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Taking Premium Script Requests

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I LOVE this post,

AND your scripts I use more than any.

*Slayer - definitely what id want the most - I was super into MUTES SLAYER but one of the updates broke it - havnt tried in 2week

*A decent farm-run script

*Rogues den (havn't done much searching but havnt seen one yet)

*Tzhaar - jad attempt'r - or one that shows places to stand, priority kill/pray - for each wave to maximize efficiency 

*WC - cuts logs - turns to planks - then banks - repeat - WCGuild

*Pray flicking would be cool too, but I already can see the issues that could bring etc etc

*Also, I have a private script request - don't do much writing myself, but I think I could say this would be super easy. will pay

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There's 3 things off the top of my head that I know tribot needs in the premium script section. 

A nieve and duradel slayer script, a complete slayer one just seems like too much. considering it's only 85cb to use nieve. The bot doesn't even have to have cannon/burst/barrage support etc. Just using melee and blowpipe would be bloody amazing and more than enough. 
An AIO runecrafting bot that works!!!!
And a thiever, both of the premium thievers are trash. 

Zeah favour is fantastic though and definitely a good place to start. (blast mine looks v good)

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Request: Rimington Gilded Altar runs: Unoting and joining POH , using bones. FAST . HUman Like
Description: Rimington Gilded Altar runs: Unoting and joining POH , using bones. FAST . HUman Like. Super stacked with Anti Ban. Want to use on mains
Payment Amount: 10-30 usd? can be discussed if serious.
Time: How soon does this need to be completed? The Sooner the better i assume.
Additional: Can speak on Discord if wanted. str1ker#4132

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2 hours ago, Josedva23 said:

Are ya willing to write a script for Shop buyer/sellers? Since ExShopper is no longer available it would be really nice that someone makes a new shopper trader, or something like that.

Working on one slowly, but TRiBot 11 has been keeping me busy. Feel free to message me what options you'd like to see it have.

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On 5/24/2020 at 3:45 AM, briareos2285 said:

Make a premium Herbiboar Script. Id easily pay $15-20 a month.

@Encoded I second that sentiment. I dont know much about coding but seems like this one should be fairly simple. You dont need teleports, Herbi always follows a preset pathing. Banking is very close as well, would just need stam/herb sack/banking support.

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this is very useful for ironman but also for regular players since the xp/h ranges from 15k to 40k mining exp


Request: requesting sandstone mining script for gathering buckets of sand
Description: having 3 waterskins in inventory at all time and refilling them with the humidify lunar spell (no banking needed) then mine sandstone in the quarry and deposit them in the grinder, thats basicly it the guy can hold 25k buckets of sand 
Payment Amount: 30 dollar for this to work with decent anti ban system 
Time: How soon does this need to be completed? not in a rush
Additional: Any additional comments. premium scripters only please

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  • Our picks

    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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    • Hi everyone,

      I'd like to thank everyone for their patience in this transition period. Since last week, we've worked out the remaining bugs with this integration.

      Some users have still been having issues with connecting their forums account to their Auth0 account. To resolve this, we've imported all forums accounts into Auth0.

      Unfortunately, the accounts which were imported today were using an unsupported password hashing algorithm. Hence, random passwords were set during the import.

      What does this mean for me?

      If you've previously linked your forums account to your Auth0 account, you don't have to do anything. Nothing changes for you.

      If you haven't logged in via our new login yet,

      Try logging in with your forums email address and the last password you used

      If you are unable to login, please use the "Forgot password" tool on the login page:
      Follow the instructions to reset your password
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    • Hello everyone,

      Last week we tried to roll out Auth0 Login, but we lost that battle. Now it's time to win the war!

      Important changes

      When logging into the client, you'll now have to enter your Auth0 account credentials instead of your forums credentials

      Note: 2FA is still handled through your forums account (for the time being)

      Changes for existing users

      You'll have to link your Auth0 account to your forums account here: https://tribot.org/forums/settings/login/?service=11

      Auth0 accounts have been created for most existing users. Please use your forums email address and password to login.

      Important notes

      Make sure to verify your email address upon creating a new Auth0 account

      When we mention your Auth0 account, we mean your account used for auth.tribot.org as displayed below
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    • To better support the upcoming changes (TRiBot X, new repository), we're switching our login handler to Auth0. Instead of logging in with the standard form, you'll now be required to login through our Auth0 application.

      All existing accounts which have been used within approximately the past year have been imported into Auth0 using the same email and password combination which has been stored on the forums.

      What does this mean for users?

      Your account credentials are now even more securely stored

      You'll be able to login via Facebook, Google, and others in the future

      Is there anything users have to do differently now?

      Existing users: You'll have to login with the standard login, open your Account Settings, then link your Auth0 account

      New users: You'll be redirected to our Auth0 app (auth.tribot.org) where you'll be able to create an account

      Why was this change made?

      The new apps we are creating (such as the new repository) aren't able to use the forums to handle user logins

      To centralize all user accounts in one area

      To ensure that the client login doesn't go down when the forums are having problems

      To speed up our development

      Other considerations

      There's no documentation or official support for using Invision Community combined with Auth0, so there are still a few kinks we're working out

      We're in the works of creating an account management panel specifically for Auth0 accounts (ETA August)

      It's not possible to change email addresses for the time being (this will be resolved this August)

      Changing passwords is a weird process for the time being. To change your password, you'll have to use the "Don't remember your password" tool on the Auth0 login page
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    • Over the past month, we've been working hard on TRiBot's new repository - a much needed update. This change has been deemed necessary for TRiBot X, and will allow us to really speed up development of all aspects of TRiBot.

      Today we are going to share what we've been working on!

      Now you must be wondering what kind of features the new repository will have.... well, you'll have to be patient for a little while longer. We're still figuring out various technical aspects so we can't provide answers to all possible questions. We're also focusing on development rather than writing about it so that everyone can get access to our latest developments at lightning speed. I will however answer a few users' questions.

      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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