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Bot farm progress from SCRATCH- WITH TL;DR

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Hello beautiful people of the Tribot community! (tl;dr at the end)

I am relatively new member of the community and have always wanted to increase the amount i participate and involve myself in the OSRS community. ANYWHO this topic is going to be my attempt to make REAL LIFE money from the use of an OSRS bot farm using RWT (obviously, right?). In essence this thread will contain; every purchase i make (I will convert to USD for simplicity), every mistake I make, every banned account and the lessons i will learn on the way. I might even include a rough estimate of the revenue i get depending on my mood. 

The point of this topic is for other people who plan on getting a few bucks from OSRS bot farming to have some sort of basis to start from, or otherwise for people to just have a look at and have a laugh at all my suffering! Hopefully I can be as detailed as possible (without being suspicious or stupid) so that you can all be entertained while being informed.

JUST TO CLARIFY, this is my first ever attempt to make real life money from a bot, or use more than 2 scripts simultaneously, so i do assume a very steep learning curve to come from this experience, as with learning anything. 

GOALS Set from the first log (19/04/2016)-

  1. Create and hand-train accounts until suspicious enough to justify beginning to bot many hours a day on at least 5 accounts- Hopefully within a week
  2. Start working out which skills will ultimately give me the best NET profit in regards to risk and reward- Whenever the first goal is completed
  3. Make our first $10 day- Hopefully this will come within a fortnight of this project 
  4. Make our first $30 day- About a month after the $10 day

NONE of these goals are set in stone and the actual starting time (of when i will first make accounts) will be in about 2-3 days, after all my exams are finished (yes i have a life, unfortunately).

My FINAL remark is that if you're interested in knowing my progress please leave a comment or send me a message! If you have any criticisms for the project or know any rookie mistakes and learning curves you all have made over the years please leave a comment-please only constructive criticism. I have been reading around the tutorial parts of the forums but there definitely will be stuff that i haven't seen. 

This is all for fun guys, i do have a legit job so im not too concerned about negative outcomes. 

ALRIGHTY IM EXCITED FOR THIS! Join me in this adventure folks! hopefully this will continue steadily!


tl;dr I will start a step by step, entertainment based, progress blog (you may say) where i show all my efforts to create a botfarm from scratch. With ALL failures included. JOIN ME!

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Guys thanks for all the support! we shall be starting in, hopefully, 2 days. Downed Foes; actually im happy that there are more people that arent too experienced with bots like myself. Hopefully we call all learn more together! Yeah Mirthrilman, i hope i can persevere through all the failures. Anyway ill keep a positive attitude! DefiniteHD, cheers for the support!

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7 hours ago, Downed Foes said:

He said he does 1 usually, 2 maximum. I've never done a goldfarm before, looking for what his opinion is :)

Most of the time I don't even sell the GP. I just swap it to a main account to have more fun in the game and buy whatever I want. From my experience; Which isn't a ton but whenever I run two bots even with one on a proxy I seem to find the banhammer. So I usually stick with one in fear of the hammer.

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OKAY FELLAS! Today is the day!

This is my plan for next few days.

Based on stuff ive read; I am under the impression that i shouldnt use the same credit card, same IP, or similar times of making an account (ie dont make 10 accounts in 10 minutes). So I have just purchased 5 VPNs and am connecting to them as we speak. Next up, i purchased a few different pre-paid credit cards and loaded them with enough for the membership. This is because i feel that jagex probably flags accounts which use membership gift cards or bond, due to their anonymity. So after i finish the long process of connecting to the VPN I shall begin to make the accounts.

The plan in regards to the ACCOUNT is to manually train them for the first day. So ill make some starter gp, level them up to around cb40-50, maybe even do some quests, all with the aim to create a less suspicious account. I've also decided to only make an account once every day for the next 5 days. So i will start off with 5 bots in the farm and if all is well i will then look into more bots will increase total revenue and if my cpu can take it. The bonus of using up a whole day to train an account on the first day manually, is that I have a suspicion that Jagex monitors all accounts more on the first few days of creation. When they see that i play long hours, theyll think that im just a major nerd and itll seem less suspicious when im botting.

In regards to which method ill be using to make gp, im still unsure. I guess ill be sticking to the basics (skilling) for the first few days. Maybe i might end up doing a combat based script. Anyway i am excited to start the accounts. 

yes...the VPN is still connecting..... this is taking longer than i thought

Next update coming soon! 


