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SkrrtBryophyta [Premium] [Anti-PK] [Restocking]

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Introducing SkrrtBryophyta - the first Bryophyta killer on the market. 

Bryophyta is accessed through Mossy keys, Moss Giants drop mossy keys 1/150 or 1/60 when in the wildy. This can be sped up dramatically with a cannon, or if on a slayer task. 

This script makes it easy to roll each of these keys with a chance to turn it into the coveted bryophyta essence (~5.7m and 1/118 drop from Bryophyta).



7 different locations to farm mossy keys (can be either randomised or forced)*

Alternative ID support for all inventory items and equipment

Cannon support for multiple locations**

Smart Food/Potion Detection

Selling Loot/Restocking***

Unrestricted multi bryophyta kill trips (uses smart resource tracking to ensure it can make the next kill)

Quick Prayer Support

Stamina/Antifire Potion Support****

Combat/Range boosting prayer support

Ferox support (revitalisation)

Anti-stuck account protection

Death handling

Decanting Jewellery and Potions

Argument Support (simply enter the profile name)

Getting Started:

If using the wilderness to farm Mossy Keys, be sure not to risk anything that you wouldn't be ok with losing. 

When fighting Bryophyta - she can poison you so be sure to bring a antipoison or super antipoison potion. If not using a slash weapon and your agility is < 51 you will need to either ensure you have an axe or bring a knife (the script will attempt to fix this if you forget). Bring a teleport to get out of Bryophyta (RoD is good for revitalising, but any will do). Bring any combat/prayer/range potions and as many keys as you think you'll need low level accounts can comfortably do 2-3 kills per trip, higher level accounts can do 10+.




If you'd like your proggie included in this thread please send let me know.


Bug Reports:

Please ensure you include a GIF of the issue and a non-vague description of the bug. You can report it here, in my discord or via PM.

*If you would like another location added please let me know and I'd be more than happy to add it

**Currently the wilderness does not support the use of cannon

***Restocking will use your primary item id

****Start with your antifire/stamina potion of choice in your bank if not keeping it in your inventory

*****Currently this script only supports killing Bryophyta in P2P.

Activate Here



11/01/2022 - Initial Release

12/01/2022 - Fixed an issue with axe retrieval

18/01/2022 - Fixed an issue with Kourend Woodlands, added better teleport handling, added XP listener/kill switch, improved timing, added prayer potion/antipoison tracking for multikill trips

19/01/2022 - Improved banking


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