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|w| Zulrah Slayer [GE-RESTOCK][MULE] [1-3m+/hr][ABCV2][LG]

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Hey, getting this error after dying on a few chars and it's stopping them from success.

  • [21:45:28] Continuing kill from death!
  • [21:47:46] You died!
  • [21:47:53] Switching to worthy's webwalker api key!
  • [21:48:10] scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.ParseException: Expected value at 1:1
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.i.l(JsonParser.java:490)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.i.K(JsonParser.java:486)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.i.b(JsonParser.java:193)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.i.K(JsonParser.java:152)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.i.K(JsonParser.java:91)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.json.v.l(Json.java:295)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.w.K(WebWalkerServerApi.java:99)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.w.K(WebWalkerServerApi.java:81)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.z.K(DaxWalker.java:100)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.z.K(DaxWalker.java:83)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.api.k.q.l(Travel.java:109)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.zulrahslayer.u.y.K(DeathWalk.java:37)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.api.framework.script.impl.NodeScript.K(NodeScript.java:85)
  • [21:48:10] at scripts.api.framework.script.core.BasicScript.run(BasicScript.java:253)
  • [21:48:10] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  • [21:48:11] Thank you for using Zulrah Slayer v2.761 by Worthy
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Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| Zulrah Slayer Features Automatic Grand Exchange restocking! When out of supplies, the bot can sell loot, ready up, buy more, and continue! Using t

Ty bro, this script was great untill i got banned on my main acc, glad i didn't run the script on my pure or my voider thank you anyway for this script it was working well, except it was slow, the rea

In order to use this bot, you will need to teleport to Zulrah using Zul Andra scrolls which requires Regicide (Hence the regicide requirement stated on the thread).     Grats on the release worthy!

Seems like it's broken checking blowpipe charge count, gets stuck in a loop after the update


I belive this is the issue "

  • The items that are charged with Zulrah's scales now give more consistent messages, stating exactly how many scales they contain as well as the percentage."
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added info
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Having similar issues. bot checks charges on blowpipe repeatedly until it alarms out saying its done the same thing too many times. and stops, then logs out. Please fix, ran the bot last night without issues. start up this afternoon and im having major problems.

Also having issues with jad phase.. most times it seems like it gets out of sync with the prayers it needs.then dies between eating and doing the wrong prayer again.

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2 hours ago, LyfeStyle said:

Having similar issues. bot checks charges on blowpipe repeatedly until it alarms out saying its done the same thing too many times. and stops, then logs out. Please fix, ran the bot last night without issues. start up this afternoon and im having major problems.

Also having issues with jad phase.. most times it seems like it gets out of sync with the prayers it needs.then dies between eating and doing the wrong prayer again.

Increase mouse speed. Never had this issue. 

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10 hours ago, lewanator3 said:

Seems like it's broken checking blowpipe charge count, gets stuck in a loop after the update

I belive this is the issue "

  • The items that are charged with Zulrah's scales now give more consistent messages, stating exactly how many scales they contain as well as the percentage."
9 hours ago, B0tt3ri said:

Same here... Please quick fix, paid so much for the bot and vipe for proxy that idk if im able to make my moneys even back if this doesnt get fixed..

9 hours ago, Trabando said:

Stuck on blowpipe charges after todays update!

9 hours ago, MGKK said:

hello, i just  got this script but when i run it it keeps checking my blowpipe and it has 4,000 of everything inside and it just keeps checking

3 hours ago, LyfeStyle said:

Having similar issues. bot checks charges on blowpipe repeatedly until it alarms out saying its done the same thing too many times. and stops, then logs out. Please fix, ran the bot last night without issues. start up this afternoon and im having major problems.

Also having issues with jad phase.. most times it seems like it gets out of sync with the prayers it needs.then dies between eating and doing the wrong prayer again.


- enabled daxwalker (working again)
- added support for new welcome screen click here to play button
- fixed blowpipe charge count detection

Edited by Worthy
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Used this on pure account trained by hand and received a ban overnight like the user posting above(except permanent =[ ). I spent extensive time setting up the anti-ban, and ran the bot for only 3 hours whilst monitoring it the entire time.. unfortunately don't have another account to use, so whoops there goes my premium script time ahaha
Be careful brethren, another one bites the dust

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- (abc|w|) antiban added to npc interaction
- (abc|w|) antiban added to banking
- (abc|w|) antiban added to walking
- (abc|w|) antiban added to looting
- (abc|w|) several additions to general features, some existing and some new
- added feature to check & break recoil if below X dmg
- world pinger on GUI fixed
- added support for shift dropping
- eat at % automatically computed
- supply cost and breakdown automatically computed (restocker tab on GUI)



@Birkhof seek the discord (first post of this thread) or the READ ME button the script GUI for help
@dtrippp i will likely add those :)'

