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BEG Cooking [Free] [All-in-one] [Progressive]

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KEXyAPd.png rbSM1kr.pngBEG Cooking by beg



Free all-in-one progressive Cooking script.
Supports rouges den, self-made fires, ranges and inventory make-item.
Supports fish, pizzas, pies, wines, and more.

Cooking methods

1. Rogues den
Cooks at Rogues den (Burthoupe) using the well-known permanent fire.

2. Self-made fires
Makes fire on a pre-established area close to the bank, and cooks on it. Mostly thinking about free-to-play users, however, included a few pay-to-play banks as well.
Supported Banks:
Varrock West, Varrock East, Edgeville, Grand Exchange, Falador West, Falador East, Draynor Village,  Duel Arena, Al-Kharid, Castle Wars, Catherby, Seers, Ardougne West, Ardougne East, Yanille, Nardah, Tzhaar City.

3. Ranges
Cooks food on a range/stove/oven.
Supported Ranges:
Al-Kharid, Lumbridge, Falador, Edgeville, Varrock East, Cooking Guild, Catherby, Nardah.

4. Make-item
Makes food using two ingredients on each other.

Supported fish

Shrimps, Anchovies, Karambwanji, Sardine, Karambwan, Herring, Mackerel, Trout, Cod, Pike, Salmon, Tuna, Lobster, Bass, Swordfish, Monkfish, Shark, Dark crab, Plain pizza (range only), Baked potato (range only), Sweetcorn (range only).

qo12IQa.pngSupported make-item food

Jug of wine, Tuna potato, Pizza base, Incomplete pizza, Uncooked pizza, Anchovy pizza, Meat pizza, Pineapple pizza, Pastry dough, Pie shell, Uncooked berry pie, Uncooked meat pie, Uncooked apple pie, Raw mud pie, Raw garden pie, Raw fish pie, Raw wild pie, Raw summer pie.


Progressive cooking, with up to 5 setup configurations to define different settings and upgrade your food as your cooking level goes up.

User interface



Paint displays useful information about the script execution. It's dynamic according to the script configuration.



Profiles allow you to bypass the configuration and save some time. Profiles are saved at ~/.tribot/beg/BEG Cooking/profiles.

To load from arguments: 

To load from user interface:
Here's some profile examples which you can copy paste into your profiles folder:
  • Level up to 99 cooking at Rouges den, upgrading food as it levels up.  99.json
  • Make 5000 jug of wines and then 1000 anchovy pizzas.  tasks.json




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you can do it at any bank, all you need is to mix a pot of flour with a jug of water, then a new option will pop to select the dough you want to create, pizza dough, will be third, after that it'll ask how many and you input the ammount ( you can only create 9 at a time since jug's of water will become jug's, pot of flour will become just pots and the dough will use another free space )

It might be a bother to add, but if you want an account to try it out feel free to pm me ^^.

Cooking guild works too btw ;p

Kind regards.

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you can do it at any bank, all you need is to mix a pot of flour with a jug of water, then a new option will pop to select the dough you want to create, pizza dough, will be third, after that it'll ask how many and you input the ammount ( you can only create 9 at a time since jug's of water will become jug's, pot of flour will become just pots and the dough will use another free space )

It might be a bother to add, but if you want an account to try it out feel free to pm me ^^.

Cooking guild works too btw ;p

Kind regards.

Seems like I only need to make a few changes to support that then. I'll look into it this weekend.

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@filthyfrank grownded9172 is right. It's the reaction time feature from Anti Ban 2. Although I personally think reaction times from AntiBan are way too big.

@grownded9172 Competely disable? I wouldn't recommend it but sure, give me a few minutes.


Edit: Added a check box on GUI to disable/enable reaction times.

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Could mouse movement be adjustable? Seems pretty fast for something that's suppose to be partially afk and ABC2.

I'll add a slider on gui to control mouse's speed later today.


@richs added a slider on gui ranging from 140 to 170. Mouse speed will be set from choosen speed - 15 to choosen speed + 15 on every loop.