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Any updates man? I'm really excited to see your progression throughout this endeavor as I'm looking into starting something similar. My quested main and barb fished obby mauler both got banned earlier this week and I'm trying to find out as much info on effective botting as possible! neva give in fak jagex ban hammar

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haha thanks for the motivation baffledbobcat. Honestly life is just in the way of my gaming endeavors right now. I had just re-started playing runescape 2 months ago (we all know everyone just takes long breaks from rs) and within 2 months i have fallen behind in all other aspects in life. im going to postpone all progress from this log until my semester break in june. Then i should have a few months to smash jagex's nuts haha. Until then, please keep commenting and messaging your thoughts about the series because im still so keen to get it going again. as we all know, grades should come first, unfortunately. 

Sorry for getting all of your hopes up! but i will be back mid june! So dont be too disappointed. 

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ALRIGHTY IM BACK EVERYONE, due to exams and uni Ive had to take a break but I'm keen to get back at it.

6/6/2016 (666 huehuehue)

Right now ive got a bunch of accounts from Netami, he has a service where he sells accounts at a very low price, theyre fresh and have nothing to them. It just saves you time not having to make them. 

Ive got 3 of them right now botting through tutorial island, if they last a few more days, ill buy 10 more. Until then I kind of want to test the waters first. Anyway, for now I think I will stick to ftp scripts and try to break the 100k/hr line, with 5 accounts botting 6 hours a day we could get a nice profit. For now, 5 accounts will have to do because I've only got access to 5 simultaneous accounts at one time.

Will update you all in a bit.

BY THE WAY, whose still following this?? leave a comment, don't be a stranger!


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so the account buying process was kinda a success? the problem was that half the accounts would automatically get locked as soon as you finished tutorial island, this is due to the difference in ip. (the locations went from one place to the other too soon). 

I've just bought another 25 accounts from the same website and i will use the same leveling process with all the accounts, i will bot through tut island, those who make it will be botted through to some early combat stats, those who make that will do some quests. Now i will have about 10% of the original amount we started with that are fairly secure. 

These final 10% are, in my opinion, the ones worth investing more time in. I've already thought of which scripts to use for ftp gainzzz so ill just jump right to those but maybe if ftp proves to be a success ill make some member accounts. 


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Rrrright then, 

Moving onto a more business side of things, I have been thinking about many processes people overlook such as muling and cashing out etc. 

For reference; there are 3 levels for this mule system, slaves (tier 1), mule (tier 2) and Mule (tier 3). 

I think ive come up with a perfect mule system where the bots raw materials will be transfered to the final account to be sold to quickrsgp. The magic happens between the tier 2 and tier 3. The system ive come up with creates 99% anonymity between the second tier mule and the 3rd tier, who sells the gp for $$. The way i have done this will obviously remain a secret (or else itll be leaked) but i think its a very fail safe way to maximize returns from banned accounts as long as i move the gp from the slaves to the tier 2s as fast as the tier 2s to the tier 3s. 

I am still a little bit unsure on to how often i should move gp/items from the slaves to the 2nd tier or the 2nd tier to the 3rd tier without creating mass suspicion, anyway im feeling good for now. 

GUYS I HOPE MY ABSENSE HASNT CAUSED ALL MY FANBASE TO LEAVE. Is there any way to get some sort of bump on this thread?

anyway whoevers reading this, please chuck a cheeky comment or your opinion on whats happening! i'd love to get your input!


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 Im also kinda in your place building a farm. Im really liking your progress and updates you share.  The more I read and learn happier I am haha.  Im introducing one account at a time.  When I started  I was trying to run and train to many accounts at one time for my experience level.  I havent been pushing my bots that many hours a day but usually before bed I put the bots to sleep and transfer  most of the profits over and leave some for the next day to start back up.  I read somewhere on the forums others doing the same method with good results. But im kinda paranoid of leaving any gp on those accounts I may start moving everything over to a mule but each day I bot I will have to move some gp back over.  Easy for a few bots but pain in ass once you get a large farm going. So far im transferring to 1 mule.  When I add a few more bots I will add an extra mule and hopefully minimize loss if mule gets hit.   Best of luck with your adventure and looking forward to future updates. 

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cheers @osrs42 for the comment! yeah man i definately get what you mean, the best thing id say for you is to invest in another mule (tier 3) and try to make it untraceable between the two mules, this is the hardest part but will definately reduce the amount of gp you lose from the ban hammer.

Anyway man, thanks for tuning in! Hopefully you stay for a while!!

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Also, im planning on getting some sort of bot manager script which will automatically transfer the money from the bots to the mule, and the mule will automatically give the bots their resources to start up. Something like that might become important when you have like 20 bots running hey!

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