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Mapleboombox's **NON BOTTED** Power leveling Services

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Mapleboombox's Power leveling services!


Are you tired getting your account banned in the middle of getting the required stats to your gold farming schemes?

Sick of getting your entire farm wiped by a delayed ban?

Did your account last less than a day gold farming?

Need a solution?


Why risk getting your account ban now, than have it gold farm later with a fresh start!


Pay for your account stats, earn it back later.


Some things to note before using my services:




1. This service was intended for gold farmers who are worried about wasting their bonds botting to the required skills.

2. I am not responsible for whether you have read my T.O.S or not.

3. It would be wise to move all wealth on your account to a mule.

4. If you did not complete tutorial island on your account, I will charge an extra 100k fee.

5. The only accepted payment is OSRS GP.

6. I will work on at max 4 accounts at a time, meaning if I'm already full with orders, I will not accept orders until those 4 accounts have finished. 

7. A share screen skype demo can be provided if necessary.

8. All skills costs are covered with payment. (eg: runes,feathers,tools,food,etc)

9. If Membership is needed, it must be covered by you, the only exception is when you order something major (Example: Zulrah ready accounts, 1-85 power mining, 1-91 runecrafting, 1-72 slayer, etc.) Although those skills require substantial amounts of time and work load, thus the high pricing.




What services I currently supply:


Woodcutting services:



1-60 for yew trees: 2.5m

1-75 for magic trees: 7.5m

1-80/85 for chopping pro: 12m/17m



1-60 woodcutting for yew trees: 2m

1-75 for magic trees: 6m

1-80/85 for chopping pro: 9m/12.5m


Magic powerleveling services:

Runes will be covered with your payment.



1-66 for air orbs: 15m


66 magic

40-45 def

50+ HP



1-66 for air orbs: 12m


66 magic

40-45 def

50+ HP


Fishing services:

Supplies for feathers is covered with cost.


1-50 for swordfish: 2m

1-76 for sharks: 14m



Fletching services:

Granted that supplies will be funded with your payment:


1-55 for maple longbows: 2.5m

1-70 for yew longbows: 7.5m

1-85 for magic longbows: 12.5m


Thieving services:


1-28 for nature rune chest: 1m

1-38 for master farmers: 2m


Mining services:


F2P & P2P

1-30 for motherlode mining: 1.25m

1-41 for motherlode gold ores: 2m

1-55 for motherlode mithril: 6m

1-70 for motherlode adamantite: 15m



1-85 for runite galore: 45m

1-90 for runite supremacy: 69m

(I will be power mining iron until I get carpal tunnels.)
(It takes 270,000 mouse minimum clicks to get 85 mining and 458,000 for 90 mining)
(Bonds, pickaxes, everything is covered with your payment on this service only.)


Hunter services:

1-53 for grey chinchompas: 6m

1-63 for red chinchompas: 10m

1-73 for black chinchompas: 15m

1-80 for black chinchompa pro: 20m


Smithing services:



 1-35 for cannonballs: 1.75m

(This includes the completion of dwarf cannon quest)


GDK Packages:

All packages include waterfall quest


Baby GDK:

F2P - 14m
P2P - 12m

60 attack 

50 strength

40 defense


Basic GDK:

F2P - 25m
P2P - 20m

70 attack

60 strength

50 defense


Pro GDK:


F2P - 35m

P2P - 30m

70 attack

70 strength

70 defense


Agility because I find it really enjoyable:

I will be using rooftops method. By the end of the service you should have enough for full graceful.

1-70 agility - 15m


****Currently in high demand!****

Root abyss services:

Contact my skype or PM me for more information. We could negotiate what stats you'd like, and then find a price that fits.



Was the type of service you were looking for not listed here? No problem! Introducing,

Custom Private requests:

This service is only available in special cases, more info will be supplied upon pm.
During this service, I will meet the requirements of stats,quests and diaries if needed.








1-84 thieving (rogues chest)

1-81 fishing (fishing trawler)

1-32 farming for ranarr farming

1-99 fletching (slow but cheap)

1-99 fletching (fast but expensive af)

1-99 crafting (slow but cheap)

1-99 crafting (fast but expensive)

Gmaul rusher build from scratch

Gmaul rusher pro build from scratch

Range def pure build from scratch

Maxed Obby mauler

Obby mauler starter



Deadman Support

1-91 runecrafting for double nature runes

1-91 runecrafting like a boss package:

This will include:

91 runecrafting

Full graceful + 65/70 agility

41 mining

40 attack

50 defence

40 strength

55+ hp

50 construction


Terms of Service (T.O.S)

1. The seller does not issue a refund if the buyer got what (s)he paid for.
2. The seller is not responsible for any bans/mutes that may happen to your account.
3. The buyer is responsible for who they are trading with - if it's an imposer it's their fault,
unless the imposers name is in the topic, in which case the seller is responsible.
4. The seller has the right to refuse doing business with anyone.
5. If the order was not completed in any form - the buyer has the right to a refund.
6. The staff may change the terms of service at any time if necessary without further notice.
7. The seller may have his own terms of service but may not override any of the terms stated here.

8. I have the right to cancel your order at any time on the current situation. A full refund will be given back.

9. During the time of service, you must NOT log onto your account. If you change your password and/or I have no access to your account, I will mark your account as 'complete'.

10. I will never go first, a full payment is expected before I start my service. Please think twice before ordering.

11. You MUST change your password after my service. This is added here as reference for the future, if you were to lose anything, I wouldn't be someone that would be suspected for stealing.

12. The buyer is responsible for the membership time on the account. If the service needs membership and If you fail to renew your membership after 2 days of notifying, I will mark your order as complete and will not give a refund.
13.  If for whatever reason your account gets banned mid way of the service from previous botting history, just supply me with another account and I'll start from scratch, with no extra charge.

14. The buyer must wait patiently for their service to be done. I am providing legitimate power leveling services, meaning the time for the completion of your account can vary depending on how much free time I have. There is no due dates, though at full effort I will finish your account as soon as I can.


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Honestly, it's his first time providing power leveling services, so he will need to tweak some prices


Edit: Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, I'm quite new to the power leveling industry. While I was typing this, I really didn't know what the prices were for things and just listed out my reasonable prices.

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Honestly, it's his first time providing power leveling services, so he will need to tweak some prices


Edit: Good luck with sales :)

true when you're starting up a new service you cant just put high prices like the highly vouched people you gotta beat other competitors then increase your price as you get more rep etc.

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Thanks, I'm quite new to the power leveling industry. While I was typing this, I really didn't know what the prices were for things and just listed out my reasonable prices.

Yeah fair enough however when you get more in the industry youll know the prices of certain skills, etc.. and then give a more reasonable price i guess:D

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      8. If the Service is requested to be done legit, any T.O.S related to bans/mutes become obsolete (Unless evidence can be provided of prior botting) (All of our services are hand done unless requested to be botted).
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      Pm me if you're interested in leveling up my ftp pking account. 
      Need 40 attack, 50 str, 60 range, 
      I am currently 29cb with 20 def, 25 hp, and 35+ mage. All necessary supplies will be on account. 
      Can be botted but id prefer if it wasnt
      Hit me up and we can talk details/payment
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