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USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

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19 minutes ago, tk123 said:

@Usa auto corrected the word "pure" to "purse". I was wondering if you could add in the future safe spots for pures north east of graveyard. you can hug two dragons on a tree spot there. 

Ranging safe spots at green dragons? Possibly yeah

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Hey one more thing. I notice quick prayer option on the gui. is there anyway to make it so as soon as another player attacks me it turns on quick prayers. What I'm finding is it gets tele blocked and boom stuck on trying to teleport and will not turn quick prayers on.


protecting 4 items makes this alot alot alot more profitable especially running this on lower level accounts that get owned by pkers.

Edited by Autonomous

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- Quick prayer fixed
- GUI will appear only after your player is loaded so GUI settings load by default on start
- Fix for potions task causing script to hang indefinitely
- Wilderness logic for evading and leaving changed
- Added clan wars portal player resetting if poisoned, skulled or out of prayer
- Teleblock threading to ensure player will manually walk out of the wilderness if teleblocked and reset appropriate timers
- Added additional evade search for threats while fighting green dragons now as well

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38 minutes ago, CyberWizard said:

you should add a gui toggle to loot bass and use them as food also, it's a very common drop and free hp

This will be available by default in 14.6+

23 minutes ago, CyberWizard said:

Bot doesn't check if dragons are in combat with other players properly. This is a really simple bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. 

It already does that

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6 minutes ago, Usa said:
		return Entities.find(NpcEntity::new)
				.nameEquals("Green dragon")
				.custom(npc -> {
					if (npc.isInCombat() && !npc.isInteractingWithMe())
						return false;
					return true;


I don't know java so I don't know what's wrong with your code, but it clicks several in combat dragons before finding one not in combat, also upon death even though it kept all items, it says failed to find weapon, which is a whip in my inventory.


Very buggy script so far, would you consider offering a refund and I could purchase this at a later date when it's useable?

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- Loots Bass by default for additional free food
- Banking API improvements to be more efficient
- Bug fixes when withdrawing equipment
- Will now tell you what equipment by name it failed to withdraw, applies a fail safe of 3 attempts before stopping the script
- If you are in the dragon area and no dragons are present it will walk to the center tile to search for additional dragons

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@CyberWizard I am not seeing what you are suggesting nor has anyone else reported that.

Try to capture a screenshot or video of your player targeting another persons's green dragon, the only thing I can think of is the edge case where its interacting with their player already but the npc's health bar is not up (not in combat per the api)

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1 hour ago, ADrianeiide said:



i want a refund. i tested the bot and it worked.


then i bought it and it doesnt work at all, just stays at clan wars and says "starting"


if i teleport to wilderness and starts attacking dragon it teleports back to clan wars.

Check your bot / client debug for more information or post a screenshot of your settings maybe I can help you.

Script is running great, ensure you are using the regular client in fixed mode.


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