Edited by Beg
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    • By Beg
      BEG Mule

      Automated mule to trade your BEG bots.

      Off-game communication through sockets. Idling at login screen unless a mule request is sent from any of your bots. Safe proofing: Mule requests expire after around 15 minutes by default. Trades are cancelled after around 2 minutes by default. Mule information (name, location, world) is kept up-to-date. Multiple ways of muling: Using time intervals. Using time schedules. After every certain profit amount. Anti-scam mechanisms. Profit calculator based on real-time prices. Fulfills partial or complete requests based on bots requirement and mule supplies. Supplies can be kept on bank unless requested by a bot. Active only if mule is at a bank. Coming soon: Grand Exchange restocking. Active only if the mule is at the Grand Exchange. Setup
      Simply start the script with supplies in your mule. Instructions about how to connect to your mule are sent to the bot and client debug panels at the bottom of your client.
      For example, to connect to a mule running on the same computer using default id, specify a mule address of 0.
      To connect to a mule running on another computer you must open your port to the public and use your public ip. Ports used start at 50000 for id 0 up to 60000 for id 10000. To see if port is open check https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports. To open a port search on google "how to open a port on your_vpn" or "how to open a port on your_internet_provider" and follow instructions.
      If id is in use, it tries to the next available one. So if you start 2 local mules, it attempts to use id 0 and id 1.

      User interface


      Contains useful stats about your mule.


      Arguments allow you to override the default settings.
      id - Id to be used for the mule. Default is 0. Allowed ids go from 0 to 10000. trade-timeout - How long (in minutes) a trade window is open. Default is around 2 minutes. request-timeout - How long (in minutes) a mule request is considered to be valid. Default is around 15 minutes. logout - Specify if the mule should wait for requests at the login screen or in-game. Active by default. Example:

    • By Beg
      BEG House Planks 


      Turns logs into planks at the player-owned house by sending your Demon Butler to the sawmil.
      Up to 7k planks/hour and 1.5m gp/hour depending on settings, your connection and prices.
      How much to expect:
      Mahogany profit = (mahogany plank price - mahogany logs price - 1550) x planks per hour Teak profit = (teak plank price - teak logs price - 550) x planks per hour  Oak profit = (oak plank price - oak logs price - 300) x planks per hour
      Support to all plank types (Regular/Oak/Teak/Mahogany) Support to Castle wars, Ferox enclaves, Wintertodt camp, Barbarian outpost, Lumbridge and Camelot PvP chest banks Automated muling Grand exchange restock Moneybag support Health and energy restore House location change Profit calculator Mouse movement anticipation for higher efficiency Ability to move house location and hire a demon butler Death recovery Anti-pk features such as setting private status to offline, detecting portal miss clicks as quickly as possible and avoid being lured to the risk zones Customizable anti-ban options Level Requirements
      50 Construction (58 if using servant's moneybag) 40 Magic (Lumbridge Bank) / 45 Magic (Camelot Bank) Item Requirements
      Dust battlestaff / Mystic dust staff / Staff of air / Air battlestaff / Mystic air staff Coins Regular / Oak / Teak / Mahogany logs Law runes Earth runes if using Staff of air, Air battlestaff or Mystic air staff Other Requirements
      Own a player-owned house Have a Demon Butler hired Have a dining room with a bell Muling
      Allows transfering your profits to one of your mules.
      Specify how frequent the muling should happen using time intervals, time schedules, or after a certain profit. And how many logs, coins, laws and earths, jewellery and energy potions to request to your mule at the user interface or through script arguments.
      Check out my automated mule: https://community.tribot.org/topic/83715-beg-mule-free/
      Grand Exchange Restock
      Automatically sell planks and buy logs/law runes/earth runes/jewellery/energy potions at the Grand Exchange:
      Activated when out of supplies Supports ring of wealth and varrock teleports Customizable prices and amounts Dynamic pricing based on runelite real-time prices and time waiting for offers to complete Platinum tokens support

