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[120+ H] [Free] [ABCL10] xFishy [AIO] [OpenSource] [Barbarian Fishing]

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The bot stops after about 1 hour for me...? Im barbarian fishing. This is the error message:


  • [15:01:39] java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.F(UseFishingSpot.java:76)
  • [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.accept(UseFishingSpot.java:71)
  • [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(ee:27)
  • [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(ee:133)
  • [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.findNearest(ee:167)
  • [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.b.F(UseFishingSpot.java:70)
  • [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.xFishy.run(xFishy.java:70)
  • [15:01:39] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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I like the name for this script for some reason lol

Added update: - Implemented Dax Web walking (https://tribot.org/forums/topic/68923-release-daxwebwalker/. ) - Added mouse key dropping.  

xCode presents... ~~xFishy!~~   120 Hour proggie by @a11221   Features   Locations Barbarian Village (Banking included) Trout / Salmon Karamja (Banking included - uses the deposit box in Por

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got a problem running the script. just downloaded the bot and found your script and so far easiest to use and set up but the script isnt auto running between locations. ive got to take it to fishing spot for it to auto fish then take it to bank to auto bank. now at karamja and is doing the same thing, whats going on and are your able to help or fix so i can run your script

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On 11/13/2018 at 7:15 AM, vortigan88 said:

got a problem running the script. just downloaded the bot and found your script and so far easiest to use and set up but the script isnt auto running between locations. ive got to take it to fishing spot for it to auto fish then take it to bank to auto bank. now at karamja and is doing the same thing, whats going on and are your able to help or fix so i can run your script

That's weird. You tried restarting your client and removing your hooks.dat file in your tribot folder?

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So it's not just me!  Great script, but as previously mentioned, banking in Barb Vill doesn't seem to be functional.


I wonder if I can fix this or if someone could walk me through the troubleshooting process?

I don't want to post too much as I don't know if private data is in that string.

Is it trying to contact and not getting a response? Or maybe the response it's getting is invalid?



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    • By Beg
      BEG Combat


      All-in-one progressive Combat script.
      Supports active and passive combat, any npc and game area, many different potions, special weapons, prayer, every gear and inventory item.
      Supports looting, dwarf cannon, high alchemy, guthans, death recovery, some slayer features.
      And much more, check all features below.

      Note: Whatever is striked is either not fully implemented, not yet tested or will be out in a future update.
      Supports active combat, passive combat and Nightmare Zone minigame. Configurable fight square areas, fight polygon areas, fight spots and aggression reset spots. Highly configurable inventory and gear setup. Configurable levels and skill priorities. Supports MM2 caves for training ranged and magic. Supports dwarf cannon. Supports high level alchemy on predefined items. Supports all potions variations (regular, super, divine, barbarian mix, super, extended): Boost potions (combat, attack, strength, defence, magic, ranged, overload). Restore potions (prayer, restore). Protect potions (antifire, anti-venom, antipoison, antidote). Supports all prayers. Supports prayer flicking. Supports all commonly used special weapons. Configurable target selection algorithm taking into consideration path distance, mouse proximity, combat level and safe spots. Healing
      Supports almost all healing items.  Supports guthans. Supports bones to peaches tablet and spell. Supports bandits store to unnote food. Looting
      Picks up items based on item names, item ids or item values. Able to pick up bones and bury them. Picks up ammo. Gives priority to more valuable drops if inventory is nearly full. Supports extra storage: Looting bag Gem back Herb sack Seed box Banking
      Supports banking when inventory is full. Supports banking when out of food, runes, ammo, potions or cannonballs. Supports banking when slayer task is completed. Setup
      World hops to find empty worlds. When all fight spots are occupied on passive combat. When more than x players are nearby on your fighting area on active combat. When another cannon is deployed near you. Supports prayer points refill at a specified altar. Repairs damaged barrows gear at Bob. Supports house pools and ferox enclave stats recharge. Supports magic auto-cast. Death recovery
      Walks back to death spot. Loots grave. Handles death office. Supports predefined items to withdraw from bank after dying. Repairs broken items at the nearest Perdu. Slayer
      Supports kill finishes: Bag of salt for rockslugs Rock hammer and rock thrownhammer for gargoyles Ice cooler for desert lizards Fungicide spray for zygomites Supports superior variants. Settings
      Sets auto-retaliate on/off Sets the correct attack style to train the required skill Changes attack options Turns accept-aid off Grand exchange restock
      Buys missing gear and supplies Sells loot Supports ring of wealth and varrock teleports Customizable prices and amounts Dynamic pricing based on runelite real-time prices and time waiting for offers to complete Platinum tokens support Muling
      Mules on certain conditions: Time intervals. Time schedules. After a certain profit. Can sell loot on grand exchange before muling. Can ask for missing gear. Configurable coins, food and potions amount. Supports automated muling. (https://community.tribot.org/topic/83715-beg-mule-free) Progressive
      Progressive training, with up to 5 setup configurations to define different settings and upgrade your character as you level up. User interface

