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Universal Shopper

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Open in Repository









Rel4gjW.pngExtremely Efficient & Profitable

Universal Shopper has been built from the ground up with efficiency and profitability in mind. You won't be able to get the same result with any other script.

The script's extraordinary speed and accuracy is due to its unique multi-threaded architecture which allows for concurrent data updation, while issuing sequential buying or selling commands. Due to its superior design, Universal Shopper will outperform any other script or any other bots on the market. The script is capable of buying or selling all the items before any potential competing bots get a chance to do it.

Plenty of customization is supported, to allow you to tailor the script to your needs. Buy the items with pinpoint accuracy, or clear the whole stock in seconds. Anything is possible with Universal Shopper.



Configure Universal Shopper to buy items at the Speed of Light - instant clicking on the interfaces and skipping any delays, making this script the fastest product available on the market. This level of speed and accuracy was achieved by using a custom clicking API, unique for this script. Here is the visual output of the human click-point selection algorithm used for QuickBuy:



Custom Amount Buying

With Universal Shopper you get to choose exactly how the script behaves. You can select which buying amounts the script will choose. This can be used to either fine-tune the script to buy items right up to the stock minimum threshold, or select to always choose "Buy 50" to hop over the limit, and further increase the item throughput / hour.



Maximum Accuracy Buying

For those that buy expensive items, whose profit margins heavily depend on the current stock, you can choose Maximum Accuracy from the GUI.

This will prioritize accuracy over buying speed, increasing the script's precision to almost 100%.



tyBy1ua.png  Buy or Sell items

Both buying and selling are supported, for maximum profits!

You can choose either one of them, or both at the same time. The item tables are very easy to complete and edit, and they are of course saved along with your profile. Subsequent updates will allow even more flexibility and customization, to help you get started botting as fast and as easy as possible.



EjTQ1Y1.png   Custom Paths and Locations

Unique locations and paths! No other script on the market is capable of doing this.

Choose any shop and any bank (or deposit box) on the map!

You can either choose to automatically go to the nearest bank, or record a custom path to go to any bank, using any means of transportation!

In order to record a path, all you have to do is start the Path Recorder and walk to the desired shop/bank. Every action you do in game will be recorded and used by the script to get to the destination.

This means that you can travel to any shop or any kind of bank on the entire map! Regardless of how many obstacles you need to overcome to get there!

If you need to walk 200 tiles, cast 5 teleports, pull 7 different levers, talk to 3 different NPCs and perform the cry emote to get to your shop or bank, the script will be capable of doing exactly that! All you have to do is press a few buttons and you can create any unique path you can imagine.



UYg36HH.png  World Hopping

To ensure maximum profits, the script has the built-in capability of switching worlds when the desired items are no longer in stock.

This feature is highly customizable:

  • Hop to members world only
  • Hop to F2P worlds only
  • Hop to both members and F2P
  • Hop only to worlds you enter in a custom list
  • Hop as soon as there are no more items to buy/sell
  • Wait a minimum amount of time on each world, before hopping to the next



3n5nXjD.png  Argument Support

For the users interested in increasing automation and workflow, this script has been written with built-in argument support.

The only thing you have to do, is specify the desired profile name as the only argument, and the script will automatically load and use it.

You can create an unlimited amount of profiles from the GUI, by pressing the Save button. Loading profiles is just as easy!

Never waste more of your time, trying to fill up tons of GUI fields. Just save and load, and you're one click away from botting. This script will even load the last used profile by default, making things even easier for you!



cCQzB5b.png  Mule Item Transfer

Coming soon to Universal Shopper! Please cast your votes / voice your opinions in the thread!

The currently planned implementation is to make the script transfer all the items to a mule account. I haven't decided yet if this should be done after a certain amount of time, after a certain amount of items, or activated manually by the user. If you have any kind of suggestions, please do not hesitate and comment in the thread!



8CUsUCx.png   Grand Exchange Support

Coming soon to Universal Shopper! Please cast your votes / voice your opinions in the thread!

The currently planned implementation is to make the script sell all the items at a specified price, one you get to a certain number. This is still subject to change, and I highly encourage you to comment on the thread if you have any suggestions.



