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Activate Script:

FC Questing
FC Questing is here for all to enjoy! This script is built on a framework which allows for easy chaining of quests, as well as new quests to be added with minimal effort.


  • Start anywhere
  • Grand exchange support for quests that should utilize it
  • Quest chaining
  • Clean and detailed paint
  • 15 quests supported and counting (GE indicates grand exchange support, GA indicates manual gathering support, SR indicates that the script will achieve skill requirements on it's own, QR indicates that the script will achieve quest point requirements on it's own
    • Tutorial Island
    • Doric's Quest GE GA
    • Sheep Shearer GA
    • Cook's Assistant GA
    • Romeo & Juliet GA
    • Rune Mysteries GA
    • Imp Catcher GE
    • Goblin Diplomacy GE
    • Druidic Ritual GE
    • Witch's Potion GE
    • Prince Ali Rescue GE
    • The Knight's Sword GE SR
    • Ernest the Chicken GA
    • The Restless Ghost GA
    • Black Knight's Fortress GE QR

Script Arguments:

  • profile_name
    • Simply type in the name of a previously saved profile, and it will be used!
  • 7qp
    • Romeo & Juliet
    • Sheep Shearer
    • Cook's Assistant
  • all
    • All supported quests, random order
  • tut-ge
    • Tutorial island
    • Walks to GE after tutorial island
  • tut
    • Tutorial island

Account Queue:

FC Questing supports an account queue, meaning you can run many accounts through the script with ease. Simply create a file in the directory which is opened by the "load accts" button, and format it like so:


Each account must be on it's own line. The accounts will all be ran with the same settings that you have selected. If a banned / locked / invalid account is provided, it will skip over it.

GE Support / Gathering:

The script currently features Grand Exchange support for quests that should utilize it. Also, the script supports gathering items manually as well. Check the quest list above to see what each quest supports. Here are some things you should know:

  • If supported, the script will attempt to purchase items from the GE first before gathering manually
    • If the player doesn't have enough gold for all of the items, it will then resort to manually gathering the rest of the materials (if gathering is supported for the quest)
    • The script will attempt to purchase items < 2,000 GP for double their market price, to try and avoid waiting. >= 2000 GP will be bought at 1.3 times their market price (this can be changed if you have suggestions)
  • If the quest does not support manual gathering, and the GE process fails, the script will end
  • The script will abort & resubmit any offers that don't sell instantly, for 15% higher (if the character has enough gp to do so). This helps avoid waiting around for items to sell.

General Notes:

As this is a quest script, there are a lot of moving parts. This almost ensures that bugs will pop up now and then. Please report them when they arise, provide a detailed description, and I will fix it as fast as possible.

The script generally should be able to start in the middle of a quest, however please be aware that this may result in questionable script behavior and / or the quest not completing properly.

Bug Reports / Suggestions / Questions:

Please see the thread here on how to report an issue or suggestion. Direct posts on the thread or private messages will be redirected to here.

Please join my discord channel here for other miscellaneous inquiries. This is the fastest way to contact me.





Time Lapse:




Activate Script:

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5 hours ago, arilomazi said:

Awesome script, have tryed tuts island still fails  ,jagex recently updated tuts island again.  Havent tryed quests yet. Anyway great job mate. Your script always had lowest ban rate. Thumbs up for great work

Noted. I will take a look at tutorial island when I can.

2 hours ago, gef30 said:

nice release. where is the source though?

Click “Open source scripts” in my signature. You’ll find the various repositories on my GitHub. I’ll add a link directly to the FC Questing repo on this thread later today.

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Encountering a load of problems with the script, it got all the items well and from then on it struggled

It done a couple quests okay, got stuck in a couple so I had to manually move or I'd afk in a spot for hours - It also hates the restless ghost quest would always just 'Null' out and the debug would go crazy with over 100 message in like 2 seconds.

Given up from here on, should try run it again and see what the problems are now though after the rs update.

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Hello mate,could you check up whats wrong with the quester? Since the last 2 days it began to fail really badly, bot stops and does nothing in the middle of the quest.

It doesnt finish Knights sword,Romeo and Juliet. havent checked the rest of the quests. It seems like jagex have done something with the GEO data maybe idk. COuld you hook up to check it? Thanks mate

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On 2/5/2019 at 12:13 PM, arilomazi said:

Hello mate,could you check up whats wrong with the quester? Since the last 2 days it began to fail really badly, bot stops and does nothing in the middle of the quest.

It doesnt finish Knights sword,Romeo and Juliet. havent checked the rest of the quests. It seems like jagex have done something with the GEO data maybe idk. COuld you hook up to check it? Thanks mate

This also happened to me! Seems like it as something to do with the Walking data?

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Yeah as far as i understood tribot web walking doesnt work properly as it should,thats why FC questing script fails also, because it uses tribot web walker.

Ive used Dwalker often and it fails also alot,in the past in was always flawless 24/7. Have send message to tribot admin, hope he will answer soon and fix it! It sucks when scripts doesnt work because of the tribot problems.

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