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G.Quester V2 [ 59 Quest supported ][ 7 Skills Supported1-99 ] [Full ABC2] [MidQuesting] [Death Support] [Customization]

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Supported Quests:






5.    DORICS



8.    DIG_SITE











19.    LOST_CITY








27.    RFD_COOK

















44.    Sea Slug

45.    Jungle Potion


47.    Unlock Fairy Rings 

48.    Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

49.    Tribal Totem

50.     Tourist Trap

51. Cleaning Finds

52. Get Rock Cake

53. Bone Voyage

54. Hazeel Cult

55. Mountain Daughter

56. The Golem

57. Get Kudos

58. Pirates Treasure

59. Prince Ali Rescue


Supported Skills :


1.    MINING



4.    Fire Making

5.    Prayer

6.    Herblore

7.    Agility


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Supported Quests:   Supported Skills :  

Awesome, thanks @Dentist for doing a great job!  

@chachacha i will pm u when home 

update 2.03

1-Added Ice Gloves Task Will check if u have ice gloves in bank or not if not will get u one >> It will save spot the queen to minimal the damage

2-Added Search Task Box now u can type in part of the task u wan but first letter must be capitalized like for ice glove u type "Ice" it will filter tasks for u

3-Improved Buying Phase it will now correctly calculate how many stacks u have of the item and only buy the missing count

4- Fixed minor bug with Mining skill

5- Fixed Small bug with SafeEat not activating upon load profiles

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5 hours ago, Jonazun said:

true i have been looking at the debug and gathering the items for it - and tele tabs are just a bit out of reach for ironmen that wouldn't have these quests done :P 


oh got u 

for now u can withdraw the items in inv and go in advanced tab select dontbank then it should do the quest ignoring the missing items 

that been said i will add an option for iron man to ignore tabs and use runes if found in bank 

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Update 2.07

1-Added Full Custom Gear To all quests Except (Merlin's Crystal , Holy Grail , Waterfall ,Fremennik Trials ) will be added for those later on as they need more adjustments

Some Notes About custom Gear PLEASE READ BEFORE USING IT  :

1-Custom Gear Will always Override Your Jewelry If It Wasn't Full Charged

2-Custom Gear Will Be Bought From GE If Not Found In Bank

3-There is Max Price For Custom Gear So Please Don't Use Very Expansive Items < This Will Be Modified Later On To Permit Any Item

4-Please Don't Risk Any High Value Gear As i Didn't Heavy Test It To Avoid Loosing Of The Gear < This Will be Fine After Heavy Testing

5-For Some Quests That Requires Killing Npcs For Now Script Will Override Your Weapon And Use The Recommended one  <This Will be Removed Later On Allowing User To Use Any Weapon And Even Select the Attack Style ( Melee ,Range , Or Magic )

6-All Old Saved Profiles Wouldn't Work You Will Need To Make New Ones

7-Skills Support Custom Gear Too But For Prayer The Custom Gear Will Only Activate If User Are Using Gilded Altar

Please Feel Free To Test It and LMK of Any Bugs Or Improvements I Should Add

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  • Dentist changed the title to G.Quester V2 [ 59 Quest supported ][ 7 Skills Supported1-99 ] [Full ABC2] [MidQuesting] [Death Support] [Customization]
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      Goblin Diplomacy: Blue dye, Orange dye, 3 Goblin mail (or the pre-colored goblin mails)

      Start to end, 12 minutes:

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