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Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

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Account safety is the #1 priority. This script provides the safest agility training solution on the market. Hundreds of hours of development time have resulted in the finest anti-ban available fo

Future development based on user feedback -Poll Closed-   @trkgosu @felipe @unfortunatelynotorious @turkoize @kiqze @trihat @kieranw10 @nsfwgirl @banananoah @Jurii @Dj_Sammy @gangsta69

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10 hours ago, jvke said:

Agility Pyramid is riddled with bugs, unfortunately.

I am aware of this issue and I am currently working on Agility Pyramid.

If the development process will take more than 48 hours, I might temporarily disable this course to prevent future (redundant) bug reports.

Thank you.


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Agility Pyramid under development

Upcoming new and improved version


After receiving several bug reports for the Agility Pyramid Course and testing it extensively, I managed to replicate a number of bugs that made the script run sub-optimal. Tweaks and superficial workarounds will never be an option for my scripts, so I decided to do a complete re-write for this course.

I've also noticed certain features that could make this script follow a more human-like pattern while playing the minigame. I won't go into more details before I finish the implementation, but (as always) everything will be explained thoroughly after the update.

In order to have enough time for the development process, the update is scheduled for this weekend. Until then, the Agility Pyramid course is temporarily disabled.


I am currently in the stage of developing scripting tools that will allow me to collect certain data from the game, which will play a key role in the next update.

Thank you for using my software.



GdEfzS5.png     msenYSk.png


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11 hours ago, CyberWizard said:

How goes gold farming support my dude? ? any eta?

All the updates scheduled for this month (goldfarming support included) will be delivered in time.

However the patches are released based on their importance, with the Agility Pyramid being the next one. Feel free to follow the thread so you will get notified when the update happens!


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5 hours ago, rhysyfesie said:

on the wilderness agility course,when failing to cross the stepping stones it stands in one place and doesn't do anything,then account logs out for inactivity,can you look in to fixing this?

Of course. Can you please send me a screenshot with that spot where it gets stuck?


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9 hours ago, Einstein said:

Update log

The new and improved version of the Agility Pyramid has been mostly completed. I've finished testing the prototype and it's working better than expected.

There are still several adjustments to make; the update will be released to the public tomorrow.


Extremely looking forward to this and will be purchasing asap it's release. I will gladly help out in anyway you need.

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7 hours ago, Joey said:

Extremely looking forward to this and will be purchasing asap it's release. I will gladly help out in anyway you need.

Thank you. I hope that this update greatly increases the quality of the script for this course.


5 hours ago, kushad said:

is brimhaven working?

I've yet to find a solution to what appears to be an API issue, but I will do everything in my power to address this problem by the end of this month, so I can complete all the updates scheduled for January (listed in the thread).


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at the varrock course, the walking from end to start feels very bot-like(on the minimap it clicks 4 times to walk to the destination while it can easily been done with 1) so even trough its random algorithm is very easy for players  to see who is botting or not and those reports will eventually flag your account.  so i hope you can make the walking from end to start of the courses more smoothly.

other then that i really like the script :) 

Edited by sneaked
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1 hour ago, sneaked said:

at the varrock course, the walking from end to start feels very bot-like(on the minimap it clicks 4 times to walk to the destination while it can easily been done with 1)

Walking is handled by the client. Most API methods are built with anti-ban in mind, and I do not intend on overriding them.

I appreciate the input though.


32 minutes ago, sneaked said:

Also  the settings hop when more then * players does not work when you just leveled it keeps clicking switch world when it has to click on the level up dialog first in order to switch worlds

Thank you for the report.


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The Agility Pyramid course has been updated!   hBdbvMn.png


It took much longer than anticipated and a lot of thought has been put into this update, but it's finally here.

  • Fixed the issues with all the gaps, that need to be jumped or crossed
  • Fixed golden pyramid selling for both single and multiple pieces
  • Camera vertical angle has been adjusted (affecting the whole script, not only the agility pyramid part)
  • Added a notification that appears when the script is waiting for the boulder to move
  • Found certain invisible obstacles that might have been added by Jagex as a bot prevention method, and I wrote code that avoids clicking them
  • And finally, the camera will now be adjusted by the script to human-like angles, allowing the "player" to clearly see all the obstacles before clicking them. Furthermore, the probabilistic algorithm that controls the camera will use an unique seed for every RS account that runs the script!




Thank you for using my software!


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39 minutes ago, Einstein said:

Walking is handled by the client. Most API methods are built with anti-ban in mind, and I do not intend on overriding them.

I appreciate the input though.


i woud understand if walking was needed to reach the next agility obstacle but at the varrock course you can just click the obstacle to avoid walking (what a normal player does) and bye doing evry obstacle with just 1 input makes it only harder to profile you as a bot. the more actions you preform  the easier you can be calculated as a bot.

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