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USA's Abyss Runecrafter [650K/HR+][ALL RUNES! 1-99][ABCL 10]

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Welcome to Abyss Runecrafter by Usa!










[ General Information ]
Abyss is a minigame located north of Edgeville. Abyss is a high risk method for runecrafting that can achieve up to 400K/HR profit with the proper stats and equipment. You can read additional information here.



[ Current Features ]

  • House Glory Teleport option
  • Glory amulet (4) option
  • Nature / Cosmic / Law / Chaos / Body / Fire / Water / Earth / Mind / Air, train 1-99 with just this script!
  • House tablet breaking when player is attacking you in wilderness
  • House tablet if you are below a certain % of health during Abyss
  • Option to use any/all obstacles (Gap/Rocks/Eyes/Tendril/Boil)
  • Healing in bank with desired food
  • Fast pouch filling/emptying support
  • Repairs all pouches for you automatically
  • Detailed paint that displays all necessary information related to the script
  • Paint that can be closed/opened by hitting the [X]
  • Teleports away from PKers
  • Will hop to a random world if you the script manages to escape an enemy's attempt to kill you!
  • Can teleport to house using house tablets, or the spell (using regular or dust runes)
  • Super Energy potion (3) and (4) support
  • Fastest method to navigate through the Abyss to one of your selected obstacles, guaranteed!


[ Suggestions ]


I would suggest the following,
- 50+ defense
- 50+ hitpoints
- 40+ mining (Mine rocks obstacle)
- 40+ agility (Squeeze-through obstacle)
- 47 construction (Mounted glory)

- 1 Runecrafting (You can use the elemental runes until 44+)


I do not recommend using breaks with this script.

Best setup?
Best setup is to do Mine Rocks, Squeeze-through Obstacle, Distract eyes, and Burn-down Boil. That means, you'd have a tinderbox in your inventory with your three best pouches and a pickaxe equipped.
Use a bronze/iron/steel pickaxe or hatchet. It works just as good as a rune! Don't attract attention to your character by wearing better equipment that is unnecessary.

Best equipment?
It is a balance between what you're willing to lose, what the chances of you (at your combat level) are for getting killed by players, and how high your magic resistance needs to be. Full black d'hide is the cheapest/most efficient solution, but full rune gives you the best defense for the value inside the Abyss. This is up for you to decide, dont risk anything you're not willing to lose!

What I noticed during testing

  1. Everyone seems to have a pure between the levels of 55 and 65, with magic potions they could potentially teleblock you. If that plus an entangle happens, you're pretty much screwed because there is a good chance that it wont splash against anything short of black d'hide set. tl;dr - Wear your highest magic resistance setup
  2. You should not use glory amulets, you become a target when it is around your neck and people will take the time to stalk you for that 100K kill. Spend the extra money to get yourself some house teleport tablets and 47 construction (Mounted glory).
  3. Higher the stats (range/defense/health), the better your experience with this script is going to be.
  4. Don't wear anything in the Abyss that you aren't willing to lose if you die to monsters, get killed by players, or lag out.


[ Setup ]
- Start script in Edgeville bank or player house.
- In inventory, have all Pouches you wish to use in the Abyss and ONE House tablet
- In equipment, wear everything you wish to use in the Abyss
- Set auto-retaliate to off
- Equip Pickaxe / Woodcutting axe ( Depending on if you selected Mine Rocks or Chop Tendrils )
- Have your bank setup so that all items that are being withdrawn are grouped together for efficiency 
- If using Mounted glory (highly recommended), setup your house like so,
Note: it should still work as long as your Quest hall is visible on the minimap. If not, you will have to set it up like above.


Ensure your house options look like this so that your house is rendered without doors!



Setup your bank like the following (recommended):




[ FAQ ]
Q: How many accounts can I run with my auth?
A: Your auth is for one account at a time, not linked to any specific Runescape account.

Q: Are all updates free?
A: Yes.

Q: If I encounter a bug what do I do?
A: Make a detailed report, include pictures, and post it on this thread.

Q: Is this just an overpriced script you don't ever plan to update again?
A: No, this script has been updated and constantly working since May of 2013.

Q: Help it's not working, what do I do?
A: Make sure you're setting up the bot correctly with the guidelines listed above.

Q: Does the profit/h of your script factor in the cost of the pure essence, food, and teleport used?
A: Yes.

Q: What is a mounted glory and how do I get one?
A: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Amulet_of_Glory_(mounted)

Q: It isn't banking once it teles to Edgeville it just stands there with the cursor above the roof of the bank
A: You need to turn off the roofs. Type in-game, "::toggleroof".
Q: Does the type of pickaxe or hatchet affect the speed?
A: No, use bronze/iron/steel!
Q: Why isn't the script finding my Mounted glory? It wont click it!
A: Look at the GUI and set the orientation of which way the bot should face, (N/S/E/W), is is the camera rotation, not the room!
Q: Is it a good idea to use a Ring of Life?
A: It is entirely up to you, the script will continue on if it is in lumbridge and has a teleport in inventory. I personally never use them.
Q: Does your script accurately calculate the actual profit?
A: Yes, it will remove the cost of the food, teleport, and pure essence from the profit in real time.
Q: Why does my bot always get stuck outside my house portal? It wont ever enter!
A: Ensure your house is located in Rimmington if you want it to log back in or PM me the ID of the portal outside your house and I will add it to the next update.
Q: What is the best setup for pouches?
A: Horizontally at the top, using as many pouches as your account has access to.


Edited by Usa
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id get it if it wasnt horribly overpriced. $20 should at least be 4 auths.

This isn't some cow fighter, its over 2600 lines long and this is just an initial release with more options to come. It is capable of 400K/HR with the best setup, and that doubles when the user hits 91 RC. So how do you value that?

I believe the price is fair.

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id get it if it wasnt horribly overpriced. $20 should at least be 4 auths.

This isn't some cow fighter, its over 2600 lines long and this is just an initial release with more options to come. It is capable of 400K/HR with the best setup, and that doubles when the user hits 91 RC. So how do you value that?

I believe the price is fair.

The price is more than fair, i will try to get 3 auths or so this week, just done with changing the room for the glory, buying few supps on zybes then hopefully i will be buying this baby.

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