      Set low client paint delay (ideally 0) to achieve higher planks/h.
      To get the most efficiency, you want the butler to teleport to you right away everytime you call him. Sometimes it can get stuck behind a room's wall.
      A house configuration I found out works well is when all rooms are facing north, without any door to the south:
       User Interface

      Old-school themed graphical interface which includes all available settings.

      efficient - tries to be as quick as possible, bypassing all antiban features. realistic - tries to act more like a real player, does actions according to the antiban profile. This is the default. Profiles
      Save and load profile files containing all script settings in JSON format. Profile files are saved at ~/.tribot/beg/scripts/BEG Poh Planks/profiles.
      When loading profiles you can omit the file extension (.json).
      A default profile named latest is saved and kept up to date every time you start the script through the user interface.
      Use profile=your_profile_filename to bypass the user interface.


      Paint on login screen:

      Paint on opaque chatbox:

      Minimized paint on opaque chatbox:

      Paint on transparent chatbox:

      Minimized paint on transparent chatbox:

      Executions (using efficient mode)

    • By Beg
      Corporeal Beast by Beg

      Kills The Corporeal Beast for you.
      Corporeal Beast is a high level boss monster with an average drop of 550k. (Click here to see calculator)
      It can be easily solo'd by combining the special attack effect of 3 dragon warhammer, 20 arclight and 200 bandos godsword damage.
      Uniques drop table
          Elysian sigil - Item used to craft an Elysian spirit shield, one of the most powerful and the most expensive shield in the game.
         Arcane sigil - Item used to craft an Arcane spirit shield, the best off-hand item for magic attack.
        Spectral sigil - Item used to craft a Spectral spirit shield.
        Spirit shield - Shield with stats comparable to a rune kiteshield or obsidian shield.
            Holy elixir - Item used to bless a spirit shield in order to create a Blessed spirit shield.
           Jar of spirits - Item used to display a mini version of the Corporeal Beast inside your house.
      Requirements for solo:
      85+ attack/strength Dragon warhammer, Arclight or Darklight, Bandos godsword Requirements for 3+ man teams:
      80+ attack/strength/defence or 80+ range 70 ranged to wear Karils Decent magic level to increase the magic defence 43+ Prayer Features
      Solo kills. Use Dragon warhammer, Arclight/Darklight and Bandos godsword special attacks to reduce stats. Special attack recharge at own or someone else's house. Team kills. Coordinate attacks with multiple bots communicating off-game. You can set it up to have bots communicate between each other, which allows lots of possible configurations. For example for a trio:
      - 1 account doing special attacks and other 2 waiting at lobby joining only at the kill phase.
      - 2 accounts doing special attacks and the other waiting.
      - All 3 accounts doing special attacks in simulateneous (they can share the current count between each other) and then kill Corp at the same time.
      - Or without special attacks, accounts can wait at lobby until all accounts are ready to join the cave. Iron man support. Range support. Including Ruby bolts (e), Dragon bolts (e), Ruby dragon bolts (e), Diamond dragon bolts (e) and all crossbows. Switches between ruby and diamond when necessary. Multiple banks supported: Ferox Enclave, Barbarian Outpost, Castle wars, Wintertodt. Private instances support. House support including world 330. Support to all House pools, Jewellery box and Portal teleports. No house support by using Game necklaces for teleports. Prayer recharge support at house using altars. Customizable gear and inventory, and many other options. All Super/divine potions support. Multiple food supported: sharks, manta ray, monkfish. Including karambwan combo healing. Supports gear switches to optimize damage: (let me know if you want to get more items supported) Dragon warhammer gear: Rune defender, Dragon defender, Avernic defender, Mythical cape, Tyrannical ring,
                  Tyrannical ring (i), Brimstone ring, Inquisitor's great helm, Dwarven helmet,
                  Void melee helm, Elite void top, Void knight top, Elite void robe, Void knight robe (including Ornament Void) Arclight gear: Rune defender, Dragon defender, Avernic defender, Warrior ring (i), Warrior ring,
                  Brimstone ring, Warrior helm, Void melee helm, Elite void top, Void knight top, Elite void robe, Void knight robe (including Ornament Void) Bandos godsword gear: Void melee helm, Elite void top, Void knight top, Elite void robe, Void knight robe (including Ornament Void) Special attacks from Dragon claws, Crystal halberd, Dragon halberd, Bandos godsword, Dragon warhammer and Zaryte crossbow for faster kills. Profit calculator based on real-time prices. Uniques Loot tracker. Death handling from graves and Death office. Exploits the Dark core energy mechanism to permanently kill it. Repairs broken barrows gear. Serpentine helm recharge. Automated muling with cooperation with my Mule script. Grand Exchange restock.  
      Profile examples:
      Solo profile: solo.json  Duo profiles: duo-1.json duo-2.json   Trio profiles:  trio-1.json trio-2.json trio-3.json Hiscores
      Track your stats and hiscores here: https://begtribot.github.io/tribot/scripts/corporeal-beast/ranking
      Future work
      Support of Thralls (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Thrall) Support to Vengeance spells Support to open world crashes Support to potion decanting Support to dwarf cannon Support to range Support to jewellery charge combine
    • By Beg
      BEG Guardians Rift by Beg