MXqy3jn.png  AFK Mode:

To further increase the variation of the data, this script uses an unique system which models a real player taking small breaks by AFK-ing. Most players do this all the time, and this script feature will enable you to integrate this human behavior into the script, further enhancing the anti-ban.

This feature is highly customizable, and includes settings for:

  • Run for (min/max) duration
  • AFK for (min/max) duration
  • Mouse behavior upon starting the AFK break:
    • Move off screen
    • 'Bump' into mouse
    • Logout
    • Do nothing
    • Choose random behavior every time




tmPRlhC.png     The best user experience

  • Nice GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Built-in profile handlers that allow you to get started botting in seconds!
    • Save
    • Load
    • Quick-load last profile
  • (Optional) You can use arguments to skip the GUI and start botting right away - useful for automation tools
    • The only argument required is the desired profile name
  • Plenty of preset values, but full support for customization!








I've made it a personal ambition to create the best Shopping script that ever existed for RuneScape.

There is a long list of planned future updates to add even more features to the script and improve the already existing ones to perfection.

If you have any kind of suggestion for improving this script, feel free to either comment on this thread or send me a message. I will implement most if not all of the user suggestions, and I will continue to work heavily on this script until it's an order of magnitude better than any other competing product you might find on the market.

This script is relatively new, and as any new software, it's prone to having all sorts of glitches. If you happen to find any bugs, please report them and I will make sure to fix everything as soon as possible. Usually patches are delivered within a few hours, or in some cases minutes after I read the reports. By using Einstein's scripts, you are guaranteed to have a product that is second to none.

Thank you for using Universal Shopper 🚀








Is this truly the best Shopper on TRiBot?

Probably. 😉


Open in Repository








Edited by Einstein
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The thread has been completed and the script was submitted to the repository.

Thanks everyone for your patience!


Feel free to report any bug or suggest any feature / improvement for this script. This should be the best and most advanced shopping script ever created for RuneScape, and I won't stop until we hit this threshold.


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3 hours ago, Callistocub1 said:

Script freezes when trying to add location. 

Edit: or when I tried custom web walking, I just get the spinning wheel and the script crashes. Tried on most recent tribot version and previous 2. 

Do you get any error messages in the debug? Does the entire client freeze?


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15 hours ago, 3298759219 said:

if the shop have two or more,he dont know trade who


15 hours ago, 3298759219 said:

why only choose loction  not need set choose npc????????????


No problem, I can add that.

Can you please tell me where is this location? Where there are multiple NPCs that have the trade option and only one of them opens the correct shop?


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9小时前 , Einstein 说:



No problem, I can add that.

Can you please tell me where is this location? Where there are multiple NPCs that have the trade option and only one of them opens the correct shop?


All you need to do is set refresh nearby NPCS and select one from the list


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This is a simple shop script,
1. Identify nearby NPCs, choose NPCs, what to buy, and stop as much as you can buy.
2.Hop world,
3. Identify nearby banks, deposit things, there will be enough gold coins in the account, no need to set gold coins. If the bank is far away, set the path from the bank to the store and from the store to the bank.
4. After no coins, go to GE to sell things, return to the place where you hung up, and continue to run the script.
Your script settings are too complicated

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All the concerns recently brought up will be resolved though the PM system. I appreciate your feedback, and I will personally make sure that you are capable of using Universal Shopper and all of its features.

Thank you for your patience.


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The code base has just received a significant update, with plenty of new features and bug fixes. The most important changes have been written in the thread, which was edited a few minutes ago.

Feel free to report any kind of issue you encounter, or any kind of suggestion that you may have.


Thank you for using my software! 🚀


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4 hours ago, 3298759219 said:

This is much simpler,. Hope to launch GE soon.Hope it will be more compatible with Looking for Glass

I'm glad you like it!

Please feel free to share more feedback.


2 hours ago, Depresitoo said:

is there a gp/hr tracker?

One of the future updates will include plenty of tracking displayed in the paint.


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Posted (edited)

and add paint:   bought thing  number/Hour

                             run time 

0.FIX chick run,Run 100, BOT also not check

1. delete walk green box

2. every day need coll gp, chick pause 。The game screen becomes blurred, affecting the collection of gold..  plz dele  pause later blurred page.

3.fix this picture bug


Edited by 3298759219

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      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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