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Quest enum with game settings/varbits and excel sheet

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I made an enum of quests containing game settings/varbits that I've compiled over the past year or so and thought I'd share.

A few notes:

  • Anything with 0 for both game Setting and varbit (except dwarf cannon, who's game settings is 0), hasn't been filled out.
  • Quests that use varbits usually have several during the various steps, and those are not included here, just the one to determine if the quest is done or not.
  • If you want the excel sheet I used to paste all these into IntelliJ (to modify it yourself), or the values for the different steps of a quest, feel free to message me on discord (Cass2186)


public enum Quests {

    BELOW_ICE_MOUNTAIN(0, 0, false, 1, "Below Ice Mountain"),
    BLACK_KNIGHTS_FORTRESS(130, 0, false, 3, "Black Knights' Fortress"),
    COOKS_ASSISTANT(29, 0, false, 1, "Cook's Assistant"),
    THE_CORSAIR_CURSE(0, 0, false, 2, "The Corsair Curse"),
    DEMON_SLAYER(0, 0, false, 3, "Demon Slayer"),
    DORICS_QUEST(31, 0, false, 1, "Doric's Quest"),
    DRAGON_SLAYER_I(176, 0, false, 2, "Dragon Slayer I"),
    ERNEST_THE_CHICKEN(32, 0, false, 4, "Ernest the Chicken"),
    GOBLIN_DIPLOMACY(62, 0, false, 5, "Goblin Diplomacy"),
    IMP_CATCHER(160, 0, false, 1, "Imp Catcher"),
    THE_KNIGHTS_SWORD(122, 0, false, 1, "The Knight's Sword"),
    MISTHALIN_MYSTERY(0, 0, false, 1, "Misthalin Mystery"),
    PIRATES_TREASURE(71, 0, false, 2, "Pirate's Treasure"),
    PRINCE_ALI_RESCUE(273, 0, false, 3, "Prince Ali Rescue"),
    THE_RESTLESS_GHOST(107, 0, false, 1, "The Restless Ghost"),
    ROMEO_AND_JULIET(144, 0, false, 5, "Romeo & Juliet"),
    RUNE_MYSTERIES(63, 0, false, 1, "Rune Mysteries"),
    SHEEP_SHEARER(179, 0, false, 1, "Sheep Shearer"),
    SHIELD_OF_ARRAV(0, 0, false, 1, "Shield of Arrav"),
    VAMPYRE_SLAYER(178, 0, false, 3, "Vampyre Slayer"),
    WITCHS_POTION(67, 0, false, 1, "Witch's Potion"),
    X_MARKS_THE_SPOT(0, 8063, true, 1, "X Marks the Spot"),

