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[ABCL 10][DISCONTINUED] Mute's Nightmare Zone [Buying / Selling]

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The prayer flicking renders this script unusable...

After 10 - 15 mins you'll run out of prayer points.

Is it possible to update the flashing time so that it does not deplete prayer points? That's like 50% of what this script is useful for.


Please do not double post. I do not know what you mean, can you show me on skype or send me a pm.

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Mute's Nightmare Zone   Current Revision: 1.1.0   BUG REPORT FORMAT:   TRiBot freezing or white GUI? Read this first:     THIS SCRIPT REQUIRES JAVA 8 -

Gratz on the release, might actually buy this for my new accounts

I used this script when it was in beta it was beast.

Please do not double post. I do not know what you mean, can you show me on skype or send me a pm.


Your 1hp prayer flick.


It will flick too often and/or will flick and use the prayer for too long and as a result, a prayer point will be consumed... This means you will run out of prayer points when using the absorption method.

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When your character DC,s logs out,, or after the 6 hour period, whenever they log out, the bot doesn't unlock the coffer. It actually never clicks the coffer to unlock it, but says "unlocking coffer"  in the bottom right hand corner where it says what the bot does. 

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Noticed a bug where it gets down to 1hp, spends too long getting fully absorp potion and it regens to 2hp, then tries to rock cake to 1hp again.. .




I keep getting this problem. It always gets 2 hp, every single time! And then it just keep trying to eat rock cake to get back to 1 hp after it drank the absorption pots. It takes too long drinking the absorption pots and gets 2 hp and then does not do player flicking. It should player flick when it is only at like 500 absorption because if it waits untill after it gets 1000 it alays gets 2 hp and then doesnt work.

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Keeps taking and storing overloads into the barrel repeatedly. Script works fine if you start it inside the game though just cant leave it for more than 1 game.

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I have this problem with storing/taking ovls and absorptions that it keep storing them..

Another one is that even how exactly im trying to type sellers name or using message pattern it just doesnt do anything


You need to spell and case exactly how the overloads are spelled and cased in game, otherwise it will not work.

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