      Plays the minigame Guardians of the Rift for you. (Wiki page)
      Guardians of the Rift is a non-combat minigame that takes place within the Temple of the Eye. The main goal of the game is to assist The Great Guardian in closing a rift into the Abyss by supplying it with imbued essence while protecting it from the Abyssal creatures that come through the rift.
      To play the game, players must have completed the Temple of the Eye quest and have at least level 27 Runecraft (which is automatically obtained from the prerequisite quests).
          Abyssal pearls: Used to purchase items from the Temple Supplies shop.
            Intricate pouch: Can give a tarnished locket or a lost bag. Grants a random amount of runes or one of several dragon items.
        Atlax's diary: An old diary of someone's experiences at the Temple of the Eye.
         Elemental talisman: Grants access to all elemental runic altars.
         Catalytic talisman: Grants access to all catalytic runic altars, provided the player has completed the quests to access those that require it.
         Abyssal needle: Combines all essence pouches into one colossal pouch.
          Abyssal lantern: Gives various benefits within the minigame depending on the type of logs used to light it.
           Abyssal green:  Recolours the Raiments of the Eye. Comes in red, green, and blue.
        Abyssal protector: An Abyssal creature pet, similar to an Abyssal guardian.
      Pickaxe Temple of the Eye quest (wiki page) Recommended
      Chisel Runecrafting pouches Raiments of the Eye set Varrock armour Rune pouch with NPC contact runes Abyssal lantern with Redwood logs Features
      Minigame Supports all runecrafting altars. Supports all runecrafting pouches (small, medium, large, giant, colossal). Repairs pouches using NPC contact or through Abyss. Mines at huge, large and small guardian mines. Gives priority to huge mine for faster points. Balance between experience and rewards. Balance between elemental and catalytic points. Intelligent behaviour to select which barrier to heal or build. Builds strong and overcharged guardians when available. Supports pickaxes special attack (Dragon, Infernal, 3rd age, Crystal). Switching between Robe top of the eye and Varrock armour. Lobby Automatically finds the best world to play at. This feature is optional. Fetches missing required items (pickaxe, and other recommended items) from the bank. This feature is optional. Navigation Moves to Guardian of the Rift minigame by walking, using minigames teleport or using necklace of passage. Antiban Includes several anti-ban behaviours: Sometimes pre-hovers/opens menus on pouches and/or portals when runecrafting. Sometimes pre-hovers/opens menus on exit portal when at huge remains area. The usual right clicks/open tabs/move camera/examines/etc while mining and crafting essence. Sometimes checks guardian % on entrance while waiting for the game to finish. Customization Prioritize points or experience. Select which type of points (elemental/catalytic) to get rewarded. Select the number of fragments to mine before doing other activities. Prioritize altars. Select which runes should be dropped instead of banked. Choose if you want to use runecrafting pouches. Select the way your pouches are repaired. Choose if you want or not to search rewards, and after how many games. Choose if you want to build guardians at all. Choose to charge or not charge cells. Choose way of filling pouches: when full inventory, when enough essence or both. Select food and which quantity to bring to the Abyss when repairing pouches. End conditions End after a certain runtime. End at a certain UTC time. End at a certain runecrafting level. End at a certain runecrafting experience. End at a certain number of pearls. End at a certain number of elemental points. End at a certain number of catalytic points. End when Abyssal needle obtained. End when Abyssal lantern obtained. End when pet obtained. End when Raiments of the Eye set is obtained. Gameplay modes:
      Experience: Gives priority to altars which give more experience. Points: Gives priority to getting the maximum amount of points per game. Points modes:
      Total balanced: Balances the total amount of elemental and catalytic points. Game balanced: Balances the amount of elemental and catalytic points within each game. Elemental: Gives priority to getting rewarded elemental points. Catalytic: Gives priority to getting rewarded catalytic points. Pouch repair modes:
      None: Don't repair pouches at all. NPC Contact: Use NPC Contact spell to repair pouches. (requires Rune Pouch with required runes) Abyss one pouch: Go to the Abyss to repair pouches once at least 1 pouch gets damaged. Abyss two pouches: Go to the Abyss to repair pouches once at least 2 pouches get damaged. Abyss three pouches: Go to the Abyss to repair pouches once at least 3 pouches get damaged. User Interface (not updated - there are now more options and settings)

