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ARKArtio Pro | Wilderness Boss Killer | Human-like | Advanced Kiting and Antiban | Muling

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Your ultimate wilderness boss goldfarming solution.

Solo kills the wilderness boss Artio flawlessly for huge GP/hour.


What is Artio?

Artio is a singles-plus boss located in the level 21 Wilderness. It is soloable and delivers some of the best GP/hour in the game. Notable drops include the Voidwaker Hilt, Claws of Callisto, Dragon Pickaxe, Treasonous Ring and Callisto Cub with a host of other valuable resource drops to boost your profit. You can expect around 2-3 million GP/hour, based on drops.


Minimum Requirements:

  • 75 Ranged
    • A Ranged Weapon
  • 70 Hitpoints
  • 50 Magic for the Snare Spell
  • 43 Prayer



  • Craw's Bow/Webweaver Bow (strongly recommended for optimal DPS/profit)
  • 79 Magic (for Entangle - longer snare duration, faster kills)
  • 85+ Ranged
  • 70+ Defence
  • 80+ Hitpoints
  • Higher Prayer for better combat prayers



  • Kills Artio flawlessly.
  • Adaptive Kite/Snare system to take as little damage as possible - with human-like and anti-profiled randomisation for the ultimate account protection.
  • Supports Entangle, Snare, Ice Blitz and Ice Barrage spells to hold Artio at range.
    • Supports Blighted Entangle/Snare/Freeze sacks to reduce inventory space wastage and boost kills/hour.
  • Supports all Blighted Foods and viable food options.
  • Supports Protection Prayers and Combat Prayers.
    • Automatically detects the best Prayers for your account.
  • Supports tick-eating with Karambwan to prevent deaths to comboes/lag.
  • Supports the Royal Seed Pod, Ring of Wealth and Amulet of Glory as quick-escape mechanisms, with multiple banking locations.
  • Supports the Looting Bag with smart inventory management.
  • Supports automatic loot selling.
    • Will sell both randomly, if you loot a valuable item, and if your account runs out of money.
  • Supports automatically re-bonding your accounts.
    • Configurable re-bonding parameters.
  • Supports all relevant Combat Potions and Stamina Potions.
  • Supports automatic Potion Decanting.
  • Supports re-purchasing Ava's devices automatically.
  • Supports all Special Attack Weapons.
  • Advanced player-killer (PK) detection and escape system.
    • Detects dangerous gear, skulled-status, player levels, spell animations and much more to intelligently identify high-risk targets and escape. Will fight back and may even kill attackers!
  • Advanced antiban system, including:
    • Player fatigue.
    • Microbreaking.
    • Anti-profiling based on unique username seeding to create a unique playstyle from your account.
  • Argument support for easy automation.
  • Integrated Muling using ARKMule (free, lightweight muling script).


Why is ARKArtio for me?

  • Earns some of the best GP/hour in the game
    • Create a goldfarm or acquire some extra cash.
  • The anti-profiling system in Ark Scripts creates a unique profile with a seed based on your unique account username that changes the script's behaviour, right down to whether your account is right-hand dominant for kiting, how fast your account reacts to certain situations, how much your account spam-clicks, or even which order it prefers to equip items.
  • The smart anti-pker system reduces your risk of dying to pkers, with equipment detection, teleblock cast detection, snare cast detection and skull detection.
  • Multiple powerful failsafes prepare your account for all eventualities, causing the script to stop and return home if anything strange happens and reducing the risk of any dangerous loops occurring that could flag your account.
  • A chance to get the adorable Callisto Cub pet!


Progress Reports

439182631_ArtioSS2.png.6800fd0a3e018e1a4e1621bc2271536a.png336095656_13mgpperhourArtio.png.3107671c6c17b5fc612fa3ceff8ddf37.png773907554_ARKArtioProMainSS.png.4a1e43fd2a43b847a7c9be0cf07ac79d.png1319494636_ARKArtioProSS7.png.52f81d2d8d2c5016911c510ed7d0e865.png1610122513_ArtioSS10.png.59a0aeaae0fef8aed4c57b3bd6040410.pngSM1.png.88271da9e631dcd2f3f8d707037488aa.png SM2.png.4a20fcad7a0a584d33e1cb463cfb0d36.png 254552075_ArtioSS3.png.151437c8a5aff74096d3a48afb20cc5d.png





Buy it now from the Tribot Store



Don't settle for a script that wasn't built to protect your account from the ground up. Buy ARKArtio Pro today and beat the competition with an intelligent script that covers it all!

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      Backwards compatibility:

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      Gradle template:

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