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OneClickRegicide [Premium]

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This script will complete the quests Plague City, Biohazard, Underground Pass, and Regicide.  The script originally functioned only via script arguments.  There is now a GUI if no arguments are p

Underground pass hasn't been saving the grid paths for you, had a mistake in my file/path generator ? That fix among with a few others will be uploaded shortly. Fixes: Saving grid path

one thing i notice is that it withdraws exact amt of money it plans to spend from bank at start, maybe it would look more human if it clicked withdraw all and deposited leftovers at the end?


also after purchasing all the items it was afk stuck on depositing all, idk how long it was afk there but i came back like 12 minutes later


also when it withdraws best gear for acc to do quests in and it trains crafting to lvl 10 it doesn't deposit the items used to train crafting to level 10 before banking for gear and equiping it. So while it has 27 slots filled with leather chaps and bodies for training crafting it withdraws one piece of gear at a time and equips it and repeats, instead of banking all the crafting stuff and equipping all the gear in one go.

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Various updates today:

  • Should deposit inventory before equipping gear if junk/crafting materials are detected
  • Setup functionality to specify the amount of GP to withdraw for Grand Exchange activities, and configured the default to be -1 ("All-but-one"). This option will become available with the GUI.
  • Issues getting stuck in leaf deadfall traps
  • Fixes for misconfigured .tribot folder that doesn't allow the grid path to be saved.
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1 hour ago, Coca Cola said:

I very rarely post on this forum nowadays, but god damn I just have to say well done. How many times did you have to complete each quest to gather the VarBits and other data? So intrigued. 

I record quests using OBS with trackers running, and then review the footage when writing the scripts.  I still tested this script hundreds of times before releasing, as there are a lot of moving parts.

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7 hours ago, Anarch said:

having an issue on one of my accounts, stuck on (withdrawing quest items) at ardy bank, starting plague city. all the quest items are in my inventory

I'm happy to take a look if you want to let me log into the account.  You can contact me on discord, FALSkills#1985 or private message me on here.


Edit: maybe you don't have stamina potions and have them enabled? Not sure without looking.  If you enable purchaseItems, it will buy all required items.

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3 hours ago, FALSkills said:

I'm happy to take a look if you want to let me log into the account.  You can contact me on discord, FALSkills#1985 or private message me on here.


Edit: maybe you don't have stamina potions and have them enabled? Not sure without looking.  If you enable purchaseItems, it will buy all required items.

It was a problem with the staminas; It originally went to the GE and bought everything but stams (I probably had insufficient funds) and then it teleported to ardy got stuck on the ardy bank, so i manually bough the staminas and its working fine now

Thank you for the quick response :)

Edited by Anarch
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3 hours ago, dovasla said:


No arguments used

Bank would open, error would happen, script stop (at GE, no quests done)

I just uploaded a fix that should remedy that issue, it is likely due to the script not finding any arrows of any type in your bank.  Not sure why that happened or why the script exited the purchase items code without purchasing anything.  

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