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[OPEN SOURCE]skAgility Rooftops[ABLC10]

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Are there any plans to add adjustable mouse speed and have some camera rotation going on? Watched the bot do a few laps on the Varrock course and it looks extremely bot-like. Clicks are decently accurate, but it misses at the start of the course quite often.

I can definitely adjust the mouse speed, what is wrong with the current one? I have a random range between 150-220. Is it too fast or too slow right now?


How does Varrock does it miss on the start on the wall? Is it that the mouse right-clicks the area around it and doesn't hit it?

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Pretty good script.


On Varrock course it goes from the finish to the centre of Varrock, through the general store then to the outside wall which is very bot like. It would be great if you could fix that somehow!


edit: also gets stuck at this obstacle a fair bit, and I have to click it for it to continue.


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Hi guys, finals is over and now I have some free time to work on some issues. I think I've gathered some data on which are the issues and i'll work on fixing the courses and give you custom mouse speed(didn't really know this was some sort of issue). Don't really have an account I can test on atm, but will being a new version sometime soon. If it is possible, if you have a list of issues that are still present and would liked to be fixed please post and I'll address them as soon as possible.



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Canifis isn't work, like at all. It goes up the tree, jumps 2 roof tops.. and stands there.


If i manually click a spot nearby (where he stands still), he finishes the run somewhat decently.. i still have to click 1-2 times.

also it eats everytime it falls down, despite only taking 5-6 dmg.

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I've noticed this bot only works if your camera angle is faced a certain if it's faced another way it doesn't run right. You should look into this. Free bot i understand but a lot and when i say a  lot there are a lot of flaws to this.

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1 hour ago, louteryv2 said:

lol broken

The last update date in the repository was about a year ago: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1481 so I don't think it's in working condition.

In the future you should post a more detailed report of exactly what's wrong, that way the scripter can use the feedback to improve the script.


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