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object.click will first hover an identical object.

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TRiBot Version: 0.1.2

Description of the bug (be specific): When calling .click on a single object while there's an identical object visible it might first hover the wrong object. It seems to always click the correct object. There's also a small chance it goes wrong when finding the object but I have never seen it click the wrong object.

How to reproduce the bug:

This is my code. adjusting the camera doesn't affect it, but for the bug to occur the identical object has to be visible.

else if (stallObject.isPresent()) {
            if (stallObject.get().isClickable()) {
                if (stallObject.get().click("Steal-from")) {
                    if (Sleep.till(() -> Player.getAnimation() == 832))
                        Sleep.till(() -> Player.getAnimation() == -1);
            } else {

private Optional<RSObject> findMarketStall(Stall stall) {
        return Arrays.stream(Objects.find(3, o -> o.getID() == stall.getId() && ObjectUtil.hasAction(o, "Steal-from"))).findFirst();

Client Debug:

Bot Debug:

Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/345b236975e7989278ccf5669c8da941

I just confirmed by printing out the location of the object that the problem is indeed with the clicking function and not finding the object. The position of the stallObject is always the same, also when it first hovers the other (identical) stall.

I also noticed this issue while writing another script. At the time I was convinced it had to be a flaw in my logic somehow since a bug this common surely has to be reported already.

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  • Breaker changed the title to object.click will first hover an identical object.

I'm almost certain this is a problem with those specific stalls. I've hit it before and I've seen someone else do it too, but it only ever happens at those ardy stalls. I didn't dig anymore into why though


Edit: Here's someone else hitting it https://community.tribot.org/topic/82157-random-unintended-actions

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