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[ABCL 10][$3.99 Lifetime Unlimited]wMotherload the original Motherlode miner[110hr+ proggy]

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wMotherload Miner



wMotherload is the original and premium Motherlode miner. With unparalleled support and features rest assured that wMotherload will leave you satisfied. 
wMotherload starts at a one-time payment of $3.99 with discounts available for those switching from another Motherlode script or individuals who own one of my other scripts. 








 Contact me for coupon codes




Universal Features:

These features can be found across all my scripts 


ABCL 10: Like all my scripts, I put the utmost care into the development and maintenance of wMotherload. Rest assured that with your purchase you receive my full support and dedication. 


Constant development:  I'm constantly looking to add new and better features; while some of these may be copied you can be confidant that the original will always be the best, why settle for knock-offs?  


Flawless pathing and custom clicking methods: I'm dedicated to the safety of my users; with that in mind I use only my own, private methods and pathing. As I tirelessly test all my scripts before release you can rest easy knowing I do everything possible to keep you, the buyer, safe. 


Bot world detection: While I do everything I can to eliminate detection, outliers do exist; with this in mind I have designed my scripts to automatically exit bot worlds. 



Script Features: 

Click and forget: While the script will not do tutorial island because of ban-chance it does automatically train mining from 1-30 before going to Motherlode. (Pickaxe upgrade support WIP) 
Custom combat random and pickaxe breaking solvers: As with any minigame random events are a major factor; because of this I have developed and implemented my own solving methods. 
Dragon pickaxe support: The script will efficiently and consistently utilize the Dragon pickaxe special in the mining process. 
Dynamic Signatures: Who doesn't like to show off progress? 



Carry two pickaxes: In the Motherlode mine occasionally your pickaxe head may fly off and be unreachable without first clearing a path to it. Because of this, it's important to carry two pickaxes (you can alternatively use a Dragon pickaxe)


Utilize the dynamic signatures: Dynamic signatures help both of us track the scripts progress and advertise your achievements. You can track your stats HERE  change "username.png" to your username. (artwork still being developed) 


Contact me on skype with any questions, problems, or suggestions: As with all my scripts I'm fully available for support or suggestions. If you feel you can help make the script better drop me a line of skype or PM me here on TRiBot.










On 7/29/2014 at 2:33 PM, botbotbut said:

The most beast script I have ever used. Pays for itself within a day. Most of the time I run it for 10 hours a day with breaks...

On 8/17/2014 at 4:54 PM, Nebraska said:

I was thinking about buying a script off of a different bot, needless to say I am not disappointing at all. TriBot is miles ahead all of the other bots and this script is the best I have ever used. No doubt with my breaks I could get countless 24hr proggies.

Edited by Fluffee
Removed repo links, as the script is discontinued.
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kind of getting pissed i pay money for this but it just sits at the sack? any way to fix the problem?

There are a lot of features that need to be implemented. This is far from undetectable, regardless of what you think ABC10 does.   For example, the sack can hold 3 inventories of pay-dirt, it needs to

Thanks alot mate

Proggy competition! If you post a proggy with any of the following criteria you will receive a coupon for 25% off any of my other scripts
The first user that:
Posts a proggy 24 hours or longer:
Winner: notabotter
Posts a proggy 48 hours or longer:


Winner: j888lnm


Posts a proggy 72 hours or longer: 


Winner: Wixl

Any user that posts a proggy over 100 hours:


Winners: Wixl, 


After a month the top three users within the dynamic signature will also receive a 25% off coupon.
Winners: notabotter, jadodjur, and krendic!
Get you own personal dynamic signature!
Personalized Dynamic Signatures are done!
Place this code in your signature remember to replace username with your tribot name!


The result!

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The walking is very bot like, especially when it needs to mine one of the rocks that's block your path


I suggest having the bot turn the camera so it can actually see the ore it is mining. Blindly clicking on ore veins it cant see is very bot like


Other than those two things the bot seems pretty stable, good job

If you would like to explain further please add me on skype and help me 100% understand.

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Brought Script Today Will Test It And Let You Know The Outcome






Since i have been using this past few hours, and keeps getting stuck because of the ''CAMERA ANGEL'' its trying to mine the rocks in the way so it can bank but because of camera angel it keeps trying to mine the vein again and again, 

Also it stopped 1 time at the bottom of sack bag and got a random so when it come out of the random the wheel stopped spinning and it wouldn't go fix it instead just kept clicked the sack down stream where you collect ore.

Edited by o0stacey0o
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