. (Click my signature to get directed to that thread). It is definitely more than 50-100 nats/hr (way more imo). Remember, the price won't stay the same once the presale is done with. I hope you enjoy the script!

Thanks! I Just noticed the beta as i posted my comment lol :) I've been using it for a few hours now and I can guarantee i'll be getting in on the presale, looks like im about to own my third RC bot lol.

EDIT: Going to have to retract that last statement as my 100% maxed RS3 account, 2000+ total OSRS just got permed...Just as I hit 91 RC too. Time to quit lol. Ill add that this account has botted since the days of Aryan, has never had a single offense, and I haven't had a botting related ban in 4+ years. I'm not going to put the blame on this script as that's kind of moronic, I just feel it's worth pointing out this is the last script I used before getting banned.

Edited by matt0707
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This bot is muchhhh faster....all 4 pouches USA pulls around 1400 nats/hr last time I used it, warfronts around 1650-1700, this was tipping 2k easily. If I didn't just get permed i'd be buying it right now...



will tis be better then usa abyss runecrafter? cause that bot in pretty slow tbh.

You run the free verison and tell me ;)


Thanks matt for the proggy!


Thanks for feedback, it's only just going to become faster in the future!

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Hey, just got some questions ......


1 Does this support master/slave at nature and law altar?

2 If i buy 7.99 i can run as many slaves and 1 master?


Very interested in you script if it does that  :D


Hey, just got some questions ......


1 Does this support master/slave at nature and law altar?

2 If i buy 7.99 i can run as many slaves and 1 master?


Very interested in you script if it does that  :D

1.) not currently but is a planned feature to come very soon

2.) yes, hence unlimited accs / monthly

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i bought the script and when i try to craft airs normally walking after i craft the air runes this happens [18:44:15] java.lang.RuntimeException: Stopping script, you must be missing an item and script ends 



Please make sure you have essence in your bank, and talisman if selected.

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yea i had both, iv moved on to fires and it works fines just letting you know thanks

You must've had something selected incorrecty, send me your settings for airs.


Edit: He sent me a PM on his settings. He had the wrong ROLE selected, he selected master however he had no noted essence in his inventory, so the script stopped.


Master = You sit at altar and wait for trades for pure essence

Slave = You bring essence to the "Master" via banking / general store

Solo = You get your own essence and craft your own runes.

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when using abbys for cosmics it says pause: false squeeze-through, iv noticed every once and  awhile it will   just stand there and get attacked it has caused me to die once. i only have squeeze through as my option to get to the altar

Looks like it's having troubles generate a path to go through a agility gap. I'll try only running one obstacle and see if I can reduplicate this error. I never received this problem before since i usually have 3+ obstacles selected, so a obstacle is usually 5-10 tiles near me. However, in your case it could be over 20+ tiles away.When you died, did it try to emergency teleport when you were low? Thanks for the report and use the bug format next time


By the way, select passage, it's a free ride instantly inside the abyss. It's ticked by default.

Edited by erickho123
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