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AIO accountMaker [Beta - Development] - VIDEO GUIDE

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VIDEO GUIDE: https://youtu.be/qEchCZYLgo0

The script will now automatically detect your mule's name, world,  and location...  Make sure friends chat is enabled on the mule account, the script gets the world through it.  The script can be ran on both the mule account or the accounts your training.  In the first ~10 seconds or so, it asks if the account is your mule account.  If you don't answer yes, it default selects "no" and runs the script as a normal account.  Start your mule first, the script needs a mule account associated with it or it won't run.  Currently, the script just goes and trades the mule account, splashes for 37 mage, then does the quests from my botQuester script (Cook's assistant, Imp catcher, Doric's quest, Goblin diplomacy).  The accounts end with 37 magic and 8 quest points. 

I'll be adding  more quests/training methods eventually. The finished script will automatically detect what's been done and what hasn't, but for now it shouldn't be interrupted in the middle of the questing phase.  It detects what quests need to be done by what items are in your inventory so if you do have to stop it, make sure when you restart it you don't have extra quest items. (ie. If you've done cook's assistant, don't have a bucket of milk in your inventory or it's going to try redo the quest)

I might be creating scripts for tutorial island eventually. For now, I recommend using Fluffee's Tutorial Island to get through tutorial island... It's a pretty impressive script  

Mule Items:
Iron platebody
Iron platelegs
Iron kiteshield
Iron full helm
Goblin mail x3
Blue dye
Orange dye
Bucket of milk
Pot of flour
Yellow bead
Red bead
White bead
Black bead
Clay x6
Copper ore x4
Iron ore x2
Coins x100000
Fire rune x100
Water rune x100
Earth rune x100
Law rune x20
Air rune x5000
Mind rune x5000


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Gz on the release, but also I'd suggest stop saying you're going to be releasing as Premium. You need to reach Scripter before you can even think about reaching premium, and stating on every thread that that is your goal won't help your application.

Either way, cool looking script. Gl with it :)

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8 hours ago, HeyImJamie said:


Gz on the release, but also I'd suggest stop saying you're going to be releasing as Premium. You need to reach Scripter before you can even think about reaching premium, and stating on every thread that that is your goal won't help your application.

Either way, cool looking script. Gl with it :)

I tried to make it clear that they're no where near ready by putting them as v0.11...  I believe if I get a package together that successfully takes bots from creation through every single quest in f2p along with leveling and mule support, I'd deserve a scripter ranking.  I'm not trying to imply it will happen any time soon, I'm learning important new things about my code every single day and constantly re-writing.

The lower case botScriptName and mainScriptName are something known as "branding".  When I do become a good scripter, people will easily recognize my scripts on the repository because of the consistent naming format that stands out, and they'll easily realize which ones I've put time into making sure can be ran on a main account.  Sorry if it bothers you but it's entirely intentional.  

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My mule account got banned today...  While it's possible it got banned because it had traded many accounts that ended up getting banned, it's also possible that something else is at play.  Since not many people are using this script, I took it offline to change how it works.  

Instead of the mule having all the items, the mule will only have GP on it and the bot accounts will buy supplies as needed from the GE.  I'm sorry if anyone was using this and stocked up on the quest items and what not.  

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