      Paint displays useful information about the script execution.


    • By Beg
      BEG Vyrewatch Sentinels by Beg

      Kills Vyrewatch sentinels for 600-900k gp/h and decent combat exp/h. (Wiki page)
      Blisterwood flail Vyre noble disguise Access to upper tier of Darkmeyer 43+ Prayer Decent melee stats Combat
      Fully configurable inventory, gear setup and prayers. Configurable levels and skill priorities. Supports high level alchemy on predefined items. Supports all boost potions (combat, attack, strength) and all potions variations (regular, super, divine, barbarian mix). Supports all prayers. Custom and configurable target selection algorithm taking into consideration path distance and mouse proximity. Refills prayer at the nearby altar. Automatically finds non crowded worlds. Looting
      Picks up items based on item names, item ids or item values. With support to expressions (example: >2k, rune*, *rune). Option to pickup untradeable items. Gives priority to more valuable drops if inventory is nearly full. Supports extra storage: Gem back Herb sack Seed box Banking
      Supports banking when inventory is full. Supports banking when out of potions. Settings
      Sets auto-retaliate on Sets the correct attack style to train the required skill Changes npc attack options to always left-click Turns accept-aid off Hides roofs User interface

      Paint displays useful information about the script execution.
      Profiles allow you to bypass the configuration and save some time. Profiles are saved at ~/.tribot/beg/BEG Vyrewatch Sentinels/profiles.

      To load from arguments: 

      To load from user interface:

    • By Naton
      nAccount Dispatcher allows you to configure a list of accounts that will be dispatched across to multiple clients. nScripts support connecting to this, most notably nRestocker, to pull accounts. This can override the account selected in the tribot account manager.
      Repository Link
      Fill out an account list, and click start
      All nScripts can pull an account on start with the arg 'dispatch' (ex. settings:last,dispatch). By default it will use the account dispatcher id/ip in the settings file. To override this, provide the args dispatcherId:id,dispatcherIp:ip (ex. settings:last,dispatch,dispatcherId:1,dispatcherIp:
      nRestocker can connect to the account dispatcher to pull an account, complete a task list/tree, reset, grab another account, and repeat until out of accounts.

