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FC Questing|15 Quests|GE Support|ABC2|Frequent Quest Additions|$3.99|2 Versions

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Attention: The script has been retired. I'd like to thank everyone who supported FC scripts over the past couple of years! (See the last post for more details)


FC Questing
FC Questing is here for all to enjoy! This script is built on a framework which allows for easy chaining of quests, as well as new quests to be added with minimal effort. I will consistently add new quests to the script.

Suicide Farm Edition:

In addition to the full FC Questing script, I'm also offering a cheaper edition specifically for suicide farmers. The suicide farm edition will include the following:

  • Tutorial Island
  • Cook's Assistant
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Sheep Shearer

Pricing options are below.


  • Start anywhere
  • Grand exchange support for quests that should utilize it
  • Quest chaining
  • Clean and detailed paint
  • 15 quests supported and counting (GE indicates grand exchange support, GA indicates manual gathering support, SR indicates that the script will achieve skill requirements on it's own, QR indicates that the script will achieve quest point requirements on it's own
    • Tutorial Island
    • Doric's Quest GE GA
    • Sheep Shearer GA
    • Cook's Assistant GA
    • Romeo & Juliet GA
    • Rune Mysteries GA
    • Imp Catcher GE
    • Goblin Diplomacy GE
    • Druidic Ritual GE
    • Witch's Potion GE
    • Prince Ali Rescue GE
    • The Knight's Sword GE SR
    • Ernest the Chicken GA
    • The Restless Ghost GA
    • Black Knight's Fortress GE QR

Script Arguments:

  • profile_name
    • Simply type in the name of a previously saved profile, and it will be used!
  • 7qp
    • Romeo & Juliet
    • Sheep Shearer
    • Cook's Assistant
  • all
    • All supported quests, random order
  • tut-ge
    • Tutorial island
    • Walks to GE after tutorial island
  • tut
    • Tutorial island

Account Queue:

FC Questing supports an account queue, meaning you can run many accounts through the script with ease. Simply create a file in the directory which is opened by the "load accts" button, and format it like so:


Each account must be on it's own line. The accounts will all be ran with the same settings that you have selected. If a banned / locked / invalid account is provided, it will skip over it.

GE Support / Gathering:

The script currently features Grand Exchange support for quests that should utilize it. Also, the script supports gathering items manually as well. Check the quest list above to see what each quest supports. Here are some things you should know:

  • If supported, the script will attempt to purchase items from the GE first before gathering manually
    • If the player doesn't have enough gold for all of the items, it will then resort to manually gathering the rest of the materials (if gathering is supported for the quest)
    • The script will attempt to purchase items < 2,000 GP for double their market price, to try and avoid waiting. >= 2000 GP will be bought at 1.3 times their market price (this can be changed if you have suggestions)
  • If the quest does not support manual gathering, and the GE process fails, the script will end
  • The script will abort & resubmit any offers that don't sell instantly, for 15% higher (if the character has enough gp to do so). This helps avoid waiting around for items to sell.

General Notes:

As this is a quest script, there are a lot of moving parts. This almost ensures that bugs will pop up now and then. Please report them when they arise, provide a detailed description, and I will fix it as fast as possible.

The script generally should be able to start in the middle of a quest, however please be aware that this may result in questionable script behavior and / or the quest not completing properly.

Bug Reports / Suggestions / Questions:

Please see the thread here on how to report an issue or suggestion. Direct posts on the thread or private messages will be redirected to here.

Please join my discord channel here for other miscellaneous inquiries. This is the fastest way to contact me.

Pricing for FC Questing (FULL):

  • 1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month)
  • $3.99 per month, 10 instances (great for the casual user)
  • $9.99 per month, 30 instances (great for the large bot farmer)
  • $14.99 per 6 months ($2.50 per month), 10 instances (great for the long term user)
  • $39.99 per 6 months ($6.67 per month), 30 instances (great for the long term large bot farmer)

Pricing for FC Questing Lite (TUTORIAL + 7QP):

  • 1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month)
  • $0.99 per month, 10 instances
  • $2.49 per 3 months ($.83 cents per month), 10 instances
  • $3.99 per 6 months ($.67 per month), 10 instances
  • $9.99 per 6 months ($1.67 per month), 30 instances





Time Lapse:







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I will be offering a lite "7 Quest points" version of the script which will include Tutorial Island, R&J, Sheep Shearer, and Cook's Assistant.

Pricing for the 7qp version will be as follows:

$1.99 lifetime (1 instance)

$4.99 lifetime (unlimited instances)

I will be submitting this to the repository for approval later today.

