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[Up to 1m/hr] [ABCL 10] Tau Grand Exchange [TRiBot's Best Moneymaking Script!]

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Tau Grand Exchange

Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account.

What is Tau Grand Exchange? What does it do?

Tau Grand Exchange is a money-making script that uses the Grand Exchange to buy items at a low price and then resell them at a higher price to make a profit. This process is called "flipping" or "merching". One of the great things about flipping is the more GP you start with in your inventory, the higher your income rate is going to be. This means that as the script runs, your GP/hr goes up!

To make money with Tau Grand Exchange, the only thing you need to do1 is tell Tau Grand Exchange which items you want it to flip for you. Tau Grand Exchange's advanced AI (artificial intelligence) will handle the pricing, offering, cancelling, item choosing, and everything else for you automatically.

Why Use Tau Grand Exchange?

> Low Ban Rate 1 <
> No Account Requirements <
> Scaling Income Rate (More GP = Higher GP/Hour) <
> Incredibly Easy To Use <
> In Addition to Merching, Tau GE Can Also Sell Items For a Higher Profit From Standard Goldfarms <
> Active, Friendly, and Helpful Support Team - Paid directly by me, TacoManStan, to ensure you get the best botting experience possible <


Primary Features

> Automatic buying/selling (flipping) of items <
> Trade unlimited items at once <
> Automatic Item ID searching <
> "Aggressiveness" modifier, which allows you to change how fast the AI trades items <
> Automatically adjusts to market prices and price changes <
> Optimal gold/item management and distribution <
> Intelligently chooses the most lucrative items 2 <
> Artificial Intelligence (See Below) <
> and much more! <


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tau Grand Exchange comes equipped with a powerful AI that controls most aspects of the script for you.

Below you can see a list of some of the things that the AI does/controls for you:

Logout times 3 <
> Item prices, based on current market <
Item trade timing <
> Item trade quantity <
> Offer abort timing <
> Loss mitigation <
> Crashing and/or unstable item evasion & management <
> Optimized item offer selecting 2 <
> Dynamic Anti-ban <


The AI uses a plethora of variables and formulas to try and find the absolute best way to trade each and every one of the items that you add to the script. The AI is constantly being improved and adjusted so that you have to do as little work as possible when using Tau Grand Exchange.


GUI Preview



Using Tau Grand Exchange via Script Arguments (Commands)

Most goldfarmers will find script arguments not only incredibly useful, but a borderline necessity for an efficient goldfarming experience.

You can start Tau Grand Exchange by using TRiBot's integrated script argument system instead of using the setup GUI. All you need to do is use the GUI once to create an options profile, and then you can load that profile via script arguments instead of having to use the GUI every time you start the script.

List of Available Script Arguments:

i_prof: The name of the item options profile you want to load. This value is required and cannot be omitted.
ai_start: Type true if you want to start the script using all AI options. Type false otherwise. If omitted, this value is true.
rec_sig_data: Type true if you want to record signature data. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true.
low_cpu_mode: Type true if you want low CPU mode to be enabled. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true.
ignore_checks: Type true if you want the script to ignore error checks. Type false if you want the script to stop if an error is encountered. Use only if you intend on watching the script.

Enter script arguments using the following format:

key1=value1 : key2=value2 : key3=value3

Example script argument usage:

i_prof=low prices : rec_sig_data=false : ez_start=true


Dynamic Signature


What is a Dynamic Signature?

A Dynamic Signature is an image that will automatically update to display information related to your usage of a particular script, in this case, Tau Grand Exchange.
You can put this image into your TRiBot forum signature to show off your progress to other users!


Getting Your Own Personalized Dynamic Signature

Copy and paste the following into your signature. Replace "Your_Username" with your TRiBot username:


If you are VIP or VIP-E, use the following link instead:


Capital letters will be shown in the image (IE, "users/Your_Username.png" will display differently than "users/your_username.png")


Tau Grand Exchange User-Submitted Progress Reports

Current Best Progress Report


Some More Progress Reports





Tau Grand Exchange Account Requirements

There are virtually no requirements to use Tau Grand Exchange. The script will attempt to walk you to the grand exchange from anywhere in Runescape using webwalking, and then will start merching the items that you have listed. For the safety of your account, it is now required that you manually walk to the Grand Exchange.

It is recommended that you start with at least 3m-5m when using Tau Grand Exchange. That said, any amount will allow you to make some amount of money. For example, I managed to make 50k/hr with only 100k as my starting cash stack! 4

However, generally speaking, you should aim for around 0.75-1.5% of your gp stack per hour. So for example, if you are using 10m, you should aim for 75k-150k/hr. If you have 20m, you should aim for 150k-300k/hr, and so on. You can make less than that with a poor list, and much more than that with a good list! If you aren't in that range, keep refining your list and you'll be there in no time!


How to Make Money with Tau Grand Exchange

Making money with Tau Grand Exchange is easy! Since its release, the AI has improved dramatically to the point where it can make decent money with even sub-par item lists, and amazing money with good item lists! All you need to do is add items, enter the correct buying limit, and press Ez Start! That's all there is to it!

Note that various settings might increase your income rates further if you know what you're doing. However, I always recommend using Ez Start for new users.


---> Change Log (Click Here) <---


Upgrade Policy & Instructions

Unfortunately, TRiBot does not currently provide an easy way for Premium Scripters to allow their users to upgrade their payment plan, such as switching from the Monthly Auth to 3 Month Unlimited payment plan. However, as I believe my users should have this option, I have devised a workaround, outlined in the upgrade policy shown below.
Please CAREFULLY read the following information CAREFULLY before submitting your upgrade request.
(Yes the double-carefully was intentional)

Rules, Terms, and Conditions
Yeah, I know, rules are annoying and boring. However, these rules are going to save you some money, so you'd be wise to read up!

