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[Road to 75m] First Goldfarm - Updated Daily - Detailed [8/4/15]

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Welcome to my road to 75m (110$), this is a daily log of my first Runescape 2007 bot farm. Currently i consider myself to be running a small scale farm (1-10 bots) however i'll be expanding this farm on a daily basis to increase my profits. I have invested a total of 75 usd (Gp, Scripts, Proxy, ect..). I'm fortunate enough to have 24/7 access to two high end rigs (will add specs on 7/26/15) which lets me avoid a vps until i max out the bots on both computers. Please leave a comment on your ideas, advice, opinion's, ect..)
#1- 8 Bots @ 40-50% Cpu usage, 60-70% Physical Ram (Sits at 10%/25% without bots).
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670

Corsair CX600

Windows 7

Intel i7 quad core

Vengeance 8 gigs

#2- 0 Bots
-Method 1 60-90k/hr
-Method 2 75-150k/hr
-Method 3 200-300k/hr
Daily log
Day 1: 7/22
Accounts created: 7
Accounts training: 5
Accounts Yielding: 1
Account banned: 1
Total banned: 1
Profit: 300k
Total Profit: 300k
Day 2: 7/23
Accounts created: 0
Accounts training: 1
Accounts Yielding: 1
Account banned: 5
Total banned: 6
Profit 1.2m
Total Profit: 1.5m
Day 3: 7/24
Accounts created: 0
Accounts training: 1
Accounts Yielding: 2
Account banned: 0
Total banned: 6
Profit 600k
Total Profit: 0
Investment: 2.1m
Day 4: 7/25 

Accounts created: 4 
Accounts training: 2
Accounts Yielding: 5
Account banned: 0
Total banned: 6
Profit 3.5m Invested
Total Profit: -1.1m
Investment: 4.6m

Day 5: 7/26 

Accounts created: 1 
Accounts training: 0
Accounts Yielding: 8
Account banned: 0
Total banned: 6
Profit: 5m
Total Profit: -.7m
Investment: 4.6m (two new yielding acc's)


Day 6 7/27


Accounts created: 0 
Accounts training: 0
Accounts Yielding: 6
Account banned: 2
Total banned: 8
Profit: 6.3m
Total Profit: 7m
Investment: 0m

Total Gold sold: 7m = 8$


Day 7 7/28


Accounts created: 0 
Accounts training: 0
Accounts Yielding: 2
Account banned: 4
Total banned: 12
Profit: -14m (Pretty much all my mules and acc's with 2m each got banned)
Total Profit: 1m
Investment: 0m

Total gold sold: 0


Day 8 7/29


Accounts created: 0 
Accounts training: 0
Accounts Yielding: 0
Account banned: 2
Total banned: 14
Profit: -6m
Total Profit: 11m
Investment: 0m 

Total gold sold: 12m


Day 12 8/2


Accounts created: 1

Accounts training: 1

Accounts Yielding: 0
Account banned: 0
Total banned: 14
Profit: 200k
Total Profit: 200k
Investment: 0m 

Total gold sold: 12m


Day 13 8/3


Accounts created: 0

Accounts training: 0

Accounts Yielding: 0
Account banned: 1
Total banned: 15
Profit: 0k
Total Profit: 0k
Investment: 0m 

Total gold sold: 12m






1) F2P Epicbot Script broken or Bad Training Method causing bans
2) Why are my proxies arn't working!?!

3) Im currently figuring out why i took so many bans, i will update the answer tonight once i'm 100% sure.
1)I was training in a bad spot with a bad method that resulted in a high banrate (5 Banned). Thanks @ iNicki
2)Well i idiotically didn't think of checking my mail for setup instructions which wasted 6 hours of my day haha. 

3) I thought i could sneak by jagex's detection with simply trading my gold over each bot which made like 3 of my bots mules at the end of a day and thats when i took a shit load of bans. RWT'ing on all my bots look like a straight up gold farm haha
Total Yield (07 Gp)
Day 3 4m 
Day 4 6m 
Day 5 6m
Day 6 7m
Day 7 8m
Day 8 9m 
Day 9 10m
Day 10 15m
Day 11 15m
Day 12 15m
Day 13 20m
Day 14 20m
Day 15 25m
Day 2 2 seperate farming methods to distribute investment
Day 2 create 5 new method #1 bots
Day 3 3 seperate farming methods to distribute investment
Day 3 create 20 accounts as reserves
Day 3 create 5 new method #1 bots
Day 5 create combat bots (1-5) 
Day 15 Atleast make 50m to repay 75$ investment.
Day 3 2 seperate farming methods
Day 4 3 seperate farming methods
Day 4 Create more accounts, currently training 2 atm along with 2 others that are using a method that can be farmed without requirements.
Day 4 all accounts are now running on proxies to prevent chain bans (big deal to me)
Day 5 Stable income 6m+

Day 5 Distributed accounts into three methods to reduce risk of banhammer.

Level up all bots combat to 20+ (40 preferably) to reduce risk of player reports.

Never use the default player skin.

Research every aspect of your setup before you begin purchasing scripts and so fourth. (I made this mistake which cost me a few dollars).


dont try the most common ways for goldfarming ...Wc/fish , try to find ur own method if u want to be successfull  :P

As this series progresses i'll post more tips from the viewers/myself.

