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  2. I'm only getting the options for salmon/trout and pike on all locations. Upon starting the auto fisher it will just say awaiting status and never do anything else. Not sure what to do?
  3. Missclicks on portal can happen also account diconnects inside house will teleport the player outside to PvP zone So i don't recommend using PvP worlds on HCIM account You can use castle worlds for example
  4. script just ends before killing boss once idles at varrock square then ends? @God
  5. help? trying to using it for cannoning at castle wars ogres. but it's constantly running back to bank and closing the script? i have cannon and c balls in inv
  6. hey ark trying to access the disc and its not letting me can you pm me ? Issue: Keeps 'setting world' ? and doesn't do nothing . If you have screenshare i'd show you
  7. well it worked once... i stopped it and once again now it wont load... whats going on with this thing? could someone please look at it
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks bro, will try it later
  10. AS of right now, the tempoross bott is currently working.
  11. Hey, I was able to fix it. It seems that it would not work without creating a custom gear profile. Once I created a gear profile, it went the trainer and completed the task as normal. I am unsure of the task as I have been using the script all day and working flawlessly.
  12. @Nullable it works for normal client completely fine, but not jagex client if thats of any use to help fix
  13. Is there any update when this will be fixed for MacOS ? I just bought a script the Jagex launcher wont open lol , Mac M1 Pro
  14. what setting would you recommend for a hcim or is the pvp world misclicks super rare?
  15. Thanks man! Hopefully tempoross is fixed soon… been 3 days now lol
  16. here and making profiles, running sale 20% everything
  17. Hello, I am currently trying to run TriBot on an M1 macbook pro, however continue to run into this error: Applet Load Failure: Failed to download the browser control data Is there a particular form of java I need to download to fix this error? Thanks in advance
  18. Should be fixed in latest update to the script. Thanks for letting me know!
  19. yoooo @JustJ any updates bro? been like 3 days now. could you please see why tempoross wont load up anymore
  20. hey man, monday after noon the script started having issues loading up the paint. still works fine, but no paint, just as little green stats versus the normal paint. Dont really care that much, just letting you know.. this is the same time that the tempoross scrippt stopped wanting to download and start, still isnt fixed
  21. Last week
  22. Hey, the script is stuck at 'Resetting Magic Filters" and just afk outside portal. Keeps moving cursor to spellbook and just does nothing
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