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Ello' Lads.

So after a few weeks using @Einstein's fisher (shout-out, fucking AMAZING script btw). I decided I'm going to start a farm since 2 accounts made me 100m in a week. Will post progress updates here, trying to pay off the cost of botting (So far $100/month roughly in cost for script auths + proxies), and see how much profit I can make.

Running this all on my main PC, which surprisingly, is handling 20 clients (current amount) at once, all getting around 25FPS when I turn graphics on (of course turn off in-game graphics to conserve CPU when not monitoring accounts). Cores have topped at 83 degrees celsius, averaging 69-77 degrees when idle now. (85 degrees I understand is the point to be cautious, my i9-9900k is water-cooled, so I expect stable temperatures, good airflow case). Will post updates! 17/20 of the accounts are currently F2P, once trained up a bit, will bond them with gained gold from other accounts.



Will post an update in a week or 2 of how much gold I'm at. Currently have 1 account past 99 fishing, and three very close to 99.

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20 hours ago, shenanigans said:

Looking awesome! Will defos follow this thread. Any bans so far? Are you using VPNs?

Using Socks5 Proxies provided by Virmach (if y'all got better suggestions please PM), 3 accounts are on individual IP addresses just because those are the ones I started this round of testing with, and the rest it's 2 accounts to 1 IP address. : )


Current Progress:

1 account 17m fishing xp

2 accounts 97 fishing

1 account just got 82 and is now doing fishing trawler

16 accounts leveling fishing to 82 currently


Current loot is around 90k sharks, and 4-5 bonds ready to be traded. Saving up for more bonds still : )

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Mini update:


Spun up one of my old servers that's like 5 years old.. Has a good (at the time) Xeon processor, which for some F**** reason, runs 20 clients better than my brand new i9-9900k. 95% of the accounts are running on the server now, about 8-9 of them actively making money now, the rest still training.


Took the first bot I got 99 with to just bot some other stuff for fun, 3 accounts with 99 currently.


EDIT: This acc got banned doing hunter, RIP

Edited by YouWinThese

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On 11/7/2020 at 7:59 AM, shenanigans said:

Sounds good! How are you with the profits and bans atm?

Well I just bought another 25 auths, LOL!!!  Up to 53 now (will prob stay at 50 max I can manage on my own)


like 3-4 bans so far, but I have made my money back at this point, at the very least, if you count these extra 25 auths I bought. Looted 150m off the bots so far spent pretty much all of it on bonds for this batch, and looting another 75~m tonight off accounts

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I'll be taking over this thread, YouWinThese is an alt I made when I forgot my Auth0 email login, but I got it back now, and will retire YouWinThese.


Update, I have about 10 accounts over 20m XP Thanks to @Einstein for providing a script with incredible reliability, his scripts can be ran for a week straight 24/7, without issues when gold farming. Another shout-out to @Dentist for his Questing script, absolutely outstanding, the most advance script I've seen in my life, and his turn-around on fixing bugs is ridiculously quick, he has to send out 1-2 script updates a day at least, never seen dedication like this man before. I also started a few Agility accounts for old time's sake (thanks @Aropupu), and bought an auth of OneClickRegicide for "Shits n' giggles" as they say. From what I've seen so far, @Dentist, @Einstein, and @Aropupu are by far the best scriptwriters in the botting industry, not just Tribot, and their products are the gold standard for what one should expect in reliability, quality, customization, customer support, etc. I recommend any products they offer. I have about 20 accounts actively making money right now, 8 on my main PC doing other various tasks in preparation, as some of the free to play accounts that I started leveling on, started seeing bans around 70, and it's too much effort to maintain that compared to my new method. Seeing average 1-1.5 bans a day. Most bots are 2 accounts to 1 proxy. Making about 75mGP a day. Hoping to ramp up to 300+ accounts if all goes well with a mixture of botting methods. Got a lot of bonds right now for more accounts. Have made around $300 USD so far to my PayPal, and have around 100m in Runescape assets, as I'm constantly reinvesting right now, while my costs are paid for, and then some.




Edited by CyberWizard
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