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The below link will not spend credits, it will simply take you to the repository 



This script now features an option to allow your bots to automatically trade and logs/nests to your mule account! AUTOMATICALLY (World hopping included) ! - No longer will you need to spend hours transferring from each account!





















Get your own personal dynamic signature! simply change the end of the link to your tribot name, if you have spaces in your tribot name replace them with underscores, e.g. Druid 1 would be Druid_1


Paste this code directly into your signature, don't click on insert image icon!


Script user guide - Click the spoiler to view



653GM.jpg          653K7.jpg         ;654OD.jpg



General Tab


Cutting Mode - Choose your cutting mode, Normal is normal woodcutting, 1-99 Progressive will change trees/axes as you level up (Works in seers village) - Great for leveling up new accounts


Tree type- Choose which tree you would like to chop.


Location - Choose the location where you want to chop the tree.


Load last session - This will automatically load the GUI options you choose on the last session! Pretty cool huh!



Custom Tab


This part of the GUI lets you define your own custom cutting settings, if you don't want to use the pre-sets.


To enable custom cutting, you will need to tick the check box.

Once you've ticked the check box to enable custom cutting, you'll then need to choose your method of chopping.

There are two options Radius and Define Area


Radius- Choosing a cutting radius will make your character only search for trees within the radius you set around your current players position

Make sure you select a large enough radius to ensure you can actually cut trees in your surroundings.

The radius number corresponds to the amount of tiles to search around you. This is painted on your mini-map to aid you!

Bank logs - Tick this if you want to bank your logs, if you leave this unticked it will drop the logs (Powerchopping)


Center tile - Click the "Set Tile" button to choose which tile the bot will run back to after banking or if it gets teleported.



Settings Tab

Mouse Keys - Enabling this will drop logs alot quicker, this is only applied if you've chosen custom chopping.

Hovering - Enabling this will make the bot hover over the next tree to chop when cutting.

Speed - Allows you to set a custom mouse speed (Type a value 1-1000).

Anti-Ban - Enabling this will turn antiban on.

Change axes- Enabling this will upgrade your characters axe when you level up if you have a better one banked.

Load configuration - Choose your saved configuration and click load, this will load the saved settings for you!

New configuration - Enter a file name and click save, this will save your current GUI options for use another time!

(Should you have any suggestions for future settings, leave a post on the thread!)



Auto trading user guide


If you're reading this guide then you've probably made the correct decision to save yourself some time and make your life alot easier! Well done.
To use this add-on it's very simple, yet effective!
How you use it:
1. Place all your bots into a clan chat (Doesn't matter which one, just make sure they are all in there). When you log into RS07 in future all accounts auto join the clan chat, so once you've done this once, you won't ever need to do this again.
2. Enter your mule name in the GUI
 Now all your bots are in the clan chat, go into the clan chat on your mule account (Must be the same username as what you typed in the GUI)
Once you're in the chat, to instruct your bots to come trade with you you need to type two things:
1. Location of the trade
2. The world you want to trade.
The only locations supported are Seers/Catherby/Varrock bank. For example if you want to trade at seers in world 326 you would say the following:

World 326
To meet in Catherby world 377 you would say:
World 377
Saying this will trigger all the bots to world hop and meet you in this location, trade you all the logs, then hop back to their original world and resume chopping. This whole process is automatic on the bots, no longer will you have the boring task of transferring logs to your mule/main! - You can also trade items to the mule accounts whilst doing this and they will be banked (E.g. New axes).

Progress reports - Click the spoiler to view!


Here are some progress reports, from the users of the script! Some brilliant progress reports, I'm sure they can ALL be beaten!






The above three progress report is showing logs,profit and xp incorrectly ( was a small bug - now fixed) however the time and everything else is showing correct!







Extra information

  • The script has the ability to chop any  trees anywhere is rs, this can be done by setting up a custom tree area in the gui and saving it, there are tons of pre-sets of popular locations already!
  • The script has the optional ability to automatically switch trees and axes as you level up, perfect for training up mass accounts ready to goldfarm!
  • J Mod detection - You will world hop if a J mod comes!
  • Anti-Botwatch secrets are implemented to avoid bans! 
  • I Personally use this script myself, so i will ensure it's always running top notch!
  • Hundreds of bills profit gained since release! Start earning yourself NOW!
  • The script will instantly world hop if you're placed in a bot world. 

Should you have ANY questions - Add me on Skype I've very active and will happily answer and questions regarding the script!
Thank you for viewing my thread :)

Edited by Druid
So, I accidentally had the titled changed; my sincerest apologies
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Guest 07_Scaper

(ps great script) quick suggestion: add camera spin to anti ban :)

Also V1.01 is very buggy, first version is definitely better

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Guest 07_Scaper

im back to running first version now. but whilst using 1.01 I noticed the bot would run away from trees to try and correct itself when it was in the right location near the yews

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