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G.Vorkath [Anti Profiling ] [ ironman support ] [ Ge-Restocking ] [ Looting System ] [ Mule Support ] [ Mini-Break System] [ World Hop System ]

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Welcome To G.Vorkath


Activate Script




1-Custom Food 

2-Prayer potion , super restore 

3-Custom Gear 

4-Use own house or world 330

5-GE support sell loot , buy supplies 

6- Mule support working with G.Mule -> https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3856

7-Mini-breaking system 

8-World hop system 

9-Ending system 

10-Configurable looting system 

11-Iron Man Support 


Requirements :

1-DS2 quest done 

2-Luner isles portal in your own house ( 50+ construction ) or portal nexus ( need to make luner isles teleport as left click ) or use world 330

3-Any source of restoring prayer in house ( altar , pools ) if not using world 330

4-Set Quick Prayer To Desired one ( This Will be auto detected soon )

5-Rune Pouch 


PS : Barrows Gear isnt supported yet 


Bug Reports :

1-Please post here or contact me on discord or join my discord server 


2- Make sure to include gif of the bug and both bot and client debug 

3-Include any details u can provide to help me understand what was going on

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  • Dentist changed the title to G.Vorkath [Anti Profiling ] [ ironman support ] [ Ge-Restocking ] [ Looting System ] [ Mule Support ] [ Mini-Break System] [ World Hop System ]
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Update: 3.68

1-Big improvements to antiban system

2-Added Discord webhook support

3-Added new world hop location ( UK + Germans )

4-Rewrote all randomization so it is now regenerated so it will appear diff usage for each account

5-Fixed issue in ge when trying to collect while inv is full

6-Fixed issue in ge trying to set buy quantity

7-Improved walking to boat when using the orb to go off the island

8-Added disable for random solver when in minibreak

9-Small improvement to woox walk

10-Imrpoved melee picking up loot when it is in ignore list ( while running away from ball phase )

11-Added potential fix for drinking prayer before teleporting out

12-Added failsafe to close deposit box if open by miss-click

13-Fixed small bug cause weird death at acid phase

14-Added my dax key to vorkath for some reason my key wasnt working on vorkath

15-Added minimal 3+ doses of prayer or super restore for starting new kill

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8 hours ago, Stradas said:

Loving the script!


I do have a question. Is it possible to make the script select the next house on the advertisement board if the first choice the script chose is unavailable? It got stuck in a loop for a few minutes because it kept selecting a house that was on private mode. 

can u screenshot the message u get that says the house on the board is private mode ?

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