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RuniteOreBotter01 - Dispute (Chargeback)

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Scammer's Username: RuniteOreBotter01

Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/117536-runiteorebotter01/

Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype

Chat Username(If Applicable)*: robin.goossens7

Describe in detail in your words what happened:


He purchased a VPS from me, ran it for like an hour - became unhappy when an account he was running got banned. Asked for a refund which I obviously refused to give as there was not a sufficient reason to grant one - he was banned while using a proxy, therefore the VPS had nothing to do with it and even if it did - bans aren't my concern. So, unhappy with his attempt to get a refund - he removed me from skype and chargebacked the money he sent me. 
























Anything else you need, just ask. Shouldn't be a problem though, everything is there.

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you said the vps would be able to run 10 bots and i tried the vps, it uses 90% cpu on 5 Bots. so ofcourse i ask for refund you said it would be able to run close to 10.

5 is not close.

Explain why you removed me from skype and chargebacked - you gave me no time to resolve your issues.

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Robin.goosens7 is the Skype of a banned user named noobkees. Https://tribot.org/forums/user/4577-noobkees/

He is a career scammer and charge backer. He has done so before on tribot and other communities. I am currently on mobile, but to any other staff reading this please ban the user for evading and close the dispute. Thanks.

Edit: I've switched to desktop and have banned the user.

Edited by Montreal

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you suggested with the workspaces thing and it didn't work. so i have to right to chargeback.

And you tried this when exactly? Was this before or after you removed me from skype and took your money back? I don't remember any of this. 

Even so, you didn't really seem keen on hearing my advice - you just wanted your cash back since you got banned.

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The user in question was found to be "noobkees". He was banned for scamming members a while ago and his skype robin.goosens7 has been used in numerous scams. As he is evading he is now banned. We do not welcome these sort of people into our community and will always act swiftly in banning them once discovered.

I am sorry for your loss in regards to this, please next time Google the users Skype name for security. You can avoid many scams this way.

Edited by Montreal
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