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Delta Cooker

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Delta Cooker
Delta Cooker is a cooking script with an anti-ban compliance level of 10. It comes with support for cooking single items as well as making wine (which is 300k xp/hour).

  • ABCL 10
    • This script has an anti-ban compliance level of 10. This means that it performs most, if not all, anti-ban methods in TRiBot. These ABC (anti-ban compliance) methods aren't your standard anti-ban. TRiBot generates unique characteristics for every different botter. These characteristics will hold data such as if the botter should hover the next object/npc, if the botter should go to the next anticipated object/npc location if waiting for an object/npc to spawn, wait times for switching objects/npcs, how often to check XP, and more! By assigning unique characteristics for every different botter, TRiBot will be able to make your character seem different from all of the other botters, thus making it more human-like.
  • Ability to Specify Items to Cook by Name, or By Selecting a Pre-Defined Food
    • When the GUI pops up, you just have to click on the items you wish to cook from an already made long list of food. You could also enter the food by name if the list doesn't include the item you wish to cook.
  • Wine Making
    • This script has the ability of making wine, which is the fastest way to achieve 99 cooking. The method is 300k xp/hour.
  • High Quality Script
    • Nobody knows TRiBot's API better than myself. I know exactly what methods to use to ensure that the script is fast, smart, efficient, doesn't screw up, and doesn't die because of bugs/exceptions.
  • Script Stats
    • Each user will have the ability to show their script statistics in his/her signature. (The image/url is still to come, but stats logging is active).

What locations are supported?

  • Al Kharid
  • Catherby
  • Rouge's Den
  • ** Wine Making supports nearly all banks.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Delta Cooker costs $1.00/month. After purchase, this script can be run with unlimited instances.

How do I use It?

  • Purchase it on the TRiBot Repository.
  • If you are wanting to cook in the Rogue's Den, please navigate to the den before starting the script.
  • If you are making wine, please make sure to have jugs of water and grapes in your bank.
  • Run the script.
  • Fill out the GUI.
  • Click start.

Changelog (Current Version: 1.02):


  • Fixed a walking bug.


  • Added use of new ABC methods.

Progress Reports:




Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions, or if you experience any bugs.

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I didn't take your monkfish.

Make it free for VIP members

Just wanted to say that I love this script and even though making wines is simple the anti-ban is great and I really loved how smooth it was. Never ever had a hiccup and I got 99 on my main in a littl


Hey mate,


Found a problem a Rogue's Den. I cant give you very good information but basically in the chat box status is basically just spams, check bank/walk check bank walk check bank walk over and over and doesnt move. 


However catherby is working fine..

Thanks again mate


P.S. Below is what came up when it occured? means noting to me

  • [22:14:03] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
  • [22:14:03] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
  • [22:14:03] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run(Unknown Source) 



Where were you standing when you were trying to cook at the Rogue's Den?

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Hey T, I love your Delta line and will buy almost everything you release.


Anyway, with this script, I noticed that at Al Kaharid location it will occasionally click above the furnace (right west of the building, isn't a furnace mis-click, but 2-4 tiles west of the furnace.

It did this every inventory, and it was always in the middle of cooking. 


thanks, script is flawless save for this rogue right click every inventory. At first I thought it was anti-ban, but it does it every time, to appear more like a liability.



Edited by seiv
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Just bought pretty bad ass script, a few things for the ABCL id point out that mouse never leaves the screen and i dont see it do xp checks or random right clicks..Are the newest methods going to be put in this script? been watching its habits and it does randomize its routine and misclicks and idles like id imagion AFK cookers do a ton of. All around great script just would like to see a xp check and maybe the random right click 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Is this currently working? I stand next to the bank but the script just stands there, it sometimes makes me run into a wall but that's about it. The status changes from checking to walking to bank every half a second but doesnt actually do anything. :/


Just tried it in Al Kharid too... just spam clicks inside the bank, doesn't open the bank.

Edited by e0turner
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This has been glitching at Al Kaharid and some at Catherby. It will click the third fish (almost every time?) and click the range, but after It uses the raw on the range, it thinks it hasn't yet so it goes back to repeat the process. So it clicks a new fish to the range again, and again, and again, never clicking the cock all option that it needs to wait just a second or two more to appear.



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Isn't working atm, Gets to the range or fire, then says cook, check, cook, check etc. over and over.

Hello, in the Rogue's Den, the bot does not even cook food, it just continuously clicks on the fire and doesn't 'use' the food on it. Please fix ASAP.

script does not work, doesn't click on the the food wehn cooking, its idling on the fire or furnace

Restart your TRiBot and it will work again.

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could you please fix some bugs at rouges den doesnt exactly cook efficently

opens bank takes lobs out puts back in and keeps repeating for a while before cooking the inventory then goes back to repeat the same process

appreicate your repsonse

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