    ANIMAL_MAGNETISM(939, 0, false, 1, "Animal Magnetism"),
    ANOTHER_SLICE_OF_HAM(0, 0, false, 1, "Another Slice of H.A.M."),
    THE_ASCENT_OF_ARCEUUS(2071, 0, false, 1, "The Ascent of Arceuus"),
    BETWEEN_A_ROCK(0, 0, false, 2, "Between a Rock..."),
    BIG_CHOMPY_BIRD_HUNTING(293, 0, false, 2, "Big Chompy Bird Hunting"),
    BIOHAZARD(68, 0, false, 3, "Biohazard"),
    BONE_VOYAGE(1630, 0, false, 1, "Bone Voyage"),
    CABIN_FEVER(0, 0, false, 2, "Cabin Fever"),
    CLIENT_OF_KOUREND(1566, 0, false, 1, "Client of Kourend"),
    CLOCK_TOWER(0, 0, false, 1, "Clock Tower"),
    COLD_WAR(0, 0, false, 1, "Cold War"),
    CONTACT(0, 0, false, 1, "Contact!"),
    CREATURE_OF_FENKENSTRAIN(0, 0, false, 2, "Creature of Fenkenstrain"),
    DARKNESS_OF_HALLOWVALE(0, 0, false, 2, "Darkness of Hallowvale"),
    DEATH_PLATEAU(314, 0, false, 1, "Death Plateau"),
    DEATH_TO_THE_DORGESHUUN(0, 0, false, 1, "Death to the Dorgeshuun"),
    THE_DEPTHS_OF_DESPAIR(1671, 0, false, 1, "The Depths of Despair"),
    DESERT_TREASURE(0, 0, false, 3, "Desert Treasure"),
    DEVIOUS_MINDS(0, 0, false, 1, "Devious Minds"),
    THE_DIG_SITE(131, 0, false, 2, "The Dig Site"),
    DRAGON_SLAYER_II(0, 0, false, 5, "Dragon Slayer II"),
    DREAM_MENTOR(0, 0, false, 2, "Dream Mentor"),
    DRUIDIC_RITUAL(88, 0, false, 4, "Druidic Ritual"),
    DWARF_CANNON(0, 0, false, 1, "Dwarf Cannon"),
    EADGARS_RUSE(0, 0, false, 1, "Eadgar's Ruse"),
    EAGLES_PEAK(0, 0, false, 2, "Eagles' Peak"),
    ELEMENTAL_WORKSHOP_I(299, 2067, true, 1, "Elemental Workshop I"),
    ELEMENTAL_WORKSHOP_II(0, 0, false, 1, "Elemental Workshop II"),
    ENAKHRAS_LAMENT(0, 0, false, 2, "Enakhra's Lament"),
    ENLIGHTENED_JOURNEY(0, 0, false, 1, "Enlightened Journey"),
    THE_EYES_OF_GLOUPHRIE(0, 0, false, 2, "The Eyes of Glouphrie"),
    FAIRYTALE_I_GROWING_PAINS(671, 1803, true, 2, "Fairytale I - Growing Pains"),
    FAIRYTALE_II_CURE_A_QUEEN(0, 2326, true, 2, "Fairytale II - Cure a Queen"),
    FAMILY_CREST(148, 0, false, 1, "Family Crest"),
    THE_FEUD(435, 0, false, 1, "The Feud"),
    FIGHT_ARENA(17, 0, false, 2, "Fight Arena"),
    FISHING_CONTEST(11, 0, false, 1, "Fishing Contest"),
    FORGETTABLE_TALE(0, 0, false, 2, "Forgettable Tale..."),
    THE_FORSAKEN_TOWER(0, 0, false, 1, "The Forsaken Tower"),
    THE_FREMENNIK_EXILES(0, 0, false, 2, "The Fremennik Exiles"),
    THE_FREMENNIK_ISLES(0, 0, false, 1, "The Fremennik Isles"),
    THE_FREMENNIK_TRIALS(347, 0, false, 3, "The Fremennik Trials"),
    GARDEN_OF_TRANQUILLITY(0, 0, false, 2, "Garden of Tranquillity"),
    GERTRUDES_CAT(180, 0, false, 1, "Gertrude's Cat"),
    GETTING_AHEAD(0, 0, false, 1, "Getting Ahead"),
    GHOSTS_AHOY(0, 217, true, 2, "Ghosts Ahoy"),
    THE_GIANT_DWARF(0, 0, false, 2, "The Giant Dwarf"),
    THE_GOLEM(437, 0, false, 1, "The Golem"),
    THE_GRAND_TREE(137, 0, false, 5, "The Grand Tree"),
    THE_GREAT_BRAIN_ROBBERY(0, 0, false, 2, "The Great Brain Robbery"),
    GRIM_TALES(0, 0, false, 1, "Grim Tales"),
    THE_HAND_IN_THE_SAND(0, 0, false, 1, "The Hand in the Sand"),
    HAUNTED_MINE(0, 0, false, 2, "Haunted Mine"),
    HAZEEL_CULT(223, 0, false, 1, "Hazeel Cult"),
    HEROES_QUEST(0, 0, false, 1, "Heroes' Quest"),
    HOLY_GRAIL(5, 0, false, 2, "Holy Grail"),
    HORROR_FROM_THE_DEEP(351, 0, false, 2, "Horror from the Deep"),
    ICTHLARINS_LITTLE_HELPER(0, 0, false, 2, "Icthlarin's Little Helper"),
    IN_AID_OF_THE_MYREQUE(0, 0, false, 2, "In Aid of the Myreque"),
    IN_SEARCH_OF_THE_MYREQUE(0, 0, false, 2, "In Search of the Myreque"),
    JUNGLE_POTION(175, 0, false, 1, "Jungle Potion"),
    KINGS_RANSOM(0, 0, false, 1, "King's Ransom"),
    A_KINGDOM_DIVIDED(0, 0, false, 2, "A Kingdom Divided"),
    LEGENDS_QUEST(0, 0, false, 4, "Legends' Quest"),
    LOST_CITY(147, 0, false, 3, "Lost City"),
    THE_LOST_TRIBE(0, 532, true, 1, "The Lost Tribe"),
    LUNAR_DIPLOMACY(0, 0, false, 2, "Lunar Diplomacy"),
    MAKING_FRIENDS_WITH_MY_ARM(0, 0, false, 2, "Making Friends with My Arm"),
    MAKING_HISTORY(0, 0, false, 3, "Making History"),
    MERLINS_CRYSTAL(14, 0, false, 6, "Merlin's Crystal"),
    MONKS_FRIEND(30, 0, false, 1, "Monk's Friend"),
    MONKEY_MADNESS_I(365, 0, false, 3, "Monkey Madness I"),
