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  2. https://github.com/davyraittdevelops/davys-f2p-runecrafter/tree/main/scripts/DavyF2PRunecrafter/src/scripts Flawlessly works with Air runes, need to extend to other runes but that should be really simple. Supports purchasing rune essence from GE. Built in retry mechanisms so even if an action fails, it retries or has a backup plan. Which makes it reliable. Also complains some nice helper classes you can reuse in your scripts
  3. Update to aMiner v3: (you can access v3 after starting the script and pressing the button "aMiner v3") Added support for unlocking upper level and upper hopper automatically using nuggets. You can find these options in the progressive settings under motherlode settings. Please keep in mind this is an experimental feature. It works best with new accounts that just start mining in motherlode mine. The script cannot detect if you have upper level or upper deposit unlocked unless your level is lower than requirement which means that in some cases it will try to enter upper level or use the upper hopper once to determine if they are already unlocked. This value is stored locally into cache so it will not have to do this again if you restart script.
  4. really good stuff, been botting my main from 85 to 95, so far so good
  5. we dont have support for it but open tticket in my discord server and we can add it
  6. Hey Man, can you use imbue heart? Can't find it on the bot itself
  7. Yesterday
  8. Title says it all, been botting for a while now but not many scripts can help out my ironman If anyone on here want's to help a guy out that would be great Cheers
  9. 20k+ Accepting ltc/07 Discord: tna4501
  10. Last week
  11. Yes, I just start using this Beta update and now is working for me, but just today i realize that my account was banned (at least it was temporary so i think i should give up botting at least with this account.
  12. Wondering if you're going to add different spec weapons aside from dragon dagger and dark bow, wondering about using d claws as a spec weapon
  13. does this do 25 yet or is max 20?
  14. This is a great script! I'd love to see some tweaks to help support iron man accounts. Options to walk instead of using various teleport methods would open this up a ton for iron men accounts as some of the items it looks for aren't super easy to come by (especially on newer iron men accounts). Things like combat bracelets, teleport tabs, etc. Also - is there anyway to see a complete list of the required items the script is looking for related to quests?
  15. Very very solid script have multiple 4-5 day proggies no issues at all runs flawless
  16. Very solid script been enjoying it alot for the past week or so
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