Edited by Final Calibur
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47 minutes ago, zdogg said:

So you will be adding more quests to the list eventually?



Plan to support 20-30 by the end of summer, and at least 40-50 by the end of the year.

After that, who knows. I'll keep adding quests as long as this community is alive.

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4 hours ago, Final Calibur said:

I will be offering a lite "7 Quest points" version of the script which will include Tutorial Island, R&J, Sheep Shearer, and Cook's Assistant.

Pricing for the 7qp version will be as follows:

$1.99 lifetime (1 insance)

$4.99 lifetime (unlimited instances)

I will be submitting this to the repository for approval later today.

This is great news! I hope everyone else appreciates this as much I as do. ^^

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2 hours ago, gabrielspecter said:

@Final Calibur


You mentioned adding 10 - 20 quests by the end of the summer. Is there a list of these upcoming quests you are planning to add?


  • Prince Ali Rescue
  • Knight's Sword
  • Ernest the Chicken
  • Fishing Contest
  • Gertrude's Cat
  • Client of Kourend
  • Pirate's Treasure
  • Waterfall Quest
  • Restless Ghost
  • Priest in Peril
  • Jungle Potion
  • Monk's Friend
  • Murder Mystery
  • Plague City
  • Dwarf Cannon
  • Death Plateau
  • Black Knight's Fortress
  • Demon Slayer
  • Clock Tower
  • Biohazard

Those are just some of the ones I've looked into.

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9 minutes ago, Final Calibur said:

FC Questing [Tut + 7QP] has been released. Check the main post for details.

Pricing had to be adjusted to comply with TRiLeZ's requirements.

Damn, that's really a let down... Only because like others have said, you can just use other clients to get 7qp, but w/e. It's less than $1/m, I'll pay that, it's the least I can do for using your script for free all this time.

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Just now, soriks said:

Damn, that's really a let down... Only because like others have said, you can just use other clients to get 7qp, but w/e. It's less than $1/m, I'll pay that, it's the least I can do for using your script for free all this time.

I don't want you to purchase it because you feel like you owe me. You don't owe me anything for using the script while it was free.

I tried to make it as cheap and close to lifetime as I could (while still profiting some). Unfortunately, lifetime and unlimited instances were not in the cards. :(

As always, thank you for your consistent support!

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2 minutes ago, Final Calibur said:

I don't want you to purchase it because you feel like you owe me. You don't owe me anything for using the script while it was free.

I tried to make it as cheap and close to lifetime as I could (while still profiting some). Unfortunately, lifetime and unlimited instances were not in the cards. :(

As always, thank you for your consistent support!

Well the script is without a doubt very HQ as well, also I enjoy the tribot client. So it's worth it to me :)

and I do owe you ^^

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Gratz on Re-release, 
would you ever think about adding a NMZ option? so all the quest required for basic NMZ. 
think that would be a very welcomed aspect to this script

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      1. Description

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           2.1 What Can the Script Kill
           2.2 Core Combat
           2.3 Looting
           2.4 Banking
           2.5 Progressive Training
           2.6 Worldhopping
      3. Magic Overview
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      4. Purchase Info
           4.1 Packages
      5. Testimonials
      6. Gallery
      Total Runtime Statistics:
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      GUI Preview: 

      1. Description:
      Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is a script engineered to safely train up your Combat, Magic and Slayer skills using nearly every training method available in the game.