    MONKEY_MADNESS_II(0, 0, false, 4, "Monkey Madness II"),
    MOUNTAIN_DAUGHTER(0, 260, true, 2, "Mountain Daughter"),
    MOURNINGS_END_PART_I(0, 0, false, 2, "Mourning's End Part I"),
    MOURNINGS_END_PART_II(0, 0, false, 2, "Mourning's End Part II"),
    MURDER_MYSTERY(192, 0, false, 3, "Murder Mystery"),
    MY_ARMS_BIG_ADVENTURE(0, 0, false, 1, "My Arm's Big Adventure"),
    NATURE_SPIRIT(307, 0, false, 2, "Nature Spirit"),
    A_NIGHT_AT_THE_THEATRE(0, 0, false, 2, "A Night at the Theatre"),
    OBSERVATORY_QUEST(0, 0, false, 2, "Observatory Quest"),
    OLAFS_QUEST(0, 0, false, 1, "Olaf's Quest"),
    ONE_SMALL_FAVOUR(0, 0, false, 2, "One Small Favour"),
    PLAGUE_CITY(165, 0, false, 1, "Plague City"),
    A_PORCINE_OF_INTEREST(2748, 0, false, 1, "A Porcine of Interest"),
    PRIEST_IN_PERIL(302, 0, false, 1, "Priest in Peril"),
    THE_QUEEN_OF_THIEVES(1672, 0, false, 1, "The Queen of Thieves"),
    RAG_AND_BONE_MAN_I(0, 0, false, 1, "Rag and Bone Man I"),
    RAG_AND_BONE_MAN_II(0, 0, false, 1, "Rag and Bone Man II"),
    RATCATCHERS(0, 0, false, 2, "Ratcatchers"),
    RFD_ANOTHER_COOKS_QUEST(681, 0, false, 1, "RFD/Another Cook's Quest"),
    RFD_DEFEATING_THE_CULINAROMANCER(0, 0, false, 1, "RFD/Defeating the Culinaromancer"),
    RFD_FREEING_EVIL_DAVE(0, 1878, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing Evil Dave"),
    RFD_FREEING_KING_AWOWOGEI(0, 1914, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing King Awowogei"),
    RFD_FREEING_PIRATE_PETE(0, 0, false, 1, "RFD/Freeing Pirate Pete"),
    RFD_FREEING_SIR_AMIK_VARZE(0, 1910, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing Sir Amik Varze"),
    RFD_FREEING_SKRACH_UGLOGWEE(0, 1904, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing Skrach Uglogwee"),
    RFD_FREEING_THE_GOBLIN_GENERALS(0, 679, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing the Goblin generals"),
    RFD_FREEING_THE_LUMBRIDGE_GUIDE(0, 1896, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing the Lumbridge Guide"),
    RFD_FREEING_THE_MOUNTAIN_DWARF(0, 681, true, 1, "RFD/Freeing the Mountain Dwarf"),
    RECRUITMENT_DRIVE(0, 657, true, 1, "Recruitment Drive"),
    REGICIDE(0, 0, false, 3, "Regicide"),
    ROVING_ELVES(0, 0, false, 1, "Roving Elves"),
    ROYAL_TROUBLE(0, 0, false, 1, "Royal Trouble"),
    RUM_DEAL(0, 0, false, 2, "Rum Deal"),
    SCORPION_CATCHER(0, 0, false, 1, "Scorpion Catcher"),
    SEA_SLUG(159, 0, false, 1, "Sea Slug"),
    SHADES_OF_MORTTON(339, 0, false, 3, "Shades of Mort'ton"),
    SHADOW_OF_THE_STORM(0, 1372, true, 1, "Shadow of the Storm"),
    SHEEP_HERDER(60, 0, false, 4, "Sheep Herder"),
    SHILO_VILLAGE(116, 0, false, 2, "Shilo Village"),
    SINS_OF_THE_FATHER(0, 0, false, 2, "Sins of the Father"),
    THE_SLUG_MENACE(0, 0, false, 1, "The Slug Menace"),
    SONG_OF_THE_ELVES(0, 0, false, 4, "Song of the Elves"),
    A_SOULS_BANE(0, 0, false, 1, "A Soul's Bane"),
    SPIRITS_OF_THE_ELID(0, 0, false, 2, "Spirits of the Elid"),
    SWAN_SONG(0, 0, false, 2, "Swan Song"),
    TAI_BWO_WANNAI_TRIO(0, 0, false, 2, "Tai Bwo Wannai Trio"),
    A_TAIL_OF_TWO_CATS(0, 0, false, 2, "A Tail of Two Cats"),
    TALE_OF_THE_RIGHTEOUS(0, 0, false, 1, "Tale of the Righteous"),
    A_TASTE_OF_HOPE(0, 0, false, 1, "A Taste of Hope"),
    TEARS_OF_GUTHIX(0, 0, false, 1, "Tears of Guthix"),
    TEMPLE_OF_IKOV(0, 0, false, 1, "Temple of Ikov"),
    THRONE_OF_MISCELLANIA(0, 0, false, 1, "Throne of Miscellania"),
    THE_TOURIST_TRAP(197, 0, false, 2, "The Tourist Trap"),
    TOWER_OF_LIFE(0, 0, false, 2, "Tower of Life"),
    TREE_GNOME_VILLAGE(111, 0, false, 2, "Tree Gnome Village"),
    TRIBAL_TOTEM(0, 0, false, 1, "Tribal Totem"),
    TROLL_ROMANCE(0, 0, false, 2, "Troll Romance"),
    TROLL_STRONGHOLD(317, 0, false, 1, "Troll Stronghold"),
    UNDERGROUND_PASS(162, 0, false, 5, "Underground Pass"),
    WANTED(0, 0, false, 1, "Wanted!"),
    WATCHTOWER(0, 0, false, 4, "Watchtower"),
    WATERFALL_QUEST(65, 0, false, 1, "Waterfall Quest"),
    WHAT_LIES_BELOW(992, 0, false, 1, "What Lies Below"),
    WITCHS_HOUSE(226, 0, false, 4, "Witch's House"),
    ZOGRE_FLESH_EATERS(507, 0, true, 1, "Zogre Flesh Eaters"),
    MAGE_ARENA_1(267, 0, false, 0, "MAGE_ARENA_1");

