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How has OsBot and TriBot been able to run for so many years?

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25 minutes ago, leoshiro said:

obviously we make them alot of money cuz of the bonds our bots buy

^ this


They have the financial and technological means to completely wipe out bots, or at least drastically reduce their numbers (> 95%).

Improving the detection system, switching to a C++ client (which is much harder to hack), requiring additional anti-cheat software to run in the background or suing the life out of anyone that breaks their TOS are just some of the things that they could easily do (easy for a company that made $96 million in 2017).

Eliminating bots entirely might have unpredictable effects on their company's profits, and the game as a whole. And I don't think they are willing to gamble. So they limit themselves to publicity stunts and trimming the excess bots, just so that legitimate players don't get too upset.


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Too add on to the above, sometimes I like to think big processing farms are lowering the global average prices of some super common items that make the game more enjoyable.

Take cannonballs for example.  Making them isn't a particularly fun, nor dynamic experience, so for the average person, not the most fun thing to be doing during your OSRS play time.

They are however, extremely useful for power leveling range skill.

A large number of bots farming cannonballs (I could be wrong) means lower average price per cannon ball so those who need them can speedily train their range at a lower cost.

This is assuming these players are making money doing other, more complex tasks.  Maybe things that are less flooded with bots (better profitability to hand-play) or even PvMing, and they can make a larger stack in less time.

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