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Fast bans, what did I do wrong?

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Hey all,

So I am trying to slowly build a succesful goldfarm, i've just got vip e and i've been playing around a bit trying to find what will and won't get me banned, I created 2 bots a few days ago and 1 was banned yesterday after running cow killer by scripts worthy, I think i tried and failed to use a tutorial bot aswell and i did do romeo n juliet, cooks assistant and goblin diplomacy on that account.

I created another 3 yesterday, 2 of which at night and ran 2 of em for a couple hours on the trichicken killer and then the cow script by scripts worthy before shutting off and woke this morning to find 1 of those (no quests done on this one yet) had been banned even though they were running same scripts and same times.

So I don't think (but don't know) that it's the script because 3 out of 5 are still running it smoothly. I don't know know if it's because i'm just using an advance client in tribot and not using looking glass (it doesn't seem to find the client but I think that's already being worked on unless i'm mistaken).

I have been using Socks5 proxies with Proxy6 as recommended by a friend and I used a different email provider for each of the banned accounts even though I have accounts still running with same providers. 

I am new to this so i'm hoping i've just missed something that you could kindly educate me on :D

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1 hour ago, JerryJelly97 said:

I created 2 bots a few days ago and 1 was banned yesterday after running cow killer by scripts worthy

Are they fresh accounts which were created on proxies? Accounts created on proxies (that are bad quality) will often be flagged. Worthy's scripts are always good (and that script is maintained well) but having a quick look at that script and there are over 20k users of it (higher amount of data for Jagex to profile and use as flags).

Rule of thumb for scripts Private (if you can justify it) > Premium > Free. 

I'm also guessing you were botting in F2P. If so ban rates are also a lot higher, so botting a very commonly botted NPC (cows) doesn't surprise me that it was banned quicker. 

1 hour ago, JerryJelly97 said:

2 of em for a couple hours on the trichicken killer

Same as above really, 18k users and that hasn't been updated since 2018. 

1 hour ago, JerryJelly97 said:

Socks5 proxies with Proxy6

Proxy 6 are not good proxies. I'd recommend doing a check of the proxy quality on a site like https://iphub.info/ or https://www.ipqualityscore.com/free-ip-lookup-proxy-vpn-test


Apart from that stuff bans are inevitable. If you're running F2P expect bans to be relatively frequent and profits as well will be lower. P2P has a lot of options, and I would not recommend Cows or Chickens for training combat. A lot is trial and error (but a lot of quests offer combat XP). Check out premium scripts as well. While there are good free scripts out there (and all the scripters of the scripts you used are top quality), Premium scripts are guaranteed to be maintained and all premium scripters have to meet high coding standards.

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Hey thanks for replying :D

Ahh ok I see your point there with the 18k and 20k users haha, I have been using separate private proxies for each account but that was with proxy6 and they were indeed in f2p.

My original plan to try first was bot hides with the script worthy cow script till I can take green dragons while tanning and selling the hides in the meantime and then buy the green dragon script for each account but that was a f2p plan which isn't working out too great lol. Which proxy provider would you recommend? 

Which scripts/methods (including premium) would you recommend if I wanted for example to ideally get the gp for each bond by botting in f2p until I have enough for bond? (Worried about buying a bond on my card for each account and not making the money back from them)

And also which scripts/methods would you reccomend when I get into p2p? 

Sorry for all the questions haha I do appreciate the help.

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@JerryJelly97 no worries. I will give some pointers but I won't be able to give you a step by step plan. Firstly, and most importantly you need to work out what you expect to achieve. Be realistic. Expect to fail a lot at the beginning, but be meticulous in noting down what worked and more importantly what didn't. Send accounts out at different times, using slightly different training patterns etc. 

A time old saying which is also relevant here, it takes money to make money. You can't expect to have 0 investment and make good returns. For example, the same script on F2P and P2P will do significantly better on P2P. I don't recommend F2P as a money making method, you are better off buying gold.

As for P2P methods, there are a huge amount of premium scripts that cover a huge variety of activities. Again you need to ask yourself, do I want a high profit method that has a very high account turnover? If so, Blast Furnace (nBlastFurnace) or MMF (Just Mort Myre Fungus) can both be decent. If you're looking for lower intensity methods also think about making cannonballs (nSmither) or something that has low click intensity. You can also look into levelling up accounts to sell to other people (they use these for botting). Good scripts for this would be JBotStarter Ulimate Ed. and G.Quester.

Other popular methods include nGDK, Netami Barrows, Worthy Zulrah, God's Revenants - there are a tonne of other ones too just have to have a look around.

Basically there are a bunch of options, but the method you pick has to represent the effort you are willing to put in over a long period, it's great being able to do it for a week or two but if you're bored/burnt out then that method isn't for you.

As far as proxies go, I buy them from Rune Proxies.

I'd also recommend looking into membership codes instead of bonds, they are a lot cheaper. There are a few sellers through Discord that are reputable and have sold 1,000's of them.

Hope that helped!

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@flamekiller999 Thanks that's perfect,

I'm gonna grab some proxies from there to play around with and give the cannonballs a go, I might try blast furnace on one but I don't want an account turnover where i'm making new accounts/buying new proxies most days like the cowhides on proxy6 lol and i'm interested to try a few of the other things you mentioned when I've got a few running successfully.

Thanks a lot :D

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