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BEG Corporeal Beast [Beta]

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Corporeal Beast  by beg


Beta version. Let me know if you want try and test it.


  • Solo kills.
    • Dragon warhammer, Arclight and Bandos godsword special attacks to reduce stats.
    • Special attack recharge at own or someone else's player-owned-house.
  • Team kills.
    • Coordinate attacks with multiple bots communicating through sockets.
  • Multiple banks supported: Ferox Enclave, Barbarian Outpost, Castle wars, Wintertodt.
  • Private instances support.
  • Customizable gear and inventory, and many other options.
  • Super/divine potions support.
  • Multiple food supported: sharks, manta ray, monkfish. Including karambwan combo healing.
  • Supports gear switches to optimize damage.
  • Dragon claws and crystal halberd special attacks support for faster kills.
  • Automated muling with cooperation with my Mule script.
  • Grand Exchange restock.
  • Combines potion doses at Grand Exchange.
  • Profit calculator based on real-time prices.
  • Uniques Loot tracker.
  • Death handling from graves and Death office.
  • World hopping to find a suitable world.
  • Exploits the Dark core energy mechanism to permanently kill it.
  • Repairs broken barrows gear.
  • Ability to cast vengence with support to Rune pouch.
  • Suicide method to place extra food inside Corporeal Beast's cave.
  • Deposits pet to the bank.

Recommended/Required stats

80+ Attack/Strength/Defence for solos, 70+ Attack/Strength/Defence for teams
43+ Magic required






Your progression can be tracked here: https://begosrs.github.io/tribot/scripts/corporeal-beast/ranking
Click your name to generate a dynamic signature to yourself, which will update itself every time you use the script.




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