  1. You must have purchased the script within the last 10 days for monthly plans, or 5 days for bi-weekly plans.
  2. Before your original purchase is refunded, you must first purchase the plan you are upgrading to.
  3. Each user is allowed 1 upgrade every 6 months.
  4. Upgrades cannot be used to take advantage of sales. In other words, if a sale was not active during your original purchase, your upgrade will not be eligible for the sale either.
  5. Failure to follow the upgrade instructions properly may result in your original payment not being refunded.


  1. Before doing anything elseread the Upgrade Rules listed above.
  2. Send me a PM requesting your upgrade. No formal instructions here; just be polite and descriptive.
  3. Immediately after sending it, add the head of my support team, @Butta, to the PM.
  4. Wait for either myself or @Butta to approve your upgrade request.
  5. Once your upgrade request has been approved, you have 48 hours to purchase your upgraded plan before your upgrade approval expires.
  6. Respond back to your original PM indicating that you have purchased your desired upgraded plan.
  7. Although most refunds are issued within a couple hours, please allow up to 48 hours for your original plan to be refunded. Note that weekend requests typically take longer.


Important Information

  • Tau Grand Exchange does NOT support Mac OS at this time. If you intend on running Tau Grand Exchange on a Apple computer, it is highly recommended that you install a Windows/Linux VM, or use a VPS.
    Update: As for 12/24/2017 mac support development has begun. There is currently no ETA, but the update is in active progress.
  • The "Buy High -> Sell Low" price checking feature is no longer supported. Do NOT enable price-checking until Tau Grand Exchange 2.0 has been released, or an announcement has been made that the feature has been fixed (unlikely).


  1. All scripts always have a chance of getting you banned, including Tau Grand Exchange. Due to the fundamental nature of Tau Grand Exchange, its ban rate will always be much lower than other scripts. Ban rate subject to TRiBot ban rate and current Jagex anti-bot levels.
  2. Applies only to items that have been entered into your list. Does not apply to all items in the game.
  3. Contrary to what may seem intuitive, frequently logging in and out disrupts Jagex's anti-bot data collection, therefore lowering your chances of getting banned. For the safety of your account, the option to disable/change logout times has been permanently removed.
  4. This was achieved during a booming market with lots of prior merching experience. I am in no way guaranteeing this level of return on investment; I am merely indicating that it is possible.
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Tau Grand Exchange || Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account. What is Tau Grand Exchange? What does it do? Tau Grand Exchange is a money-making script that uses

Announcement In response to some of the recent comments I have read, I feel that it is necessary to address some of the issues that have been recently brought to light. I have just finished alloc

The OSBuddy GE database has been repaired, and therefore Tau GE is once again for sale!   PS: I am currently going through the process of getting everyone's subscriptions extended for 2 weeks, so plea

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He has a 6 hours trial. To be honest I will test your script on a fresh P2P account and post my results. If I like it i'll buy. If the Trial was made in error at 6 hours i'll be pretty disappointed. @Starfox 


Trial Time

6 Hours, 0 Minutes

The trial is 6 hours so you can see what the script is capable of. Tacomanstan and I stand behind the quality of our work. If after 6 hours you decide you are not satisfied with the script, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Enjoy the script!

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Been using this script since beta and it has come a long way in a few weeks, every problem I have had was corrected in a day or two and I'd recommend this to anybody that wants to make some easy money without a lot. Basically just add an item and the GE limit if you know that and press EZ start and off it goes. A potato could use this.


I've had great progress over the beta but I have been experimenting with a lot of items making a list for best profit and today I have started that list with the new version and am very impressed.


http://gyazo.com/bed9f2e4aa8e93252081b17d30969680 25M stack

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not sure how this is suppose to work. Ran for an hr no buying no selling. Could you make a tutorial video with and example. The video in the thread was like in beta and doesn't really show much of the features especially AI

Faced the same problem, tried many different items and let it run for each item but didn't buy or sell anything.

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not sure how this is suppose to work. Ran for an hr no buying no selling. Could you make a tutorial video with and example. The video in the thread was like in beta and doesn't really show much of the features especially AI

Sure, I'll make another updated tutorial video today. Also, did you follow the "getting started" guide?

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I had no problem setting this up. However I ran it for 5 hours for the (Killed an hour setting it up) trial and only made 210k that's... It has potential but I did not find it. 

It's a merch script... You still have to find good items, even if you are running the script entirely on AI. You can make 10k/hr with a 20m cash stack if you pick bad items or setup the script with sub-optimal settings.

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It's a merch script... You still have to find good items, even if you are running the script entirely on AI. You can make 10k/hr with a 20m cash stack if you pick bad items or setup the script with sub-optimal settings.

I don't know some of the stuff I metch I can hand merch for 200-400k an hour... So I don't know seems a litte odd to me.. I went to bed while it was an hour in stating 60k an hour... Woke up with only 210k more then what I started... Like I said it has Potential.

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I can hand merch for 200-400k an hour...

Good for you. The script can do that also with modified settings. If you want to help contribute to the script, message me on Skype on the prices that the script was posting for vs what you think they should be posting for.


I'll say right now that the AI always aims to make a fast(ish) sale. If the items you're using require the offer to sit for a bit longer to make the optimal profit, you can change the target trade time of the item to be higher and increase the aggressiveness of the offer.

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