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  • Similar Content

    • By Worthy
      AIO Constructor
      By Worthy
      Construct Any Item Including: Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Refills watering cans in house sink Or fetches pre-filled watering cans from the bank Nails Marble Mythical cape
        Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servant fetch from bank Servant un-note items from inventory
        Synchronized Servant Support Cook Butler Demon Butler
        User Experience This entire script has been rewritten optimized for efficiency and flawlessness  Antiban Compliance (ABC2) Level 10/10 Quick and easy to use GUI setup Script arguments (skip GUI set-up) Slick mousepaint and paint Dynamic signature system (more info below) Hiscores page  
      Start with just a hammer and saw in Inventory. Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too, or keep them in the servant's money pouch. If using Servants Un-noting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks (just the type you are using) in Inventory too. Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too.  
      Recommended Items to Build
      Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70  → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors 
      OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$)
      OR Levels 47 - 99 → Mythical Capes (requires Dragon Slayer 2 but saves money)
      Creating a preset

      Make sure to create the preset using your mouse only! (no hot-keys).
      If you find the bot is building and removing items very slowly, you can adjust the ABC2 slider in the second tab of the GUI.
      All you need to due is drag the slider ABC2 Reaction Durations towards the Fastest end.
      Similarly, if you find the bot's mouse is leaving the game too often, you can adjust the ABC2 Mouse Leave Game Frequency slider.
      The parameters for the random AFK frequency and duration (mean and standard deviation) determine how frequently the bot will randomly AFK and how often it will do so. To help visually the distribution of when and how long it will AFK, use this website: https://onlinestatbook.com/2/calculators/normal_dist.html and plug in the corresponding values for the mean and standard deviation (SD) to visualize the probability graph.

      For example, if the Random AFK Frequency is set to use a mean of 45 minutes and standard deviation (SD) of 15 minutes, the bot will pick a time to AFK based on this graph:

      Using the area probability on the link above, we can see there is a roughly 68% chance (the gray region), that the bot will decide to AFK between the 30 and 60 minute mark.
      Script Arguments
      Click to buy for a month or trial it for 1 day, for $1:
      Bulk auth discount available as well.
      Troubleshooting and Bug Reports
      If you are experiencing weird issues, I highly recommend running this jar to clear all existing caches:

      Check your hiscore ranking here!
      Grab your dynamic signature by modifying this url:
      http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/AIOConstructor/sigs/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png All you need to do is change the part which says `YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE` to your actual TRiBot username!
      Happy Botting! 
      - Worthy
    • By Worthy
      Closed for an indefinite period of time.

    • By Rushian
      Hi everyone.
      I have a problem, i lauched a script, and my pc lagged so i restarted it, and after that i got a window called something like "you cant lauch more than one script at one time", so i bought VIP for 6$ and started a bot for one hour. After that i wanted to start other script, that i have bought, but i had problem with loggining in, but i have solved that (that was a issue with Auth0). And i saw, that i dont had any scipt except this one i have bought (Gods Orbs), and i couldnt lauch it, cuz i again got window called "you cant lauch more that one script at one time". Can you fix that? I dont want to pay twice for script and VIP. And sorry for my english, its not my mother launguage, i think you would respect that :D.
    • By Fluffee
      Fluffee's Server Setup 3.0
      As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every possible scenario on my own. Which is why I've been privately handing this script out, and am now publicly looking for help.

      What does the script do?
      Similar to my previous setup script, this script changes the SSH port and creates a new user for connecting and using the server and disables root SSH connections; it installs the latest version of TightVNC Server (1.3.10) and sets that up with the desired port and password. It installs JDK 102 (32 or 64 bit depending on the OS), and installs TRiBot and OSBuddy and sets up the appropriate .jar file associations.
      What operating systems does it support?
      - CentOS (6.x, 7.x, 8.x) (32 and 64 bit)
      - Debian (7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x) (32 and 64 bit)
      - Ubuntu (12.x, 14.x.16.x, 18.x, 20.x) (32 and 64 bit)
      Does it work?
      As far as I know, yes it does in fact work, and it works well if I might add. However, given that I can't test every possible setup, there is the potential for differences and issues
      How do I run the script?
      Login as root to a fresh VPS/dedi running one of the supported operating systems. From there run the commands listed below and follow the onscreen instructions. For those who would like to see the script's code, it can be found on my bitbucket here. The commands to run are as follows:
      (curl -kO https://bitbucket.org/teamfluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/master/fluffees-server-setup.sh || wget --no-check-cert https://bitbucket.org/teamfluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/master/fluffees-server-setup.sh) && chmod +x fluffees-server-setup.sh && bash fluffees-server-setup.sh -v Version History
    • By jh1n3s
      Has anyone been able to fix this? I keep getting told to go use OSBuddy. But I have all the good plugins on OpenOSRS.
      I am using the open-osrs shaded jar like it said to.
      It would totally change the game for me if I was able to use that client w/tribot without crashing every single time.
      Paying top dollar for whoever can assist and fix.
    • By Worthy
      Add my discord for communication (worthy#2076)
      Crypto - ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, USDT, XRP accepted
      Interac E-Transfer is for Canadians only! This method is always accepted
      $0.63/M (500m+)
    • By Optimus
      Optimus AIO Firemaker is a free All In One Firemaking script that's efficient and easy to use.
      Start the script with one click. It will automatically detect which logs to use from your inventory or bank, and progressively train your firemaking until you run out of logs.