    int gameSetting;
    int varbit;
    boolean useVarbit;
    int questPointReward;
    String questName;

    Quests( int gameSetting, int varbit, boolean useVarbit, int questPointsEarned, String name) {
        this.varbit = varbit;
        this.gameSetting = gameSetting;
        this.useVarbit = useVarbit;
        this.questPointReward = questPointsEarned;
        this.questName = name;

    public int getGameSetting() {
        return this.gameSetting;

    public int getVarbit() {
        return this.varbit;

    public boolean getUsingVarBit() {
        return this.useVarbit;

    public int getQuestPointReward() {
        return this.questPointReward;

    public String getName() {
        return this.name();




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On 7/12/2021 at 11:57 AM, gigiwest123 said:

Great contribution, just one question - any particular reason you use varbits over game settings?

Sometimes game setting values are unique to the account (e.g. during demon slayer) so you can't standardize it in your script. Varbits are far more consistent and in my experience less likely to change too.


Also, not all quests use game settings (I believe), but instead use varbits.

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I've been playing Runescape for about six months now and have never seen such a list with all the enum of quests. Thank you so much for sharing this excel sheet! However, I don't really understand what I need to do with this code? Please don't be mad at me. I'm just an ordinary player who accidentally stumbled upon this post. Initially, I wanted to find a guide or tutorial on completing quests in Runescape, but somehow I got to this topic. Perhaps you can explain this code and give a couple of valuable tips on Runescape? I hope it won't be difficult for you to share more details on the topic of Runescape and your Excel file!

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