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A few months back I had the idea of making an AIO quester and worked quite hard on this project. I grew tired of making them as they are a lot of work to create and I just did not have the time. I have stopped development on this and am releasing all the quests for free. I know a good amount of the quests that are in the script are not complete and I apologize for that. I will mark quests that are completed in green and orange for incomplete.


Quests supported


- Cook's Assistant

- Demon Slayer

Dwarf Cannon

Ghosts Ahoy

Horror from the deep ( I believe the only part that was not scripted was the final boss fight )

Lost City

Monkey Madness

Pirate's Treasure

- Priest in Peril

Sheep Shearer

Rune Mysteries

Tree Gnome Village

The Grand Tree ( Bring fire strike runes and 1k coins )

The Restless ghost

Tutorial Island

Waterfall Quest

Witch's House


A lot of the quests that involve fighting NPCs were made with using magic in mind. Please bring a staff and some fire strike runes with you when completing those quests. Tree gnome village supports different spells by entering in the GUI but it only goes up to some death spell.


None of these quests have ABC implemented so I would advise you to use these with caution. I may add ABC in the future but at the moment there are no plans on doing so. 


Some scripts may have used IDs ( I know Tree Gnome / Grand Tree did for Elkoy ). If you happen to find a quest is stopping and can't talk to an NPC or interact with an object please post below.



Add Script

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I'd pay for this:  Monkey Madness


I was demotivated after trying to figure out how to solve that puzzle. It would not be too hard to finish but I lack the resources ( time / accounts ).


Do you plan on creating/finishing the ones that are in progress? 


If I am bored I may work on finishing them, but most likely no.

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Doesnt talk to foreman.

After getting the foreman notes tries to take a charter without the coins.


I'm pretty sure you don't need to talk to the foreman and can just kill him? Yeah I always used the charter to get back and should add a note of that to the script.

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Grand Tree was excellent.


Few things though.

- Add Dueling Ring ->  Castle Wars teleport support

- Add grabbing food out of bank for the spider part

- Add Grabbing coins for the foreman part if you're going to keep that

- Add bringing weapon/answering foreman questions

- When using duel ring -> castle wars it will run to gnome stronghold and use the tree teleport. It will use it to go to varrock tree. Change it to gnome stronghold


Everything else is solid, very easy fixes.

Edited by asher roth

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10/10 would pay for Monkey Madness support 

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would be nice if you'd put what items are needed for your script to not stop at start,


Trying out the tree gnome village.  Stuck at climbing rubble, runs back/forth never makes to spot.  When it goes for first orb, it tries to run out of the mini map although it can't since it's in a 2nd floor.  Still going in the quest, but so far, it's workable with.

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get that monkey madness pathing going, would love to see it ready for use:)

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