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Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

Message added by Einstein,

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On 4/7/2021 at 6:44 PM, DoesItWork said:

Does the script support restocking at agility pyramid if my waterskins run out, or does it only refill using humidify?

Yes it can! Give it a shot and let me know if you need any help.

If you join our Discord I can further assist you if need be. https://discord.gg/jBB8aPbM

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On 4/12/2021 at 2:10 PM, DoesItWork said:

@EinsteinHow do I configure the script to restock with waterskins at agility pyramid? At the moment, it doesn't restock and will take damage until I die. Apparently I am using the new GUI... and these settings were available with the old GUI.

As previously mentioned in the Discord chat we had, I'll get this fixed for next update. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we are working to get it fixed for next patch. Thanks again for your concern and if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me via Discord for the fastest replies.


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i know agility is the most banned skill in osrs but every account i use this script with gets banned after an hour or two of usage. I use the safest settings the script offers and I break every 45 minutes with some randomness and still havent gotten past 2 hours without getting a 2 day ban. Any suggestions?

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6 hours ago, 7dd said:

i know agility is the most banned skill in osrs but every account i use this script with gets banned after an hour or two of usage. I use the safest settings the script offers and I break every 45 minutes with some randomness and still havent gotten past 2 hours without getting a 2 day ban. Any suggestions?

PM me on Discord I can help you with your settings.

More or less it'll be a guess and check, nothing is guaranteed especially with botting but I can for sure point you in the right direction.

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Dear community and friends,

Due to some IRL issues I've been offline for a few weeks. This was perhaps my biggest break since I've joined the TRiBot forums, 4 years ago.

We've been together through good times and bad times, the last year in particular may have been less than ideal for most of us, due to the world-wide events that took place. Yet we're still here on the same forums, playing the same game, using the same scripts to advance our character (or hundreds of bots) to higher levels and/or gather piles and piles of GP.

I would like to thank you for all your support, and I hope that you've benefited plenty by using my scripts - I've put all my heart into creating them.


During the downtime I've pondered whether I should go all in or all out on TRiBot scripting.

I've decided to jump head first right back into it.

More insane and dedicated than ever, with new-found knowledge of software development and motivation, I hope to bring TRiBot scripting to a whole new level, setting the bar up higher and higher for the whole repository, as I've did in the past.


Would like to thank my dear friend @Pwningcows for the excellent help he's been offering to the community and for the role he will be playing in testing and refining the new scripts,

@Encoded for being understanding and supportive of my recent downtime,

And of course, @TRiLeZfor everything that you've thought me throughout the years.


Is this going to be best year of scripting?

Probably. 😉


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On 4/27/2021 at 8:01 PM, Ivexii said:

No issues going from 30ish to 70 agility. I'll probably the stop the script once I can get through floor 3 of Hallowed Sep. One issue I've noticed is that I get an error consistently while using LG that says "DPathNavigator error. Using webwalker." Is that something to be concerned about or is that expected?

Webwalking has been an issue for sometime now, if the script is running fine you shouldn't have to worry. If it is breaking and stopping the script we may need to look into the location you are using. Regardless if you join our Discord I'll be glad to assist you with anything you need.

Best Regards and thanks for reaching out,

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