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G.Quester V2 [35 Quest supported] [Full ABC2] [MidQuesting] [Death Support] [Customization]

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On 4/24/2021 at 6:07 AM, BotUbuntu said:

Just purchased and tested out the Fremennik Trials quest, worked very well, occasionally teleported to camelot when it didn't need to, but it didn't interrupt the running of the script.

I'm impressed so far, thank you.



Just re-ran the script on another account, queuing Witch's Potion, Imp Catcher and Witch's House, when I ran into the following issue:

 When buying the items from the GE, the bot searches for the Necklace of Passage (5), clicks on the item, then closes the GE interface prior to purchasing it, the loops this.

The same occurs with leather gloves and the staff of air that I have seen so far.

about the GE bug it is from a plugin called item stats disable that and it should work fine recommend disabling all plugins while using LG

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I recommend using Looking Glass as it will reduce the ban rate while using this script        

Awesome, thanks @Dentist for doing a great job!  

This is now revolved and @Dentistresolved and let me know it has been resolved very quickly. I'll be buying this script again no doubt & thanks to both dentist and the tribot staff for actioning a

Got back to my computer and watched it stay stuck here for 10+ minutes. god knows how long it has been here 😕 



also gets stuck here.


You can't run this script without babysitting it & that's kind of disappointing considering I paid $20 for one instance. Came back to my account just walking in & out of Elena's door during biohazard.... https://gyazo.com/6ec5dcbf885d5c90e550b06d0e308284

goes through tunnel then just sits there & rotates camera forever.. https://gyazo.com/80505ecc2daa661e5feeb423e7c664b6

gets stuck here. trying to use a vial on the agility obstacle... sits there & just rotates camera again..https://gyazo.com/8d4024bd7a84f96d61c4ec6cad54f394

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Started the script up & it was walking to do plague city and just stopped. Has been sitting here for 5 minutes so far https://gyazo.com/a8b4eb4414bf689acb2953304a3e3d3e

keeps just randomly getting stuck. got stuck here, so I walked to the chemist manually & started talking to him & it's still not working. Had to restart script.



then it goes back & buys things it doesn't need. like things it's already used for the quest. Just rebuys limestones and balls of wool for absolutely no reason....

I just watched it jump the wilderness ditch & start running into deep wilderness..... This is dumb. I made you aware of the bucket thing with plague city 3 weeks ago & the shits still broke. Countless times it's been messing up.





got stuck again while trying to talk to Edmond on a different account... https://gyazo.com/18b0cb0d1d030393dd5285cc3d97a9d3

When you try to get it un stuck & manually talk to edmond, it doesn't continue it just doesn't register that my character is talk to edmond and I have to restart the script, then the script has to run back to the bank, store everything, then run to the g.e to buy items it doesn't need, then continues the quest...

walkling to elena from varrock for no reason either..  https://gyazo.com/ed1bf13d311395e961c8a0138933d698

Got stuck yet again.



cam back to the bot trying to start regicide when underground pass and biohazrd weren't completed. probably sat there for 20+ minutes spam clicking the king. https://gyazo.com/a62b0c2ca0da1dabadcb8dc89c4b6a85


started it up again & it's stuck walking to mob house. 




EDIT: Wont finish the biohazard quest. says it's walking to mob house then never moves. 

I can walk to the mob house manually, and it still wont start. I tried walking to the mob house with all items in inventory and it still wont continue the quest


I've had this script for about a month now and it was $20. during this time there wasn't one instance where the bot didn't get stuck at least once. You haven't replied or updated the script or me at all. $20 for a script that is one instance & doesn't even work for 3 weeks out of the 4 that I've had it. Started off fairly decent, not getting stuck an absurd amount of times, now it gets stuck more than not.



So it fills up the inventory with all the stuff needed, then proceeds to jump the wilderness ditch and run to ferox enclave to use the castle wars portal there, rather than get a dueling ring that's in my bank out and tele to castle wars instead.



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