      Paint displays useful information about the script execution. It's dynamic according to the script configuration.

      Profiles allow you to bypass the configuration and save some time. Profiles are saved at ~/.tribot/beg/BEG Combat/profiles.

      To load from arguments: 

      To load from user interface:

      Here's some profile examples which you can copy paste into your profiles folder:
      Level up attack, strength and defence to 60. With inventory and equipment progression Level up ranged and magic with cannon and high alchemy at ogres in yanille Kill and pickup cowhides at lumbridge Kill green dragons at wilderness banking bones and hides at ferox enclaves Kill blue dragons at taverley dungeon and looting at falador bank: Kill and loot rune dragons Kill and loot gargoyles Executions

    • By Beg
      BEG Cooking

      Free all-in-one progressive Cooking script.
      Supports rouges den, self-made fires, ranges and inventory make-item.
      Supports fish, pizzas, pies, wines, and more.
      Cooking methods
      1. Rogues den
      Cooks at Rogues den (Burthoupe) using the well-known permanent fire.
      2. Self-made fires
      Makes fire on a pre-established area close to the bank, and cooks on it. Mostly thinking about free-to-play users, however, included a few pay-to-play banks as well.
      Supported Banks:
      Varrock West, Varrock East, Edgeville, Grand Exchange, Falador West, Falador East, Draynor Village,  Duel Arena, Al-Kharid, Castle Wars, Catherby, Seers, Ardougne West, Ardougne East, Yanille, Nardah, Tzhaar City.
      3. Ranges
      Cooks food on a range/stove/oven.
      Supported Ranges:
      Al-Kharid, Lumbridge, Falador, Edgeville, Varrock East, Cooking Guild, Catherby, Nardah.
      4. Make-item
      Makes food using two ingredients on each other.
      Supported fish
      Shrimps, Anchovies, Karambwanji, Sardine, Karambwan, Herring, Mackerel, Trout, Cod, Pike, Salmon, Tuna, Lobster, Bass, Swordfish, Monkfish, Shark, Dark crab, Plain pizza (range only), Baked potato (range only), Sweetcorn (range only).
      Supported make-item food
      Jug of wine, Tuna potato, Pizza base, Incomplete pizza, Uncooked pizza, Anchovy pizza, Meat pizza, Pineapple pizza, Pastry dough, Pie shell, Uncooked berry pie, Uncooked meat pie, Uncooked apple pie, Raw mud pie, Raw garden pie, Raw fish pie, Raw wild pie, Raw summer pie.
      Progressive cooking, with up to 5 setup configurations to define different settings and upgrade your food as your cooking level goes up.

      User interface

      Paint displays useful information about the script execution. It's dynamic according to the script configuration.
      Profiles allow you to bypass the configuration and save some time. Profiles are saved at ~/.tribot/beg/BEG Cooking/profiles.
      To load from arguments: 

      To load from user interface:
        Here's some profile examples which you can copy paste into your profiles folder: Level up to 99 cooking at Rouges den, upgrading food as it levels up.  99.json Make 5000 jug of wines and then 1000 anchovy pizzas.  tasks.json Executions

