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Dispute against Montreal

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Scammer's Username: Montreal
Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @Montreal 
Chat/Discussion Methods: None.
Chat Username(If Applicable)*: None.
Describe in detail in your words what happened: Identical situation to pass consumers. Montreal has provided me with two sets of proxys that do not work. I have submitted two tickets on his hosted website as well as messaged him directly on tribot forums and left a message on his forum post with no reply. It's been a week now since these proxys have not worked and I have not heard a single word from monteral at all. It's a shame I have to make a dispute since I had no issues with his service prior to this.
Evidence**: In the screenshots you can see the provided proxys and a clear example of a proxy not working which is the case for all.
Requesting immediate refund, compensation for time lost.





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@liamonly I haven't been on the forums or attending to tickets this past week, usually I'm very attentive but I am bipolar and had a bad lapse due to my transition in work IRL and fell into a slump. I'd rather not go deeper into it but take 100% responsibility for the issues with socks5proxies.net and customers currently. I am back and working through it all, getting proxies up, stock back, and new servers ordered. I am also looking for a new hire to attend to tickets but this has proven difficult as this is sensitive information and I need to find someone credible and trustworthy. Please give me 24 hours to fix your issues and compensate you. I'm sincerely sorry.

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@Usa At this point it's utterly beyond a joke, I've spent over $50 AUD with no proxies active, wasted bonds on multiple accounts etc and still no reply after 5 days subsequent his response that he'll sort it out within 24 hours. It's been +3 weeks since I have paid for the service, have contacted Montreal on multiple platforms with no action being taken. You shouldn't have to apologize for anyone, he should take complete responsibility and have had it sorted weeks ago let alone live up to his word "quote" -

On 11/18/2017 at 8:37 AM, Montreal said:

Please give me 24 hours to fix your issues and compensate you. I'm sincerely sorry.

You can't be sincerely sorry and give me all the bs excuses above then let another 5 days pass.

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@liamonly I had no access to the internet or tribot for 3 weeks. I thought I had issued you a refund but the ticket was apparently not yours. I've issued you a full refund for both sets. I believe $25 USD and $13 USD just now. Please confirm and let me know this is indeed you, if not, please PM me your payment e-mail. When I get new stock I'll also be sending proxies your way.

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    • By eilif
      Scammer's Username: 
      Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/276978-planetsgold/
      Chat/Discussion Methods: Live chat
      Chat Username(If Applicable)*:  Yode, Sam, Boris (Yes all of them involved in this case)
      Describe in detail in your words what happened:
      I saw their thread again on tribot, and decided to hop for 50m gold. Purchased normally, and sent paypal email confirmation to Yode, then Yode asked for my Drivers out of sudden along with "I authorize this transaction" paper, despite me having pristine clear history of over 500m+ purchases with them. Sure, I gave it, then he wants to see my social security number.
      At this point I said fuck off cause with that, you can take up to 70k loan in my name from many local loan shark companies in here from their websites in under 10 minutes. No way I give that info to some OSRS Gold site.
      So, then it was time for refund, and guess what?  They refused to deliver, refused to refund and refused to let me talk with a manager.
      So I threathened them with chargeback, and then manager joined.

      So he avoids the question about what to do next.
      After that I rejoin the chat and get boris to say this following:

      Ok so, 4-6 hours? Then I'll go to sleep.
      At this morning I ask again wheres the money.

      Again, more empty promises, so I open paypal chargeback.
    • By DMMSlaver
      Not even sure if this is technically allowed, but I want to save people from experiencing the same troubles I did. This is in no way meant to absolve myself of any actions i have taken, but merely to share my experience with others to advise them to stay clear of that place altogether.

      For some background, I am one of the largest account makers in the RS2 marketplace, with over 800,000 sold this year alone. This was no small task and it took me 8 hours a day for upwards of six months to get the operation running, which included breaking Jagex's detection methods for tutorial island. 

      After OSBot gained a personal and childlike vendetta against me for no reason other than my successes, I was banned from their forums permanently, which is why I came to TRIBot. I actually gave more information on my introduction thread here:

      While I had been banned from the forums, they still allowed me access to the client and $~200 worth of scripts I paid for with hard earned goldfarming money. I figured I would cut my losses which mainly pertained to advertisement threads for script and account sales, and continue running my tutorial farm in the background without making any appearances on the forums. I continued doing this for several months, with no problems, and assumed the personal "beef" was resolved as they were still getting money and I wasn't posting my superior scripts on their forums making their own look inadequate. I was wrong.

      Today, I logged on this morning as per usual to check the farms progress and pull newly created accounts for verification. Upon connecting to my dedicated server, I saw the CPU usage at 0% and immediately my heart sank because I hadn't checked in for 24 hours and during that time frame I knew it had submitted well over 10,000 requests to my captcha service as well as the Runescape account creation page. Assuming the worst, that Jagex had somehow figured out how to stop my farm, I started tearing through the logs, but it didn't take me long to see the problem.

      Immediately upon reading this message, I knew that Alek, had elevated his personal problems to a whole new level. Only mere days after my last successful payment to OSBot, not only had my client and bot access been revoked for absolutely no reason, but all of my script access as well, which I had purchased many from independent scriptwriters for things such as collecting area and path data and various other miscellaneous configuration tasks and bots that I use to gather supplies for my larger botfarms.

      There you have it. I was not only scammed out of hundreds of dollars of VIP fees, and multiple hundreds of dollars of independent scripts, but he purposely, manually, and individually targeted me to shut down my entire operation which cost me around $590 in lost profits as well as $~150 in captcha/server costs.

      All of this comes during my last week of college, as I have a thesis and multiple final projects due this week, I can not take the time to reconfigure my farm to use TRIBot until next week. Luckily  I do have a very large stock of accounts in reserve to keep my current clients satisfied without any interruption. 

      It is not the money that bothers me in this situation, as I can recoup these losses easily. But a small farmer that gets targeted in this way and requires profit for their life and well being may not be able to.

      What really bothers me, is the principle, the ill intent of the situation. For no other reason than pure malice, a paying customer was intentionally sabotaged without even giving notice. 

      Do not give any of your money to OSBot. Alek and the staff are malicious, corrupt, scamming scum. 

      I will be reconfiguring my farm to use TRIBot in the coming weeks.
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