      See nRestocker 
      Note that you can right click the table to take actions
      Setup is similar to nMule (if you want to connect to other machines you have to port forward, port will be 45100 + id)
    • By Naton
      This only works with nScripts. See below to view a list of supported nScripts.
      This bot will stay logged out until a connected bot communicates that it is ready to trade, then it will log in and wait for the bot the trade. It will offer and receive items from the connected bots.
      Repository Link
      Move your account to the place you want to mule (or have a mule tile in advanced preferences and the script will travel there)
      Select an ID (1-99, the purpose of this is to provide an identifier to this mule so you can connect other accounts to it, along with your IP)
      If offering items to other bots, have those items in your inventory already
      More detailed instructions on connecting other bots
      Nothing, other than the supplies you want to offer
      Communicates to your bots without logging in
      Trade items to and from your bots automatically (depending on what the connected script does)
      Depositing muled items
      Send discord webhook on trade
      Multiple mules per machine (up to 50)
      Many customizable preferences

      Progress Reports
      Bug Reports
      For the sake of both of our time, please attempt to solve issues on your own first to verify that the issue is not on your end (for example, misconfigured settings).
      If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, please reach out to me for assistance. You can obtain assistance through the forums thread, the TRiBot forums private messaging system, or in my support discord.
      At the minimum, please provide the debug when reporting an issue. You can obtain the debug by following right clicking the Client Debug/Bot Debug tabs and clicking Copy to Clipboard. You can then paste this to pastebin and give me the link. This will help me to figure out what exactly is happening.
      Follow this gif for assistance with obtaining the debug. https://i.imgur.com/JruOAaz.gif
      The more information you can provide, the faster the issue is likely to be resolved. A description of the issue (ex. what is happening vs what you think should be happening) is helpful. A gif of the issue is very helpful, but if you can't get that then a screenshot is better than nothing. The debug, as mentioned above, should be provided.
      Advanced Preferences
      This script contains a plethora of advanced customization. These settings are primarily targeted at more advanced users. It's not recommend to mess around with them until you have some experience with the script. You can hover your mouse over many of the advanced preferences for more information. If there is a specific setting you would like a description of, reach out to me and I'll add a tooltip/improve the existing tooltip to better help you.
      Script Arguments
      All of my scripts support script arguments in the form
      settings:name where name is the name of the settings file to load. You can use the special name `last` to load your last settings.
      Port Forwarding
      You will need to port forward (open a port) to connect bots on other machines to your machine, if using multiple machines. This is usually specific to your router. I do not have a direct guide to port forwarding, this is not specific to my script. You can find a ton of information on google, or you could try messaging someone who has this already setup. I have not port forwarded in a long time so I can't help much here. Remember you need to forward port number 45000 + mule ID. Use this website to check open ports https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/. You can also test your mule connection in GUI of my scripts that support muling.
      Supported nScripts
      Note that each script has specific things that are supported, such as muling off excess gold while restocking, cashing in gold on start, customizable muling (nRestocker), and more. It really depends on the script. See the corresponding script thread for what that integration looks like, or ask me if you can't find it and I'll update the thread.
      nBlast Furnace
      nSmither (Cannonballs only)
      nBlast Mine
      nCrab Killer
      nNightmare Zone (only for the mule connection to appear in the mule control panel)
      nCrab Killer (only for the mule connection to appear in the mule control panel)
      nGreen Dragon Killer
      nOrb Charger
    • By Beg
      BEG AIO Combat - Melee Range Magic by Beg
      All-In-One progressive Combat script.
      Supports almost all NPCs and locations, many different potions, special weapons, prayer, every equipment and inventory item.
      With looting, dwarf cannon, high alchemy, Guthans, death recovery, and some slayer features.
      And much more, check all features below.
      Most NPCs and locations. All configurable. Totally configurable inventory (and quantities), equipment and prayers. Safe spots. Configurable levels to train and leveling priorities. Dwarf cannon. High level alchemy. All combat potions, prayer, super restore, anti-poison, anti-fire, anti-vemon, antidote, energy, stamina potions and more. All prayers. All special weapons. All types of food. Bones to peaches tablets and spells. Reset aggression spots for sand crabs and such. Guthans. Looting based on item names, item ids or item values. Bury bones. Pick ammo. Extra storage (Looting bag, Gem back, Herb sack, Seed box) Basic support for MM2 caves. Bank when inventory is full, out of food, runes, ammo, potions or cannonballs. Bank after a certain value on inventory. World hopping to find less crowded worlds. Prayer altars. Equipment repair (Barrows, etc). House pools and Ferox Enclave stats recharge. Magic spells with auto-cast. Bandit store to unnote items. Deathwalk back to grave or use Death office. Custom items to grab from bank after death. Anti-pking in the wilderness. Death office tutorial. Slayer kill finishes (Bag of salt, Rock hammer, Rock thrownhammer, Ice cooler, Fungicide spray) Automatic settings such as auto-retaliate on/off, attack style, NPC and Player attack options, accept aid off. Progressive training. Link profiles all with different location, NPC, equipment, inventory and all other settings. Automated Grand exchange restock for missing items. Automated Muling for any item. Automatic membership. Small breaks. Configurable antiban settings. Configurable mouse speed, and many client options (maximize on end, disable graphics, etc) Ranking with kills, looting and runtime.  
      User interface


