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  1. Hi BEG, please address enterning the chamer, it spam clicks exactly 3 times before fixing eiher because of zoom or somthing but its very noticable bot action otherwise, great bot, got shield the other day 😉
  2. also, issue trying to use kodai and ancients magiks at smoke devils. help please? [01:35:26] Downloading script 'ARKSlayer Pro'. [01:35:30] Script Started: ARKSlayer Pro. [01:35:30] [Thread Management] Client Threads Initialised... ForegroundColor[0,0,255][01:35:30] [Welcome] Initialised ARKSlayer Version 6.66 [01:35:31] [GUI Manager] Loaded Profile: lastRun [01:42:24] [GUI Manager] Saved Profile at: C:\Users\armas\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\Ark\ARKSlayer\arkslayerpro_lastRunsettings.ini ForegroundColor[255,200,0][01:42:24] [Slayer Master Chooser] Nieve is the best Slayer Master this account can use. Picking Nieve. [01:42:24] [GUI Manager] Chosen Slayer Master: Nieve ForegroundColor[255,0,0][01:42:24] [Stop Script] You must be on the Standard Magic Spellbook to run ARKSlayer with your equipment choices (spells). ForegroundColor[0,255,0][01:42:24] [Unique Antiban Tool] Generated unique antiban profile based on your username seed. [01:42:24] [Thank you] Thanks for using ARKSlayer Pro. If you have any progress reports, please add them to my script thread! ForegroundColor[0,0,255][01:42:24] [ARKSlayer Pro] Your Stats for this run: Runtime: 00:06:53, XP Gained: 0k XP, Tasks Completed: 0, Profit/Loss: 0k gp ForegroundColor[255,0,0][01:42:24] [Stop Script] Stop reason: You must be on the Standard Magic Spellbook to run ARKSlayer with your equipment choices (spells). [01:42:24] Script Ended: ARKSlayer Pro.
  3. Hi, new to this bot and its impressive with a lot of functionallity. I used to have to make seperate monster builds on regular melee bots before this lol. ____ on a side note I'd like to address: 1: During wyvrens/ancient wyvrens tasks my dragon set is being ignored even though I have a fully charged wyvren shield that wont be used, just mind shield. any reason as to why? 2: Also, it's not utilizing many of the house teleports such as fairy ring or tree gnome, etc. just ornate box and takes a d staff everywhere pretty much.
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