      Using ABC2 technology and thousands of hours of real human playing data, the script now out-performs most human players, while also avoiding bot-detection and staying under the radar from Jagex.
      2. Combat Overview:
      2.1 What Can the Script Kill?:
      The script is capable of killing every monster in the game, below are some noteworthy opponents: 
      Dragons - Including Green, Blue, Red, Black, Brutal, Adamant& Rune dragons - Amazing for goldfarming or training up your account.  Slayer monsters - Dark Beasts, Cave Krakens, Abyssal Demons, Drakes, Spiritual Mages/Warriors, Wyverns, Nechryaels, Gargoyles, Dust Devils & everything below. It will automatically use the required slayer items for finishing.  Crabs - The script can kill ALL types of crabs: Rock, Sand, Swamp and Ammonite crabs! are all supported. The script will reset the aggressiveness when they stop waking up.  Experiments - Insane XP for pures. Yaks - Insane XP for mains. Chaos druids - Good goldfarming for medium level accounts. All wilderness monsters - Good for farming emblems & wildy slayer.  Dagannoths - Insane XP, I recommend bringing a cannon for maximum gains.  Nightmare Zone Bosses - The script can kill all bosses inside NMZ and drink all the potions. It will end once the dream is complete.  Stronghold of Security and other dungeons - The script supports all of these locations.  Plus 1000's of other monsters - Literally anything you can think of, some people even use it for KBD.  2.2 Core Combat:
      Below are some of the core features that make the script so powerful. Using the features mentioned below the script can perform just as good as any player. 
      Custom fight areas - You can specify exactly where in the game you want the script to fight. Either with a polygon or a circle. Below is an example of a polygon fight area. Dwarf multicannon - The script will place, reload, pickup and stop your cannon decaying. Prayer - The script can use all prayers, including quick prayer, and even recharge your prayer at nearby altars.  Potions - Including Divine, Extended, Super, Regular, Energy, Stamina & NMZ potions.  Special Attacks - Supports every special attack weapon in the game, including weapon switching.  Guthans - The script can switch to Guthan's to heal, then switch back to your primary gear once hp is recovered.  Resetting Aggressiveness - The script can detect when monsters stop being aggressive towards you, and run away to reset the aggro.  Food - It can eat every type of food in the game. Even multiple types of food, simply seperate their names with a comma E.G Lobster, Swordfish. Bones to peaches - The script efficiently uses Bones to peach tablets if you've got them in your inventory.  Safe spotting - Safely train combat from a distance without taking any damage.  Uses slayer items to finish kills - Bags of salt, ice coolers, rock hammer etc. Detects if you've unlocked the slayer ability to auto-kill.  Bone burrying - Train up your prayer! 2.3 Looting:
      Looting by item name or ID - Simple to setup Looting by item price - E.G Loot all items over 500gp - Fetches prices from the Runescape grand exchange. Telekinetic grab support - For those hard to reach places.  High alching - Turn your loot into gold while you train! Pickup and re-equip ammo - Supports all ammo types. Ironman looting - The script will automatically detect if you're an Ironman, and loot accordingly.  Looting bag & Herb sack  - The script will automatically use them if you're carrying one. Accurate profit calculations  - Track your gains on screen or with your dynamic signature.  2.4 Banking:
      Supports every bank in the game - Can use every bank chest / booth / banker in RS. Fully customisable inventory setups. Tip 1: When withdrawing potions or charged jewellery, you can type (*) Instead of the dose number and it will withdraw whatever dose is highest in the bank. 
      For example Ring of duelling(*).  Tip 2: You can also type 0 as the quantity, and it will withdraw-all of the item instead of a specific quantity. 
      For example these settings would make it withdraw all of your cannonballs, then fill your inventory with lobsters.

      Supports all Teleports - The script can use all teleport methods including Spells, Tabs, Jewelery & Scrolls + more. Will bank for multiple conditions: 
      - Hp is below a set %.
      - Inventory is full.
      - Out of food.
      - Out of runes.
      - Out of ammo.
      - Out of all potions.
      - Out of prayer potions.
      - Out of antifire potions.
      - Out of cannonballs.
      - Before a break starts.
      - When your slayer task is complete. Heals to full HP at the bank - To save food during your trip, it'll heal up in the bank.  Logs out when you're out of supplies. 2.5 Progressive training: 
      The script can do the following when you level up, or after x amount of time:
      Upgrade equipment - E.g upgrade to Rune scimitar when you reach 40 attack. Change attack styles - E.g switch to Strength training after you reach 40 attack Change training method / location - The script can completely switch training methods, e.g Rock crabs to 60 strength, then go train magic to 70 alching, then switch back to Chaos druids after an hour. All without stopping the script.  2.6 Worldhopping: 
      The script uses both the ingame worldhopper and login screen worldhopper to find the ideal training spot. Note: All of these settings are optional. 
      Supports F2P, Members & DMM worlds  - It will automatically detect which you're in, and select worlds accordingly.  Worldhop when x players in your area - The script can count how many players are around and worldhop if it gets too busy.  Worldhop when there's a cannon in your spot - To avoid reduced XP / GP rates. Worldhop when there's a Jagex Moderator nearby - A safety precaution.  Worldhop when the break handler activated - So someone doesn't see you training for prolong periods of time. Worldhop when someone talks in your area. 3. Magic Overview:
      The script can train with pretty much every training method available, from Air strike to Ice barrage, it's all supported. 
      (The script can also loot, use cannon etc while using non-combat methods).