    • By Beg
      BEG Utilities by Beg

      Contains some utility tasks to interact with my other scripts. Includes:
      Corporeal Beast private instance host. Keeps open a private instance for the Corporeal Beast. Player-owned-house host. Hosts a player-owned-house. The list will grow in the future as I feel the need to add more tasks.
      All tasks can be started from anywhere in the game.
      User interface

      Use your_profile_filename in arguments to bypass the user interface.

  • Our picks

    • We've heard your complaints - the TRiBot API could be much easier to use. We've been dedicating our time to improving the scripter experience here and spent the past year working on a new and improved API - the TRiBot Script SDK.


      The TRiBot Script SDK is an easy-to-use library for building TRiBot scripts. It is the recommended approach to building scripts moving forward over the old TRiBot API. It contains all the core things you need to build a script, and a ton of additional helpful stuff to get you using your scripts quicker. See the documentation section for everything offered, and check out the brief overview link too.


      The SDK was announced in preview here:


      It is now officially released. The official release guarantees we will support backwards compatibility for some period of time. See the 'backwards compatibility' section below for more info.


      How to use:

      There is multiple options, listed in the order they are recommended.

      1) Use the gradle template mentioned below

      2) Obtain through gradle

      Add this dependency: api("org.tribot:tribot-script-sdk:+")

      Add this repository: maven("https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/20741387/packages/maven")

      3) Take from your local filesystem in your .tribot/install folder. For example, on windows, you'd find it at "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\install\tribot-client\lib\tribot-script-sdk-[version].jar"



      Java docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/javadocs/index.html?overview-summary.html

      Kotlin docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/kdocs/index.html


      Backwards compatibility:

      We will be following a deprecation schedule whenever we perform a possible breaking change. We will deprecate the respective methods or classes and announce it in a topic. It will remain deprecated for some period of time (weeks or months), and then removed. This will give you time to fix anything, if we need to make a breaking change.


      Gradle template:

      Easily build scripts with a new pre-configured scripting gradle template


      Users of the current API:

      There is no plans to remove TRiBot API. It will still be available. However, non-critical bugs probably won't be fixed. The SDK does depend on some of the API so fixing some things in the SDK will indirectly fix the API. However, bugs that have existed in the API for awhile will likely not be fixed. It's recommended to use the SDK moving forward. Let us know if there's something the SDK is missing.


      Brief overview of the changes:


      Bug reports:

      Post bug reports in the bug reports section of the forums



      Let us know what your thoughts are! If you have questions, feel free to ask below or in discord.

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    • Support for the gradle launcher is being dropped. Read more about the new launcher here.
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    • What to expect from TRiBot moving forward.
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    • TRiBot 12 Release Candidate

      The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12.
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    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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