    • By Worthy
      AIO Constructor
      By Worthy
      Construct Any Item Including: Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Refills watering cans in house sink Or fetches pre-filled watering cans from the bank Nails Marble Mythical cape
        Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servant fetch from bank Servant un-note items from inventory
        Synchronized Servant Support Cook Butler Demon Butler
        User Experience This entire script has been rewritten optimized for efficiency and flawlessness  Antiban Compliance (ABC2) Level 10/10 Quick and easy to use GUI setup Script arguments (skip GUI set-up) Slick mousepaint and paint Dynamic signature system (more info below) Hiscores page  
      Start with just a hammer and saw in Inventory. Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too, or keep them in the servant's money pouch. If using Servants Un-noting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks (just the type you are using) in Inventory too. Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too.  
      Recommended Items to Build
      Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70  → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors 
      OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$)
      OR Levels 47 - 99 → Mythical Capes (requires Dragon Slayer 2 but saves money)
      Creating a preset

      Make sure to create the preset using your mouse only! (no hot-keys).
      If you find the bot is building and removing items very slowly, you can adjust the ABC2 slider in the second tab of the GUI.
      All you need to due is drag the slider ABC2 Reaction Durations towards the Fastest end.
      Similarly, if you find the bot's mouse is leaving the game too often, you can adjust the ABC2 Mouse Leave Game Frequency slider.
      The parameters for the random AFK frequency and duration (mean and standard deviation) determine how frequently the bot will randomly AFK and how often it will do so. To help visually the distribution of when and how long it will AFK, use this website: https://onlinestatbook.com/2/calculators/normal_dist.html and plug in the corresponding values for the mean and standard deviation (SD) to visualize the probability graph.

      For example, if the Random AFK Frequency is set to use a mean of 45 minutes and standard deviation (SD) of 15 minutes, the bot will pick a time to AFK based on this graph:

      Using the area probability on the link above, we can see there is a roughly 68% chance (the gray region), that the bot will decide to AFK between the 30 and 60 minute mark.
      Script Arguments
      Click to buy for a month or trial it for 1 day, for $1:
      Bulk auth discount available as well.
      Troubleshooting and Bug Reports
      If you are experiencing weird issues, I highly recommend running this jar to clear all existing caches:

      Check your hiscore ranking here!
      Grab your dynamic signature by modifying this url:
      http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/AIOConstructor/sigs/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png All you need to do is change the part which says `YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE` to your actual TRiBot username!
      Happy Botting! 
      - Worthy
    • By Encoded
      Anti-Ban Compliance 2 Auto Fisher Pro makes use of TRiBot's second version of anti-ban (ABC2). ABC2 has been built upon statistical analysis of human playing data, making our anti-ban the most human-like on the market. Reaction times are based on real human data collected specifically for fishing and are togglable in the settings tab. Resizable & Looking Glass Both resizable mode and looking glass are supported. Minnow Fishing Catch minnows at the fishing guild and receive up to 600 sharks per hour. Fishing Trawler Acquire the Angler outfit for an extra experience boost or to gain access to Minnow fishing Karambwan Fishing Start in Zanaris or at the fishing location with a filled karambwan vessel and a dramen staff equipped. Last fairy ring destination must be DKP. Barbarian Fishing Support for both heavy rod (leaping fish) and hand fishing. Earn the fastest fishing experience in the game while also gaining strength and agility experience. Barb-tail harpoon and Dragon harpoon support Free up an inventory space by using the Barb-tail harpoon or Dragon harpoon. Dragon harpoon special attack supported. Shift Dropping and Mouse Keys Dropping Drop quickly by making use of the in game shift click to drop option or emulate mouse keys and drop even faster for maximum experience per hour. Kitten Support Raise a kitten while you fish. Have a knife in your inventory if raising a kitten while fishing for leaping fish. Progressive Mode Designed with gold farmers in mind, progressive mode allows a fresh account to level up and switch to lobsters at 40 fishing or swordfish at 50 fishing. Start the script with all required items for the options you have chosen (can be noted) and the bot will switch location and fish accordingly. Progressive mode does not buy items for you. Genie Support Solves the Genie random event and uses the lamp on fishing. AFK Breaks Enable AFK breaks to simulate leaving your computer to use the restroom or to grab a snack. World Hopping Hop worlds if the amount of players near you surpasses a certain amount. (Only works for members worlds) Locations:
      Barbarian Village Burgh de Rott Catherby Corsair Cove Draynor Entrana Fishing Guild Great Kourend Hosidius River Jatizso Karamja Lake Molch Land's End Lumbridge Mor Ul Rek Observatory Otto's Grotto (Baxtorian Falls) Piscarilius (Zeah) Piscatoris Fishing Colony Quidamortem Rellekka Seers' Village Shilo Village - Currently not supported. South Baxtorian Falls (Rasolo) Tree Gnome Stronghold Wilderness Resource Area Zul-Andra Purchase: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/auto-fisher-pro
      Progress Reports:

    • By dax
      Click the spoiler for more progress reports!
      Posting a BUG REPORT
      Please read this and submit the report here.
      You can buy Credits with RSGP instantly here!
    • By xCode
      - $4.99 per month 1 account
      Screenshots & Proggies


      Known issues
      - The Host retrieval functionality is highly experimental currently and does not have a guarantee that it will find a host. It searches for certain lines people say to determine who is the host.

      Bug Report format
    • By gef30
      I've decided to update an old script i wrote 3 years ago, and here it is: Multi Fisher v2! Completely rewritten, with a full implementation of ABC2, Multi fisher allows you to fish anything, anywhere! 
      get it HERE
      Source code: https://github.com/frankkeuning/fisher
      Setup guide:
    • By J J
      Repository link

      JJ's Fighter Pro is an AIO Fighter script: it can kill any monster that you want. You can also make a list of items to loot and select the food you want to eat. You can drink potions if needed, pick up and alch certain items, use special attacks, prioritize looting, etc. This is all configurable through the GUI. You can save your settings for future usage.
      Anti Ban Compliance implementation
      ABCL 10 has been implemented.

      JJ's Fighter needs an internet connection to send script statistics to my server. The data is anonymous and you can check what it sends in bot debug.

      Example chart from 15/10/2013

      Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Setting loading/saving  

    • By Nullable
      Wasted Spinner

      Spins any material Supports 5 locations ABCv2 Antiban (+ extra antiban from my API) GUI automatically saves and remembers your settings! Paint with real-time profit tracker, XP tracker, and level tracker Beautiful GUI Flawless! Click here to activate!
      Remember, location matters when it comes to bans.
  • Our picks

    • We've heard your complaints - the TRiBot API could be much easier to use. We've been dedicating our time to improving the scripter experience here and spent the past year working on a new and improved API - the TRiBot Script SDK.


      The TRiBot Script SDK is an easy-to-use library for building TRiBot scripts. It is the recommended approach to building scripts moving forward over the old TRiBot API. It contains all the core things you need to build a script, and a ton of additional helpful stuff to get you using your scripts quicker. See the documentation section for everything offered, and check out the brief overview link too.


      The SDK was announced in preview here:


      It is now officially released. The official release guarantees we will support backwards compatibility for some period of time. See the 'backwards compatibility' section below for more info.


      How to use:

      There is multiple options, listed in the order they are recommended.

      1) Use the gradle template mentioned below

      2) Obtain through gradle

      Add this dependency: api("org.tribot:tribot-script-sdk:+")

      Add this repository: maven("https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/20741387/packages/maven")

      3) Take from your local filesystem in your .tribot/install folder. For example, on windows, you'd find it at "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\install\tribot-client\lib\tribot-script-sdk-[version].jar"



      Java docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/javadocs/index.html?overview-summary.html

      Kotlin docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/kdocs/index.html


      Backwards compatibility:

      We will be following a deprecation schedule whenever we perform a possible breaking change. We will deprecate the respective methods or classes and announce it in a topic. It will remain deprecated for some period of time (weeks or months), and then removed. This will give you time to fix anything, if we need to make a breaking change.


      Gradle template:

      Easily build scripts with a new pre-configured scripting gradle template


      Users of the current API:

      There is no plans to remove TRiBot API. It will still be available. However, non-critical bugs probably won't be fixed. The SDK does depend on some of the API so fixing some things in the SDK will indirectly fix the API. However, bugs that have existed in the API for awhile will likely not be fixed. It's recommended to use the SDK moving forward. Let us know if there's something the SDK is missing.


      Brief overview of the changes:


      Bug reports:

      Post bug reports in the bug reports section of the forums



      Let us know what your thoughts are! If you have questions, feel free to ask below or in discord.

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    • Support for the gradle launcher is being dropped. Read more about the new launcher here.
      • 8 replies
    • What to expect from TRiBot moving forward.
      • 11 replies
    • TRiBot 12 Release Candidate

      The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12.
      • 40 replies
    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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