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Hello! Welcome to Devry123 07 service!

Make sure to use the format for any order you might want!


NOTE: If you have Big items that worth a lot Please xfer it to another of your account this is to prevent False reports. if you can't, let me know so we sort out something.Also make sure you private message me for any question you might have.



SKYPE: Cerberos19 <==== you can also pm me in this forum of any confirmation too.

During 5-8-2016 to 6-15-2016 there will be a 15% discount!. this doesn't apply to everything though!




Term of Services

- you will only contact "CERBEROS19" for any deal! Please Private message me if you need to confirm [email protected]

- You will provide login details "Bank pin too if I need to bank for supplies"

- I wont held any responsibility for ban/mute in your account.
- You will provide the payment first before I start questing in your account "we can also use a MM for him to hold the $$$"
- You will NOT log in your account at all! Do so and service will be cancel without refund.
- You will not change account details Do so and service will be cancel without refund.
-IF a worker of Mine its doing the job. you can give me your items for me to hold it or to a MM.
- After order is complete you will leave a feedback to me or to my worker that did the service
- Posting a order below mean that you agree with each TOS.




Services I offer are Pest Control/PowerLvl and Quests!


[Soon I will be offering more stuffs smile.png]


Payment Method




Order Format

What services you want?

Payment method?
Do you agree with the TOS:? YES/NO:
Need MM or going first?
Worker List
Quest prices under here! make sure yo check it out wink.png
Use CTRL+F to search for quest to find the price
 Quests List

Black Knights' Fortress - 200K

Cook's Assistant - Free

Demon Slayer - 500K

Doric's Quest - 100K

Dragon Slayer - 800K

Ernest the Chicken - 350K

Goblin Diplomacy - 100K

Imp Catcher - 100K

The Knight's Sword - 400K

Pirate's Treasure - 500K

Prince Ali Rescue - 900K

The Restless Ghost - Free

Romeo and Juliet - 200K

Rune Mysteries - 200K

Sheep Shearer - Free

Shield of Arrav - 300K

Vampire Slayer - 200K

Witch's Potion - 300K


Pay to Play :

Animal Magnetism - 1.5M (200K extra for ecto tokens)

Another Slice of H.A.M. - 2M

Back to my Roots - 2M

Between a Rock... - 2M

Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 700K

Biohazard - 700K

Cabin Fever - 1.5M

Clock Tower - 500K

Cold War - 1.2m

Contact! - 2.3M

Creature of Fenkenstrain - 1.5M

Darkness of Hallowvale - 3.5M

Death Plateau - 700K

Death to the Dorgeshuun - 1.7M

Desert Treasure - 4M / 8-15M without 43 prayer

Devious Minds - 2.5M

The Digsite - 1.3M

Dream Mentor - 3M

Druidic Ritual - Free

Dwarf Cannon - 500K

Eadgar's Ruse - 700K (100k per extra herb)

Eagles' Peak - 700K

Elemental Workshop I - 600K

Elemental Workshop II - 1M

Enakhra's Lament - 2M

Enlightened Journey - 1.5M

The Eyes of Glouphrie - 500k

Fairytale IGrowing Pains - 1M

Fairytale II Cure a Queen - 1.8M

Family Crest - 1.5M

The Feud - 2M

Fight Arena - 200K

Fishing Contest - 100K

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - 1.5M

The Fremennik Isles - 1.3M

The Fremennik Trials - 2M

Garden of Tranquillity - 3M

Gertrude's Cat - 500K

Ghosts Ahoy - 1.8M (300K extra for ecto tokens)

The Giant Dwarf - 900K

The Golem - 700K

The Grand Tree - 600K

Grim Tales - 1.5M

The Haunted Mine - 3M

Hazeel Cult - 700K

Heroes' Quest - 2M

Holy Grail - 700K

Horror From The Deep - 1M (2M without barcrawl)

Icthlarin's Little Helper - 2M

In Aid of the Myreque - 1.5M

In Search of the Myreque - 1.5M

Jungle Potion - 300K

Legends' Quest - 3.5M

Lost City - 200K

Lost Tribe - 500K

Lunar Diplomacy - 3.5M

Making History - 500K

Merlin's Crystal - 750K

Monk's Friend - 100K

Monkey Madness - 2M / 4M without 43 prayer

Mountain Daughter - 1M

Mourning's Ends Part I - 4M

Mourning's Ends Part II - 4M

Murder Mystery - 800K

My Arm's Big Adventure - 1.5M

Nature Spirit - 500K

Observatory Quest - 900K

Olaf's Quest - 1.7M

One Small Favour - 3M

Plague City - 400K

Priest in Peril - 300K

Rat Catchers - 2M


Recipe for Disaster

Part 1: Helping the Cook - 200K

Sub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - 500K

Sub-quest 2: Freeing the Goblins - 500K

Sub-quest 3: Freeing Pirate Pete - 700K

Sub-quest 4: Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 700K

Sub-quest 5: Freeing Evil Dave - 1.3M (3M if kitten)

