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Breaker's application

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Open source scripts available to the public:







This one isn't open source but just to prove my excellent track record of maintaining scripts. It broke with the release of tribot 12 and never got fixed because farmaton didn't support tri12 :D

There might be a class missing here or there. The source I provided contains almost everything and should give you a good enough idea about my code but if the goal is to be able to copy and compile it let me know and I'll add the missing classes.


Short biography / Coding Experience: 

I'm one of the self-taught script kiddies. I started trying to make my own scripts about 5 years ago and have come a long way since then. I've made a fully automated farm and webpanel(s) with some very questionable code. Through googling and the helpful tribot community I keep on learning and solving any issues I might encounter. And since I have the tendency to make things difficult for myself there are plenty problems I encounter. But the hardest projects are also the ones I learn the most from and that's a big part of the reason I'm coding. My GUI adventure is a good example; including icons gave me by far the most trouble but I was determined to get them in there while I could have easily left them out.

Recently I started over writing mostly new code since I learned so much since writing the ancient stuff. This also led to thinking about releasing some stuff and getting the scripter rank. I released a few things I noticed were missing as free quality options.


Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter:

Deserve feels too entitled to me. This is my application and I'm asking if I deserve the rank. I think I've proven my long term commitment to this community by probably wasting the most time of all in the tribot discord. Even before then I was pretty active on the forum helping people. Because of my experience with botting I think I have a pretty decent understanding of how things work, what jagex pays attention to and what not (until they suddenly change it again). This of course helps with writing scripts that don't get you banned. Code wise there is still plenty to learn and improve on but I think I have a good enough understanding of java to release public scripts that can be used "safely".


What you plan to provide the community with:

Let's make tribot great again. Let's release some stuff no other client has and make tribot the unquestioned #1 client. Nothing motivates me like somebody saying something is impossible. My focus will be on providing the community with great scripts with great automation. My philosophy is whether you are a casual- or goldfarmer you should only have to press start once a week (and actually not even that. Please fix the client restarter). Naton is leading the way in this aspect and I also have some plans on how to make things better for users.

Potentially more important than writing quality code is providing quality support to your users. This is something I plan to take serious (probably like every new scripter).


Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?

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1. https://github.com/botuser420/construction/blob/970a43c4b2c18333f19d4492dde15a4743c61f4c/construction/house/BuyHouse.java#L18-L19
If variables are used exclusively inside it's own class, should have private access, and it's good practise to initialize non static variables inside a constructor.

2. https://github.com/botuser420/construction/blob/970a43c4b2c18333f19d4492dde15a4743c61f4c/construction/Construction.java#L26
You're using events to separate your script logic, but here you do walking, teleporting, unnoting, entering/leaving poh and construction in the same class. Which turns the execution code a bit complex with many if then elses. I feel like you'd be better having a few more classes to handle it's own thing. Also i see you're walking to a bank and closing the bank screen, but i can't find the banking logic. And in your script thread you say it handles buying supplies. I assume you forgot to include the source for that? Or is at events.execute()? If so, i think it's weird the banking and buying are not events.


1 .https://github.com/botuser420/thieving/blob/7bca31d0fb2f92d02601437f851738e88d557686/thieving/Thieving.java#L23
I see you planned on adding more thieving methods in the future. But in my opinion a better approach would be to create a StallTheving event class where you handle your stall thieving, instead of having that execute method inside the enum itself. Then later you can create another class like PickpocketThieving which handles pickpocketing, etc.


1. https://github.com/botuser420/kudos/blob/8337dbfef0ba196d5ce5479b7e8e8cfeea9b9582/KudoCollector.java#L53
It think it's odd to mix bot actions in that main loop. What happens if the bot fails to close the grand exchange? Shouldn't g.e. handling be an event, with isActive and isCompleted conditions too?

All three

1. https://github.com/botuser420/construction/blob/21e8e271a488d9e4cd4b176fc4a9061eb035ea28/ConstructionTrainer.java#L95 / https://github.com/botuser420/thieving/blob/7bca31d0fb2f92d02601437f851738e88d557686/ThievingTrainer.java#L88
https://github.com/botuser420/construction/blob/21e8e271a488d9e4cd4b176fc4a9061eb035ea28/ConstructionTrainer.java#L111 / https://github.com/botuser420/thieving/blob/7bca31d0fb2f92d02601437f851738e88d557686/ThievingTrainer.java#L104
https://github.com/botuser420/construction/blob/21e8e271a488d9e4cd4b176fc4a9061eb035ea28/ConstructionTrainer.java#L81 / https://github.com/botuser420/thieving/blob/7bca31d0fb2f92d02601437f851738e88d557686/ThievingTrainer.java#L83 / https://github.com/botuser420/kudos/blob/8337dbfef0ba196d5ce5479b7e8e8cfeea9b9582/KudoCollector.java#L77
Some copy paste code there. If you plan to use the same functionality on multiple scripts, maybe it makes sense to extend your scripts from a super class which handles that for you. That way you don't have to copy paste code into all your scripts.

Anyway, all of the above are just minor issues. The code overall looks neat and well structured.
But like Jamie said before, all three scripts are very fresh. It would be nice to see how you handle support for bug fixing, user demands, etc.

Yes based on code quality and scripts functionalities, and no based on scripts life length. I'm not sure how much the last point weights to give someone the Scripter rank, so i'm not going to give my definite vote, just wanted to give my opinion.

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