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So i was using the free f2p woodcutting bot by Epicbot and i had 4 Accounts banned of which all were banned at the same time. Im unsure why i took such a large hit on my first day maybe i'm unlucky? maybe its a bad script? or is it because im not using a vps or any of thing of that sort? Please inform me from your previous experiences i was woodcutting at varrock  :(

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F2p woodcutting will always be banned very quickly

Kk thanks mate, since i managed to sneak 1 acc by im going to continue this method (once i reach target lvl in f2p ill buy membs then switch to p2p wc) Is the banrate low enough on p2p wc that it's worth investing a bond (2m) into an acc which is like 2 nights of farming. So is the expected life longer then 2 days?

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      Buy Script From here .
      This script will hunt herbiboar for hunter xp , herbs ( Gold ) , and herb xp .
      Features : 
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      2-Ability to use stamina 
      3-Ability to use hunter boost potion 
      4-Ability to clean herbs
      5-Screen walking / mini map walking 
      6-Mini break system 
      7-World hopping system 
      8-Ending script system
      9-GUI Profile system 
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      2-Add restocking when out of stamina ( Currently script will end )
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      Progress Reports 



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      This Script support all 5 Herbiboar start location and will use the nearest one to the player to maximize the profit and xp.
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      2-level 31+ Herblore
      3-BoneVoyage quest done
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                                                                           2-Hunter Boosting potion if hunter level is Below 80 
                                                                           3-DigSite Pendant if not using Fossil island chest
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      Need help?
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      Or PM me the forums
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      A Mage Training Arena Script.
      This will do all rooms except Alchemist (WIP).

      Pretty simply GUI.
       - Orb Deposit means it will do shapes for points irregardless of the shape bonus. There is a Dragonstone option but I wouldnt reccomend it for fast points. World Change notifications should be off. 
       - Level select is the Enchantment spell you want to use. Have the required Staff and Runes for the casts you want. The script only checks for lack off Nature/Cosmic/Law Runes.
       - If you select Alchemist Playground. It will not do anything. 
      Any bugs please post here. I used this to get Bones to Peaches on some accounts with no negative repercussions as of now. 
      if anything looks super inhuman please tell me as well. The script does use ABC Sleeps but not much else. 

      Repository Link : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3552

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      The script is now on the repo in the form of an open beta! You can find the release thread here and the script here
      I'm developing a bot for the Last Man Standing game (I'm sure we've all seen them or heard of them by now)
      The script will likely be relatively cheap (Unlimited accounts for a couple dollars a month)
      I was wondering what features the community would like to see in it
      The end goal is to be able to farm points reliably with lower ban rates than other LMS scripts and to be able to beat other scripts and some players
      Feature List:
      Before Games World hop to the official LMS competitive world Automatically teleports using the LMS minigame teleport Completes the LMS tutorial if not completed Right clicks to join games During Games Turns on run Turns on protect from range prayer Turns on piety Turn on Auto-Retaliate if it isn't on Switch to ranging gear Custom prayer setup (Priority: 3) Automatic prayer flicks Custom gear switches (Priority: 2) Automatic gear switches Eats when below certain health Drinks potions at the beginning of the game Tick eats a Shark + Brew + Karambwan when below a certain very low health Moving to safe zones (Priority: 3) (I can currently detect which safezone we need to go to but don't know how to get there) Opening chests with keys from kills (Priority: 1) Switching gear if it's better (Better cape etc.) (Priority: 1) Implementing new gear into switches (i.e replacing ranged crossbow swap with Heavy ballista etc.) (Priority: 1) Using weapon specs After Games Re-queues Redeems points automatically (Priority: 3) Choose what item you want to redeem automatically (Priority: 1) Mule mode to mule away redeemed prizes (Priority: 1) (Absolutely no clue how to do this) Miscellaneous Anti Ban Compliance All ABC2 Timed Actions (Except XP because it's not needed and logout because it's glitchy to begin with + we're in an instanced minigame) Randomized delays between actions ABC2 Reaction times on flicks/gear switches (Priority: 1) Occasionally "forgetting" to switch prayers or gear (Priority: 1) Paint Games played/Games per hour Points won/Points per hour Points redeemed (Priority: 1) Approximate GP made/GP per hour (Priority: 1) GUI (Priority: 3) This would likely just allow all the options mentioned in the other sections Green - Implemented and working
      Yellow - Being implemented or glitchy (Priority means 1 is lowest 5 is highest)
      Red - Not implemented
      Current Glitches/Downfalls (Hopefully going to fix):
      If an account has already used a minigame teleport in the last 20 minutes it will become stuck in a loop of trying to teleport until the 20 minutes are up Any feedback or recommendations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to be one of the (free) beta testers for the script leave a reply or PM me
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      No longer associated with this website.
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      That's right another f*cking potato picker. First script so don't bash me if something breaks. Very basic and plain but, hey, you gotta start somewhere right?
      Crappy short list of features:
      Picks potatoes near Lumbridge and banks them in Draynor ABC2 implemented (not fully) Randomized delays between actions Doesn't break (I hope) Has clean concise logging of what the script is currently doing Randomized run activation Let's be honest, the only reason you're using this script is to test breaking mechanics, random event solvers or to test out looking glass or something
      You can get the script here (not sure why you'd want to though)
    • By RSGM Sales
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      Goldkfc.com is buying/selling/Swaping gold with Runescape3(RS3),Runescape oldschool (RS2007/OSRS),Runescape regular deadman and seasonal deadman.We are also offering RS3 firecape,RS3 kilncape,RS2007 Firecape,RS07 minigame and OSRS quest service.     Use coupon code when ordering our site,get better price. Coupon Code: TRIBOT   Discord:  rskingp#9505    
      Order format:    
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