Sub-quest 6: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 800K

Sub-quest 7: Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 1.5M

Sub-quest 8: Freeing King Awowogei - 1.5M

Part 3: The Fights - 2M


Recruitment Drive - 1M

Regicide - 2.5M

Roving Elves - 900K

Royal Trouble - 1.3M

Rum Deal - 800K

Scorpion Catcher - 500K

Sea Slug - 400K

Shades Of Mort'ton - 300K

Shadow of the Storm - 700K

Sheep Herder - 500K

Shilo Village - 800K

Slug Menace - 1.3M

A Souls Bane - 1.9M

Spirits of the Elid - 1.5M

Swan Song - 1.5M

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 1.2M

A Tail of Two Cats - 1.5M

Tears of Guthix - 500K

Temple of Ikov - 700K

The Great Brain Robbery - 1.5M

The Hand in the Sand - 600K

The Tourist Trap - 800K

The Underground Pass 3M (Agility 60+, if not then 4.3-5M depending level)

Throne of Miscellania - 1.5M

Tower of Life - 500K

Tree Gnome Village - 400K

Tribal Totem - 800K

Troll Romance - 800K

Troll Stronghold - 700K

Wanted! - 1.8M

Watchtower - 1.5M

Waterfall Quest - 500K

What Lies Below - 900K

Witch's House - 200K

Zogre Flesh Eaters 900K

Pest Control
Novice: Full Void+helm 18m extra helms 3m each
Inter: Full void+helm 16m extra helms 2.5m each
Veteran: Full void+helm 12m extra helms 2m each
For Powerlvl Message me since it all depend on the skill you want me to train. I don't offer Agility/farming/rc/ unless you want to offer 35gp/exp 
So guys I letting ya know again that my only Skype is "Cerberos19" and ya can check my Skype in my profile.
Anyone claiming to be me report it please or contact me via a private message or Skype.
Edited by Devry123
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1 hour ago, Marley said:

First post?

offsite community I have around 100 FB :) I just made this service thread in case anyone need. if ya are from other community we can talk in skype to show my fb :)


anyway 15% discount are on most quests too so I hope people notice that and not the date I joined this community :) 

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  • Our picks

    • We've heard your complaints - the TRiBot API could be much easier to use. We've been dedicating our time to improving the scripter experience here and spent the past year working on a new and improved API - the TRiBot Script SDK.


      The TRiBot Script SDK is an easy-to-use library for building TRiBot scripts. It is the recommended approach to building scripts moving forward over the old TRiBot API. It contains all the core things you need to build a script, and a ton of additional helpful stuff to get you using your scripts quicker. See the documentation section for everything offered, and check out the brief overview link too.


      The SDK was announced in preview here:


      It is now officially released. The official release guarantees we will support backwards compatibility for some period of time. See the 'backwards compatibility' section below for more info.


      How to use:

      There is multiple options, listed in the order they are recommended.

      1) Use the gradle template mentioned below

      2) Obtain through gradle

      Add this dependency: api("org.tribot:tribot-script-sdk:+")

      Add this repository: maven("https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/20741387/packages/maven")

      3) Take from your local filesystem in your .tribot/install folder. For example, on windows, you'd find it at "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\install\tribot-client\lib\tribot-script-sdk-[version].jar"



      Java docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/javadocs/index.html?overview-summary.html

      Kotlin docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/kdocs/index.html


      Backwards compatibility:

      We will be following a deprecation schedule whenever we perform a possible breaking change. We will deprecate the respective methods or classes and announce it in a topic. It will remain deprecated for some period of time (weeks or months), and then removed. This will give you time to fix anything, if we need to make a breaking change.


      Gradle template:

      Easily build scripts with a new pre-configured scripting gradle template


      Users of the current API:

      There is no plans to remove TRiBot API. It will still be available. However, non-critical bugs probably won't be fixed. The SDK does depend on some of the API so fixing some things in the SDK will indirectly fix the API. However, bugs that have existed in the API for awhile will likely not be fixed. It's recommended to use the SDK moving forward. Let us know if there's something the SDK is missing.


      Brief overview of the changes:


      Bug reports:

      Post bug reports in the bug reports section of the forums



      Let us know what your thoughts are! If you have questions, feel free to ask below or in discord.

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    • Support for the gradle launcher is being dropped. Read more about the new launcher here.
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    • What to expect from TRiBot moving forward.
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    • TRiBot 12 Release Candidate

      The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12.
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    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

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      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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