      3.1 Regular Spellbook
      The script can use the following regular spellbook spells, both in combat & out of combat.
      Splashing Strike spells Bolt spells Blast spells Surge spells Enchant jewelry spells Superheat items Enchant crossbow bolt spells Curse spells Alchemy spells Teleport spells 3.2 Ancient Spellbook
      The script can use the following ancient spellbook spells.
      All rush spells All burst spells All blitz spells All barrage spells 3.3 Lunar Spellbook
      The script can traing using the following lunar spellbook spells.
      Humidify Superglass Make Tan Leather Plank Make Spin Flax String Jewelry  3.4 Combo Alching
      The script can also Combo alch, meaning it will cast the high alchemy spell after using another spell to recieve rapid XP.
      It can combo alch with the following spells:
      Combat / Alch - E.G Fire surge & Alch at the same time Curse / Alch - From curse up to stun it's all supported. Earn up to 180K XP/Hour Teleport / Alch - Very fast XP.  4. Purchase info and script trial info:
      $6 Package:
      Instance count: 1
      Duration: 1 month
      Note: Bulk discounts are available for goldfarmers, please contact me via my discord in signature and we can work out a price .
      All packages include:
      VIP is not required to run the script The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for the duration of your subscription. Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums
        Click the image below to view the script on the TRiBot Shop.   5. Testimonials:

      6. Gallery:
      Killing 15,000 abyssal demons and getting over 26 whips on one account.

    • By TzTok-Matt
      Hello, this is my first public TRiBot script. It mines Daeyalt essence, nothing more, and nothing less.
      It can activate the dragon pickaxe's special attack, and it implements most of the ABC2 features. Need some help figuring out the compliance level, as I'm not sure about some things (related to the fixed rate that the essence spawns at, and there only being one essence mineable at a time).
      With level 70 mining and a rune pickaxe, I was able to achieve around 4100 essence mined per hour.
      You can view the source code on GitHub or download it from the repository.
    • By heff420
      hello guys this script doesnt seem to want to work it cant complete the quests it just stops when buying items i have all required levels and deleted hook.dat anjd .tribot folder and installeed correct java
      any idea on what to do?
  • Our picks

    • We've heard your complaints - the TRiBot API could be much easier to use. We've been dedicating our time to improving the scripter experience here and spent the past year working on a new and improved API - the TRiBot Script SDK.


      The TRiBot Script SDK is an easy-to-use library for building TRiBot scripts. It is the recommended approach to building scripts moving forward over the old TRiBot API. It contains all the core things you need to build a script, and a ton of additional helpful stuff to get you using your scripts quicker. See the documentation section for everything offered, and check out the brief overview link too.


      The SDK was announced in preview here:


      It is now officially released. The official release guarantees we will support backwards compatibility for some period of time. See the 'backwards compatibility' section below for more info.


      How to use:

      There is multiple options, listed in the order they are recommended.

      1) Use the gradle template mentioned below

      2) Obtain through gradle

      Add this dependency: api("org.tribot:tribot-script-sdk:+")

      Add this repository: maven("https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/20741387/packages/maven")

      3) Take from your local filesystem in your .tribot/install folder. For example, on windows, you'd find it at "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\install\tribot-client\lib\tribot-script-sdk-[version].jar"



      Java docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/javadocs/index.html?overview-summary.html

      Kotlin docs: https://runeautomation.com/docs/sdk/kdocs/index.html


      Backwards compatibility:

      We will be following a deprecation schedule whenever we perform a possible breaking change. We will deprecate the respective methods or classes and announce it in a topic. It will remain deprecated for some period of time (weeks or months), and then removed. This will give you time to fix anything, if we need to make a breaking change.


      Gradle template:

      Easily build scripts with a new pre-configured scripting gradle template


      Users of the current API:

      There is no plans to remove TRiBot API. It will still be available. However, non-critical bugs probably won't be fixed. The SDK does depend on some of the API so fixing some things in the SDK will indirectly fix the API. However, bugs that have existed in the API for awhile will likely not be fixed. It's recommended to use the SDK moving forward. Let us know if there's something the SDK is missing.


      Brief overview of the changes:


      Bug reports:

      Post bug reports in the bug reports section of the forums



      Let us know what your thoughts are! If you have questions, feel free to ask below or in discord.

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    • Support for the gradle launcher is being dropped. Read more about the new launcher here.
      • 8 replies
    • What to expect from TRiBot moving forward.
      • 11 replies
    • TRiBot 12 Release Candidate

      The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12.
      • 40 replies
    • Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity.

      We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages

      Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher

      The goals of TRiBot Central are to:

      Deliver updates to TRiBot faster

      Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies)

      Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot

      Make it easier to use and run TRiBot

      Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
      • 15 replies
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