      ~ Withdraws tinderbox if you don't have one
      ~ Supports all logs types
      ~ Progressive training - Will automatically start burning better logs if they're available
      ~ Smart algorithm to detect best area to burn
      ~ One-tick burning
      ~ Logs out when out of logs
      ~ ABC2 Antiban
      ~ Sleek paint
      ~ Lit AF 
      Supports 8 different locations:
      (The script will automatically detect the nearest location)
      ~ Varrock West
      ~ Varrock East
      ~ Grand Exchange North
      ~ Grand Exchange South
      ~ Falador East
      ~ Draynor Village
      ~ Duel Arena
      ~ Seers Village
      ~ More to come (Open to suggestions).

      Free repository link:

      Hope you all enjoy the script! Feedback is appreciated  
    • By Worthy
      AutoTalker Infinite
      By Worthy

      As many lines as you want to autotalk (will scroll down indefinitely) Custom time interval delay ABCL 10 Auto Accept Trades Alert with a popup window the accepted trade (perfect for leaving the bot running and doing something else, while it talks and accepts trades. It will then alert you a trade has been established, and you can take over).
      Make sure to select the Trade tab when logged in:

      Click to add:


    • By Nullable
      What is Tribot Mobile?
      Tribot Mobile is a new client that works on Android's version of Oldschool Runescape. Being in development for over several months, Tribot Mobile is currently in available to Developers and Scripters, and is completely usable. It uses your PC to interact with a connected Android device (physical or emulator) and plays OSRS for you!
      Unlike the normal tribot client, this client has absolutely no interaction with the OSRS internals. It is strictly color/image based, and provides functionality through its API, as well as popular vision libraries, such as Tesseract and OpenCV.

      When will this be available?
      Most likely this summer (2020)
      Who will have access?
      For the public release, only VIP members or higher will likely to be able to use the client at all.
      Can this run without a PC?
      No, a computer is required to actually run the bot logic. It connects to your phone via USB, or via an emulator that you're running also on your PC.
      Being color-based, will scripts be different?
      Yes. Scripting for color is notoriously more difficult, thus scripts won't be as advanced. Over time, we plan on creating things like a webwalker and using machine learning to find objects/NPCs. However, this is long term and well after the release.
      How is the banrate?
      Both myself and others have tried to get banned using this. We can't do it. I gave up at 40m fletching XP on two accounts (my main and a fresh). I'll try again once we develop some more scripts.
      Tribot Mobile will have tons of antiban. Just like the normal client, it uses algorithms that mimic human clicking patterns to ensure that no botlike behavior can be observed by Jagex. In addition, it never even touches the game client. There is absolutely zero possibility of client detection, or even client suspicion. It's completely invisible.
      From the ground up, the Tribot Mobile API will have options for realistic reaction times, sleeps, clicking patterns, and more.
      How are scripts written?
      Scripting for Tribot Mobile will be roughly similar to the normal client. However, Tribot Mobile is written entirely in Kotlin. This means that writing scripts in Kotlin will be the easiest, but Java can also be seamlessly used if you prefer.
      Also, the API will be 100% open-source. 
      If anyone has more questions, be sure to post here, or ask me discord.
      Happy Botting
  • Our picks

    • What to expect from TRiBot moving forward.
      • 10 replies
    • TRiBot 12 Release Candidate

      The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12.
      • 39 replies
    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
      • 13 replies
    • Hi everyone,

      I'd like to thank everyone for their patience in this transition period. Since last week, we've worked out the remaining bugs with this integration.

      Some users have still been having issues with connecting their forums account to their Auth0 account. To resolve this, we've imported all forums accounts into Auth0.

      Unfortunately, the accounts which were imported today were using an unsupported password hashing algorithm. Hence, random passwords were set during the import.

      What does this mean for me?

      If you've previously linked your forums account to your Auth0 account, you don't have to do anything. Nothing changes for you.

      If you haven't logged in via our new login yet,

      Try logging in with your forums email address and the last password you used

      If you are unable to login, please use the "Forgot password" tool on the login page:
      Follow the instructions to reset your password
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      • 17 replies
    • Hello everyone,

      Last week we tried to roll out Auth0 Login, but we lost that battle. Now it's time to win the war!

      Important changes

      When logging into the client, you'll now have to enter your Auth0 account credentials instead of your forums credentials

      Note: 2FA is still handled through your forums account (for the time being)

      Changes for existing users

      You'll have to link your Auth0 account to your forums account here: https://tribot.org/forums/settings/login/?service=11

      Auth0 accounts have been created for most existing users. Please use your forums email address and password to login.

      Important notes

      Make sure to verify your email address upon creating a new Auth0 account

      When we mention your Auth0 account, we mean your account used for auth.tribot.org as displayed below
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      • 81 replies
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