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[ABCL 10] ExRunecrafter - Fastest AIO Runecrafter [ABYSS, NORMAL] [ANTI PK] [Pouch Pickup] [ALL RUNES/METHODS] [DEATHWALK]

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Please read the FAQ, you can seperate it by using commas. For example: zezima,alkanrs,randomuser







Is this argument correct? 


I don't want it to eat food, nor have pouches.

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It keeps logging me out saying I'm missing an item, which I'm not. Happens frequently. If I just restart the script it keeps going, so I clearly have everything?


Crafting lavas.




edit: I think a solution is to buy more essence. I had less than 3k left so it could be why it's happening.

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Anyone care to share their current hours a day/week and what breaks, if any, they're using? Also whether or not they're using looking glass.

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Hey I've just noticed that sometimes when banking in edgeville (Abyss method) the script will actually change bank booths mid restock.,

Like it will be banking and then swap to another booth. Not sure if it's part of the script or lag related. can't get a debug atm.

It's not a bug, it's forced by TRiBot antiban.. Nothing I can do about it unfortunately.

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Anyone care to share their current hours a day/week and what breaks, if any, they're using? Also whether or not they're using looking glass.

I did 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, no breaks and got banned after 2 weeks. I'm building a new RC bot and going to do 3 hr, 1 hr break 3 times a day, so 9 hours total of botting. Definitely use Looking Glass

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ExRunecrafter is now safe to use once again!


If you were experiencing high ban rates these past two weeks, the cause was due to TRiBot being detected. The script wasn't at fault but it still affected many of my users. The good news is that TRiBot is no longer detectable and you should be able to use the normal client with my script just fine!


Please read more about it here:


Edited by erickho123
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A warning to anyone using this script, turn off Accept Aid! I was doing astral runecrafting while working, unfortunately someone used tele group moonclan so it sat for over an hour doing nothing. Other than that, love this script and haven't had any issues ;) Perhaps you could add a failsafe @erickho123 Tri's autofighter has an option to log out after 5 minutes of not gaining xp, maybe you could add this option for 10 minutes? Just an idea!

Edited by Doomed

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wont do lavas on my skiller sayig cannot find bstaff

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Deffinatly looking to purchase, before doing so, what quests and stats would i need done to do natures and the lower runes in build up for natures efficiently! please someone reply would be great help thanks

For nature runes you will need to do Rune Mysteries quest and abyss mini quest. All other basic runes require no quests. I start with air runes from level 1, once I am able to do fire runes I do them with dueling rings to duel arena and castle wars for bank til 44 (nature runes). 

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Teleported to karamja from abyss because pker blacklist, used last glory charge + took screenshot.. hmh?

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