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Tribot Dispute x 2

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I came back here from another botting community as I thought that the scripts would be a higher tier and better calibre due to the fact that the pricing is significantly higher.

I have purchased 3 scripts (the first out of three being nRestocker which works well, not being disputed) - I was going to let it slide, but after another script breaking bug with G.Farming this morning, enough's enough. With the pricing of this bot, I can't accept this extremely poor quality of standard.

* JBotStarter - still has an issue that was "resolved" by Jamie (who is a moderator) 2 months ago. The thread is also full of bugs which haven't gotten any attention from him. This is $20 a month. How is this poor level of support for this cost justified?

* G.Farming - the reason I came to Tribot. In theory is a great idea. In practice, awfully executed. Have ran it for several days, and each day brings a new problem. I have experience with several farming scripts across platforms and this is the most ambitious, but the biggest let down. I don't believe I have run the script for a day without experiencing script breaking issues. I have 3 instances of this, as I was mislead by a helper on the scripters discord. 

Why is it that these scripts, which are literally more expensive than subscriptions to botting clients, permitted to have such a poor level of quality?  

  1. Script Author: (tag member using '@' prefix before their TRiBot Username) @Dentist, @Jamie
  2. Link to Script's Thread: (Link) 
  3. Date Purchased: 9th and 10th of Dec
  4. What type of duration did you purchase: (Lifetime, 1 month, 3 months, etc.) 1 month of 3 instances (G.Farming) $30, 1 month of 1 instance (JBotStarter) $20
  5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s)1
    1. Screenshot(s)

G.Farming has a large number of back and forth with @Dentist on his discord. The bug report channel is filled to the brim with script breaking bugs. This script needs to be a BETA and charging $10 a month for a broken or mostly broken script is extremely deceptive. The script uses hard coded pricing instead of guide pricing, which makes buying things from GE extremely slow and you'd expect more from a script that costs literally more than using the bot it runs on.


JBotStarter - Denied fixing the issue, depsite literally saying in the thread he fixed the issue just a couple pages earlier. This issue has existed for >2 months He has not reached out to support me further. For $20, I can get more than 1 lifetime script from competing communities that work. 





    1. Link(s) to forum posts inside the Script's thread
    2. Any other pertinent information in regards to your attempts to contact the author
  1. Issue(s): Details of what issues you are experiencing with the script in detail

1You must have given the Scripter a minimum of (5) days to respond to your issues before filing a Dispute.

JBotStarter - the issue has existed for >2 months, don't think he's going to be fixing bugs on the script any time soon.

G.Farming - he fixed a couple issues I was having within 5 days, however with one fix seems to bring another thing broken. This is the problem, the scripting is of a poor standard.



Edit: After some reflection, I only want a refund for JBotStarter, I will attempt to use G.Farmer until the end of my Tribot subscription and see if it improves. If it doesn't improve I'll be sure to be vocal about my experience.

JBotStarter has been a complete waste of time, for $20 you'd think the dev/community moderator would put in a bit more effort than denialism.

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Hi Gigi,

Apologies that you're not happy with the script. :(

It's not denialism, they're unrelated issues. The pot issue is caused by the amount of items showing up when you type "Pot" in the GE. I've been unable to recreate this locally, but will be transferring the GE framework to utilise ItemDefinitions at some point and adding in a few more failsafes that will hopefully correct this. The lobster cage issue was seperate to this and was caused by Jagex renaming the item, and then changing it back an update later. This would also be fixed via utilising ItemDefinitions / Item IDs as the name would be grabbed from the game itself.

As for your refund, if you want to contact me directly to discuss your issues and receive the auth time you've paid for back, you can contact me via Discord. If I don't hear from you, @Fluffee will have to process the refund for you when he sees this.

I'll leave this open until you are refunded for my script and your issues with GFarming have been resolved.

Is there anything else I can help you with? :)

- Jamie.

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Thanks @Fluffee it is 9145.

Can you please address the issue of charging high amounts for broken or only sometimes working scripts? Is Tribot ok with charging customers 10-20 a month on top of their subscription for broken scripts? Why isn't there a high standard, for the price these scripts are they should be the best on any bot client, which is definitely not the case based on the 2 I've tested.

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Hi @gigiwest123,

Your refund will be processed shortly. In the meantime, can you confirm if you’re happy or not with @Dentist’s script as I’ve been informed you’re still using it.

As to quality control, all premium scripters go through an extensive code check when applying to ensure the code quality is up to standard. It’s unfortunate you’re not happy with the quality of the script you’ve received and that is why you’ll be receiving the refund(s).

If you have any further concerns, please direct them via PM to either myself or Fluffee as this dispute, pending your refund, is now complete. 

Thanks and apologies again,


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Hi @Jamie,

I have been in contact with @Dentist who has been able to support me with bug fixes and assistance with using his script. While I still disagree with the price point for what is effectively a script in beta, I appreciate the effort he is putting in and I will continue using it and supporting him as per my edit in the original post made on Monday.

I don't think your (Tribot's) quality control is good enough if it's acceptable to be charging $20 a month per instance for a broken script. I don't understand how that can be acceptable in this market. This is bad business for Tribot, and it would 100% push customers away.

Thanks, I'll let you know when I've received my refund.


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