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Wintertodt by Polymorphic


Automates the Wintertodt for you.

The Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat.

It's considered to be a boss, not a minigame, and dying here is unsafe.

The normal rules for loss of items applies, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status if they die here.


Rare drop table:

Phoenix.png.045190177bf091056cd8c722a1919b4b.png Phoenix pet

Dragon_axe.png.b21901fdf5532725016b38f81974bc27.png Dragon axe

Burnt_page.png.13b66423c539d7c842f1dfca929e09bf.png Burnt page

Tome_of_fire.png.5bc648e5526a5bb84ecd263a23e64b1e.png Tome of fire

Warm_gloves.png.faf63560eadab04f157bb2c3988f5c1e.png Warm gloves

Bruma_torch.png.0c8fcb99b352de7a284c72cc26b55bcd.png Bruma torch

Pyromancer_hood.png.645bc992974a47ff949a2d2cde138973.pngPyromancer_garb.png.353ce241d6cc1f1bc53f460d37c81b19.pngPyromancer_robe.png.23435127a768e8355d2c3d4e46cce9c8.pngPyromancer_boots.png.5c3653b1b66eb0a180c47eb24285a4b0.png Pyromancer outfit



  • Level 21px-Firemaking_icon.png.5efc78e670efdcda15e19e74c5f64832.png 50 is required to participate in the Wintertodt fight.
  • Completion of Quest_point_icon.png.fb70ec0a45780cf2b91d9169570c0172.png Druidic Ritual is required to pick bruma herbs, which are used to create rejuvenation potions.
  • Owning a player-owned house is required to gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers.


Non-functional requirements met:

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Usability


Functional requirements met:

  • G.E Restocking
  • Newly designed built-in break manager, with a mathematical approach
  • Signature player specific preferences for timed actions (eating, fletching, hovering, special attack, etc)
  • Loot tracking
  • Smart hovering (brazier, food, knife, xp, etc)
  • Smart side switching (east and west)
  • Smart idling at lobby safe zone
  • Fast traveling (games necklace and varrock tabs)
  • Simple and helpful UI/UX
  • Easy client arguments
  • Saving and loading script settings using json serialization/deserialization


Future work:

  1. Cake restocking from stalls (in progress)
  2. Solo mode
  3. Prayer
  4. Pyromancer healing





User interface:

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future work list
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