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[CHALLENGE] Create to do list to get the stats I want on my fresh account [REWARD]

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He Guys,

Ive got a few accounts i'd like to make using the script "JbotStarter Ultimate" found SEE SCRIPT HERE

Id like to make the account look much less like a bot by getting things like quests done and training slayer and progressing at a logical not to fast pace. Also keeping enough alteration in the tasks because most players switch to training a few skills/do some quests, every playing session.

Oke so these are the stats id like on the account, other skills are welcome as long as they dont take up to much time to get the account ready:

60 attack

60 strenght

60 defence

75 magic

50 ranged

43 prayer

50 agility


The script can do all of these quests:

Cook's Assistant,

Doric's Quest,

The Knight's Sword

Imp Catcher,

Witch's Potion,

Rune Mysteries

Sheep Shearer

X Marks the Spot

Pirate's Treasure

Romeo & Juliet

Goblin Diplomacy

Restless Ghost

Ernest the Chicken   

Vampire Slayer

Client of Kourend

Druidic Ritual

Monk's Friend

Varrock Museum

Gertrude's Cat

Sea Slug

Witch's House

Tree Gnome Village

The Grand Tree


Priest in Peril

Animal Magnetism

Fight Arena

Lost City

Merlin's Crystal

Holy Grail

Fishing Contest

RFD Cook

RFD Dwarf

Dragon Slayer

Mountain Daughter

Dwarf Cannon 


And these are the skills the script can train, I can setup to train to a surtain lvl in the queue so you dont have to train a stat from 1 to 99, just put other tasks in between.


Slayer (Turael only) 











So the script works with a task system, queue. You can put all these skills in and set lvl to train to and it wil progress to the next task which could also be a task.

I would like you guys to type out the best list for me so Ill just have to start the script, and when its done, my account is ready. No need to think about items and banking. Thats been taken care off. 

You can type it in a form like this:

  1. get 20 ranged

  2. do waterfall quest

  3. train 30 def through slayer

I would like to know what the most efficient list/task system/queue is so its just have a saved file I can press play on and some hours later ive got the stats as mentioned above.

It is important that enough relevant reward giving quests are present in this list and that a "player" training and questing through the list will look as much legit as possible so to avoid the ban hammer.


The 2 people that deliver me a list as described above, will receive a fully trained account as stated above with 2 weeks of membership on that account. Not bad for a little research on the wiki he =]

Please send me a PM with your list and Ill announce the winner soon.

*** Please comment as soon as you got it done and send me a pm to verify.

*** Please dont share the list created, that would just mean banns for everyone that uses it.

Please send me a PM with your list and Ill announce the winner soon.



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